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  1. It was shot in May of 2003 at the end of a three day commercial shoot. I'm pretty sure it aired a week or two later, but I wasn't able to see it on TV. Let me tell you though, they told us to wear shorts and it was freaking COLD that morning. Luckily I managed to get on that train, so my first ride ever on Dragster was the rollback you see in the video. 8)
  2. Nothing beats getting stuck on It's A Small world. At least they turned off the audio after a few minutes, but it's weird seeing the animatronics move but with no sound, not that I'm complaining or anything. We were in "Hawaii" so we saw them hula like there was no tomorrow! They eventually had to evac us. It was fun, but not really.
  3. :crying: well there goes THAT plan.
  4. Happy Ancient Egypt Land!!!! (Let's see who remembers that?) That would obviously be the closest. I guess you could say Cedar Point is my second home (literally, I've lived in the on-point dorms before)
  5. Did my Vegas/SFMM trip a few weeks ago. I got more SFMM, Knotts and possible other SoCal parks mid March. Hoping to get up to SFMW and PGA at the end of March, early April. From April 13 all the way untill October 30 I will be at Cedar Point (Come say Hi to Captian Hector over on Paddlewheel, I think I'm the only Hector working at the park, at least I'm pretty sure I was last year). Hopefully Japan in November (Very up in the air about this one) More SoCal parks in December! We'll see about anything other then CP and the mid march parks though.
  6. Italian Job: Stunt Track is the only new roller coaster I'll probably get to this year. I'm hoping the effects will at least work for the first year, when I can ride it, but I really do hope Paramount can deal with what they're getting themselves into.
  7. Many Moons ago, when Thrillnetwork had videos, they had a POV of Legend adn they used that song, so everytime i hear that song I think of Legend! Hector "Ranodm story no one really cares about but will read anyway because they're bored. Is there a limit on these 'signature' thingies?" G.
  8. RCFreak


    I fyou scroll to the very bottom of any forum (not in a topic) the key is right there on your left hand side. At least for me it is.
  9. ^^^I've herad of that site. Hector "I'm not a staff member there :sifts eyes:" G (PS I miss the shifty eyes smilie from Westcoaster)
  10. The OTHER Medusa West, Scream on Superbowl Sunday (Feb 6, 2005). Photo by TPR That's hott (<-- With two "t"s!!)
  11. Worked fine with Opera. No problem with sound either (PC). Nice mini-updtae though.
  12. ^ Very jealous, but not at that Price ling: Hmmmm, the promo from Screamscape (found here[10.8 MB .mov file] same thing) has English with French subtitles, very intresting. Possible Cali DL Re-launch promo?
  13. RCFreak


    I'm not Robb, but I'm fat and from Southern California, so close enough. I'm going to ask a few questions that will help me help you. Do you have a spending limit? Do you want just a point and click, or something more professional? Do you want automatic, or are you skilled enough for more manual settings? Just how big do you need your pictures (like do you want to print 4X6's or Posters)? Do you have a company preference (are the type of person to only buy ONLY Sony? Olympus? Cannon? HP? Kodak?) This should help you get started on what you want. I <3 my Canon S45 (it's at S70 now:crying: ) Hector "I should sell cameras" G.
  14. If you want to go really cheap, Tokyo has TONS of backpacker hotels like the New Koyo for only $24 a night. not sure how far it is from the TDLR, but I'm sure you could always find out usuing maps and such.
  15. ^ I think I saw all of that in a show in Tijuana once... "Have you been to the donkey show lately?"
  16. Whihc is why I was able to do it. Captian "I've been out of school to long" Hector
  17. RCFreak

    I gotta know...

    Which is why we make sure it can close with Velcro, a button, or a zipper. At least they're supposed to.
  18. I probably shouldn't help, but the answer is (15p-11)(p-1) Remember to FOIL kids. HAHA i did this to see if I remembered how to do it, and YAY I did. It was very easy becuase of the odd numbers (so the only product of 11 is 11 and 1 and they both had to be negative to get a positive end but negative middle) and it was pretty much the same for 15, only 15 and 1 would work (15p and p). So there you have it.
  19. <-- Hector, I can't write anything else without sounding like a spaz, so that's all you get.
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