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  1. Looks like you guys had a good time at Heide Park. How was the Port Royal? I never considered sleeping there, since I am only living 1 hour away from the Park. The theming looks great and maybe I should stay there one day. The menu from the restaurant dosn´t sound overwhelming, is that all they are offering? Thanks for posting the pictures.
  2. Aww, all that makes me really jealous. I hope you guys are having a great time in Dubai. How did you like the Burj Khalifa? Isn´t the view amazing? The elevator is going up so damn fast. The fountain show at the Dubai Mall is also nice. Kinda like the one at the Bellagio, just with arabic music. How did you guys get around the city? With the Big Bus sightseeing tour or did you rent a car? Okay, enjoy your time and I am looking forward to more pictures.
  3. This was a awesome Photo-TR. I can´t wait to be back in a couple weeks. This made my decision to go to Typhoon Lagoon, instead of Blizzard Beach a bit easier. Thanks for posting. --Soren
  4. Hey John, that sounds great. We are going to be in Orlando from the 23rd - 29th of October. We try to check out one of your shows. Other than that, are you still doing Hoop-Dee-Doo at Fort Wilderness? --Soren
  5. ^ awesome, I am going to check it out in November or December.
  6. Erik, thanks for all the great pictures. I guess I have to get tickets for this years HHN. One more point on my to do list in a couple of weeks.
  7. Thanks for the great Photo Reports. Can´t wait to see more. Since I havn´t been to HHN for a wwhile, I think I try to check it out in a couple of weeks.
  8. The park looks kinda interesting. I´ll try to check it out, the next time I am in Dubai.
  9. Thanks for the pictures, Hanno. It remembers me that I havn´t been to Fort Fun for a very long time. I think I should stop by anytime later in the year. --Soren
  10. Next time I´ll make sure to contact you, before I am coming to Dubai. - I made a desert tour before and liked it, even it was totally a tourist thing. - Make sure to ride the Dubai Metro, it is very cheap and you get to see most of the city. - The Palm island "Palm Jumaira" was also interesting with the Atlantis hotel (clone of the one at the Bahamas) at the top. - They also have a nice water park "Wild Wadi", with some fun slides. - One last point, you have to see the Dubai Mall, with the Dubai fountains and of course the Burj Khalifa. --Soren
  11. That is right! A friend tried it 3 times and the tower was always closed. I was just lucky to be there at the right time to get a ticket. Erik, that hasn´t changed. I am still not a huge fan of height, but the chance to visit the highest tower in the world was much more interesting than the fear of the height. I am not working for Gulf Air at all and believe me, there is a good reason why! We were flying on-duty to Bahrain and from there we had to fly in Uniform with Gulf Air, as normal passengers, to Dubai. It is more of a Visa thing, that requires to enter and leaf th
  12. I thought it is a funny sign. But I guess it is more an islamic thing, since there is a strict partition between women and men!?
  13. That´s true. It is almost a year since I´ve been the last time to Dubai and it felt like I went to a totally new place. So many buildings grew out of nothing in just a short period of time. But I like the city. Nearly everyone is speaking english, which makes it easy to understand everything and getting around. I also like the arabic food. Since there is so much going on there, I really hope they will still finish some of the theme parks they have planed. --Soren
  14. Photo-TR: A Short Trip To Bahrain and Dubai! Update: 04.23. - Next Stop: Dubai + video !!! Hey guys, I am sorry that I did not post the second part any earlier, but I got stuck in Spain for a couple days, cause of the ash cloud over europe. Anyway, finally I made it safe back home and have some time to post more pictures. We flew to Dubai and I was able to check out Sega Republic and its coaster Spingear at the Dubai Mall. There I was also able to get half way up on the the Burj Khalifa, as well as having dinner at T.G.I. Fridays, with a wonderfull view over to the Dubai fountains
  15. Photo-TR: A Short Trip To Bahrain and Dubai! First Stop: Bahrain - My first coaster in the middle east. Hey guys, I just came back from a short trip to Bahrain and Dubai. This time I was able to ride a coaster in Bahrain, as well as in Dubai. It was already freaking hot there and I was glad that most of the places have an air condition. We spend 2 days in Bahrain and 2 days in Dubai. I got some really nice shots from both cities. However, in total I have to say that I liked Dubai more than Bahrain. The coaster was also better in Dubai. Okay, onto the pictures! --Soren Welc
  16. Vettel leads Red Bull one-two at Sepang. 1 Sebastian Vettel - RBR-Renault / Pts: 25 2 Mark Webber - RBR-Renault / Pts: 18 3 Nico Rosberg - Mercedes GP / Pts: 15 4 Robert Kubica - Renault / Pts: 12 5 Adrian Sutil - Force India-Mercedes / Pts: 10 6 Lewis Hamilton - McLaren-Mercedes / / Pts: 8 7 Felipe Massa - Ferrari / Pts: 6 8 Jenson Button - McLaren-Mercedes / Pts: 4 9 Jaime Alguersuari - STR-Ferrari / Pts: 2 10 Nico Hulkenberg - Williams-Cosworth / Pts: 1 11 Sebastien Buemi - STR-Ferrari 12 Rubens Barrichello - Williams-Cosworth 13 Fernando Alonso - Ferrari 14 Lucas di Grassi
  17. Button wins Melbourne thriller for McLaren 1 Jenson Button - McLaren-Mercedes / Pts: 25 2 Robert Kubica - Renault / Pts: 18 3 Felipe Massa - Ferrari / Pts: 15 4 Fernando Alonso - Ferrari / Pts: 12 5 Nico Rosberg - Mercedes GP / Pts: 10 6 Lewis Hamilton - McLaren-Mercedes Pts: 8 7 Vitantonio Liuzzi - Force India-Mercedes / Pts: 6 8 Rubens Barrichello - Williams-Cosworth / Pts: 4 9 Mark Webber - RBR-Renault / Pts: 2 10 Michael Schumacher - Mercedes GP / Pts: 1 11 Jaime Alguersuari - STR-Ferrari 12 Pedro de la Rosa - BMW Sauber-Ferrari 13 Heikki Kovalainen - Lotus-Cosworth 14 Karun
  18. Alonso wins first Race: 1 Fernando Alonso - Ferrari / Pts: 25 2 Felipe Massa - Ferrari / Pts: 18 3 Lewis Hamilton - McLaren-Mercedes / Pts: 15 4 Sebastian Vettel - RBR-Renault / Pts: 12 5 Nico Rosberg - Mercedes Benz GP Ltd / Pts: 10 6 Michael Schumacher - Mercedes Benz GP Ltd / Pts: 8 7 Jenson Button - McLaren-Mercedes / Pts: 6 8 Mark Webber - RBR-Renault / Pts: 4 9 Vitantonio Liuzzi - Force India-Mercedes / Pts: 2 10 Rubens Barrichello - Williams-Cosworth / Pts: 1 11 Robert Kubica - Renault 12 Adrian Sutil - Force India-Mercedes 13 Jaime Alguersuari - STR-Ferrari 14 Nico H
  19. www.formula1.com/news/headlines/2010/3/10518.html
  20. www.formula1.com/results/season/2010/824/6702/
  21. That coaster train looks amazing. Next month I´ll be in Dubai and I´ll try to get some shots from Ferrari World.
  22. I have the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and love it. BlackBerry Bold 9700
  23. www.formula1.com/news/headlines/2010/3/10503.html More here: www.formula1.com/news/headlines/2010/3/10503.html FIA press conference - Bahrain Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa
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