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  1. That does look kind of odd seeing just the track but it wouldn't be the first time they've done it like that. To be completely honest, I never really looked that close at Behemoth to notice until now.
  2. Well, it's official: Skyrider is on its way out. http://www.newswire.ca/en/story/1394678/canada-s-wonderland-retires-iconic-stand-up-roller-coaster-skyrider-after-29-years
  3. http://www.cleveland.com/travel/index.ssf/2014/07/two_injured_in_ride_accident_a.html Interestingly enough, one of the live webcams is pointed at Skyhawk right now. Lights appear to be on in other areas of the park still but the area around Skyhawk is all dark, as one of the articles mentioned. I'm not sure how much they'd be doing at 2:15am anyway, other than barricading the area for tomorrow.
  4. Check out this Reddit thread... includes an image from someone onboard the train and the tree.
  5. ^^^ They obviously strapped the train onto the track. The first car needs a lot more attention to strap up because there will be weight and balance issues once they start unloading them. Why make everyone else on the train wait? The rest of the train unloading probably was routine for fire rescue. Police and fire are reporting that a tree fell on the tracks. I think that wording is confusing people, but to put it in other words, it was probably a tree leaning on the tracks... or making contact with the tracks...
  6. A modern-style entrance like CP's wouldn't really suit CGA. I still think a renovation is still in order sooner than later though, one that sees ticket sales moved off to the side as most parks have it now, and the metal detectors and turnstiles given proper buildings/roofs. Also, of all of the former Paramount Parks, I always thought CGA was the park that probably should have gotten the fountain upgrades first...
  7. Anyone have any pictures of the evac baskets up the tower? The only pictures of an assembled one I saw was at Knott's and it was never photographed more than a few feet above the ground. Even then they were frightening to look at, or thinking about actually using them.
  8. Very cool! Were the street performers outside of the theater just for the preview or will that happen all season long? I love the music, even if it's just for a pre-show. I'm still dreaming of the day they retheme Drop Tower and Riptide. I'm also looking forward to seeing what's new for Starlight Spectacular. I'm just waiting for some videos of it to surface now.
  9. I thought that holding onto grab bars was an actual written rule in some parks. It's somewhere for a rider's hands to go instead of reaching outside of the train. I recall employees going on test runs and people on promo shoots saying that they weren't allowed to put their hands up. I guess it depends on the park since it sounds like grab bars are being left out on some rides.
  10. I'm not really seeing Minebuster as a good candidate for an RMC makeover. I think it's more likely for GCI come in and do some work on it as they did with Hurler at Carowinds this past offseason. I'd love to see that weird long hill go back to being two.
  11. Wonderland has been my home park my entire life. I visit 8+ times a year and have done so every year since 1981. I had no idea until today that this path existed. I need to start hanging out behind the bumper cars. Unfortunately, it was fenced off a few seasons ago. Still take a peak next time at the right side of the bumper cars, it really is one of the nicest spots in the park.
  12. ^ Not really, it's just something else to maintain and break down. Each scene will just keep playing until the train leaves, which makes even more sense that someone said the animations are done in real time. If there is just one train running the course at a time between the lift and the finale (?), there's not as much importance in keeping full control of the trains since they're not managing a whole lot of blocks. And don't you guys want this to be a coaster?
  13. ^ It might be because the cars come close to props that are close enough to kick with your foot. Looking at it, though, it looks like it's just a place to mount the gun. Anyways, I'm looking forward to the reports tomorrow. Maybe we can stop dancing around "spoilers".
  14. ^ I thought the same thing when I first heard about it but I'm glad. I'm sure people will love it, especially for those in the peak of lunchtime on International Street. Does anyone know what times the show is playing? Any performances at later times when the lights would be on? It would be pretty cool to see it become a pre-show for Starlight Spectacular.
  15. ^ Given the complexity of the ride and the harsh winter (ice storm), I'm not at all surprised they didn't make it for opening day. Wonderland has been typically good at getting rides open for opening day, the only exception I can think of is Windseeker, which was another prototype ride. Even then, it still managed to open by the end of May. Hopefully it will be the same for Guardian. The exterior patch work doesn't seem like a big deal since we saw that entrance tunnel completed between two weekends.
  16. I only rode Boo Hill once when it was still Haunted Mansion... I remember waiting in that molasses line after the area already closed for the night. It really is nice to see them upgrade a ride like that. Maybe new trains for Flight Deck aren't out of the question now? (One can dream) In somewhat CW related news, York Regional Police is using the parking lot today to do a truck safety blitz.
  17. Leviathan doesn't have seat belts.....at least for now. I know. Still I thought that everyone would go for the "big ride" especially after noticing the queue was smaller than behemoth's. I've visited on relatively slow days and have found that Behemoth can regularly have a longer line than Leviathan. I think part of it has to do with the shorter trains and station at Leviathan. Attendants don't have to walk as far down the train to check restraints, and there's less area in the station for people to linger around while exiting.
  18. ^ That was just a theory, which I didn't believe at all. Thanks for sharing the pictures! I am not surprised at all to see seatbelts on Behemoth... With the way they're placed, it looks to me like the main purpose is to get people to sit completely back in the seat. Are they also on Leviathan? I'd like to see if they change the time on the countdown clock if Leviathan gets the belts too.
  19. https://www.facebook.com/CirqueAmbiante I'm always glad to see things branch out from Canada's Wonderland. The show won "Best Live Performance of 2013” in the category of productions between $200,000 and $400,000 at IAAPA last year. People should be happy for this addition! It certainly beats another cover show. EDIT: Here's the link to the announcement since I don't see it posted here -
  20. I dug out my old park maps for this... Miner's Revenge opened at Wonderland in 2007 (pictured) and ran until last year, where I'm guessing they just shipped everything off to Kings Dominion to recycle it. The description sounds about the same as it was at Kings Dominion this year. It's just another ghost story that's unfortunately easy to line up with a somewhat recent event. It's obviously not meant as a reference to what happened there though. I don't think it will have much of an impact on next year's Haunts... I wouldn't be surprised if the miners showed up at another park.
  21. Since this thread hasn't been updated in a while, I thought I'd share a few pictures from my visit yesterday. I also posted up a trip video if you're interested: The exit is around the other side, next to Vortex's lift hill. This is a new entry door installed between the falls and the washroom in the mountain. If I had to guess, I'd say this will probably be the entrance to the Guardian (and the exit being the same exit as the mazes two pictures down). Here's the entrance to the new mountain Haunt mazes. It's a new door installed right next to the washrooms. The props that used to be on that path near the new mountain mazes have been moved to the path in front of Time Warp. These lions are steps away from their original home. Another view of the exit. I think this one is new. This was one of the few animatronic props still running during the day.
  22. They probably didn't reuse the Windseeker name because they didn't want the public to search the name of the new ride (if it were Windseeker) and see all of the news articles about what happened at Knott's. I'm not sure why they went with such an awkward name though. Don't they still have the trademark for Stratosoar?
  23. Here's the announcement at the park from this morning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_UVDQP_lrU
  24. I just checked out the Haunt site myself. I'm not reading much into the dive coaster. The same image appears on other Haunt sites (at least on the Carowinds one, too lazy to check the others, but you get the point). In other news, The Ruins and Louisiana Scream are new Haunt mazes located in Wonder Mountain. I'm curious to see where they're accessed from, and whether the holes they've been cutting are being made for these mazes or are just for the new ride.
  25. I hope someone realizes they mispelled the word "Saturday" by the time that weekend comes around.
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