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  1. If you have the Burns Fruit Bat Man skin, he can also fight felons with a 3 hour task.
  2. Yeah only being able to play once a day (sometimes less) has me at barely getting half of the prizes. While on the one hand I'm glad for the power players, makes me miss out on a lot of the prizes (which makes me want to play even less haha)
  3. The weather is supposed to suck on Saturday. Frankly I'm impressed they are going to still try and do anything at all and not just cancel it outright. Go Valleyfair! Can't wait to see what fun stuff they have planned for the short time we are there. Yeah, this is why the change.
  4. Whoo Hoo! Finally got my donations high enough to actually participate this year at Valleyfair, but my two friends Kristen (only $10 off!) and Brittany (Only $30 off!) still need some help getting there if anyone is feeling generous.
  5. Saved my eggs for a few days and just cashed most of them in last night and got Father Shawn and Banana Dictatorship and a bunch of junk. Not as bad as I was fearing.
  6. Is anyone else experiencing lag when visiting friend's towns? I seem to be able to tap two eggs then it "freezes." The animations will still run smoothly, but I can't tap anything else and the screen doesn't move for a few seconds.
  7. http://www.foodbeast.com/2014/03/12/this-place-serves-an-orange-chicken-burrito-stuffed-with-chow-mein-and-itll-change-your-life/ Orange chicken Burrito with fried rice and chow mein. Enough said.
  8. Thanks! Unfortunately donations will have to wait a few weeks for me, but I'll definitely return the favor.
  9. Just signed up for my third year at a third park. This year will be at Valleyfair.
  10. Literally the only word I don't like in the English language, and will get me riled up, is the "f" word. I don't like hearing it in most contexts, I understand the cultural difference of a British person saying it in reference to a cigarette (also the accent ) but rarely outside of that does that word not cause me to wince.
  11. WHOOO! Finally got the heart balloons I needed.
  12. FYI, the Tile bug was NOT fixed! I've gotten another two tiles in the last few days.
  13. My "base tile" disappeared and now I'm back to three day builds. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted haha. Also included in this update is a person finder in the top left of the screen when your in town and buttons in your friend's town to go to the next town or previous town without having to jump back into the friends menu. That should help out a LOT with these tasks.
  14. I love shoving Big Burritos in my hole!
  15. going to leave my tile up for a bit and see what happens, even getting three tiles will be worth the wait to grab the one. Also went through and tapped yours if you had one.
  16. #1 Stupid Waterfall! Though it was nice to have my clothes "washed" while having to wait for my luggage. #2 agreed that this is probably the best value you're going to ever get out of a Disney Park.
  17. In case you guys missed it, go back to the Simpson's house and tap the "extra items in the attic" the answer to this year's question is "an emerald ring" to unlock Strongman Homer and get 10 free donuts!
  18. You could also start by searching here on the PFLAG site and finding your closest chapter. The Trevor Project also offers support through it's Trevorchat online messaging service or if things are looking especially bleak there's always the trevorlifeline, You can get more inofrmation about those and other great services here.
  19. Hey, with Brad Bird trying to get "1906" off the ground through Pixar, Disney and Warner Bros with no foreseeable release date; there's the movie tie in and "plot" of the ride with the big San Fransisco earthquake.
  20. I have 385 eggs, anyone want to trade? I'm about 740 off from getting the first stadium.
  21. That would make 10 states that officially recognize Same Sex marriage (well at least in August when Rhode Island starts issuing those marriage licenses). The states in dark orange allow same sex marriage, the states in light orange allow domestic partnerships that are fully equivalent to heterosexual marriage, and Wisconsin (yellow) allows some rights for their domestic partnerships.
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