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  1. I've been following TPR since the VHS days and I'll probably get tossed for saying this but it's comments like this that amuse ME. You tell everyone to not take things so personally and then you throw your weight around, ban some people, and take things like this too personally yourself! I love TPR but if you look back through a lot of the discussion threads like this one it's usually Robb's way (or the group of butt kissers) or the highway. People need to accept that there are other feelings and opinions out there aside from yours and save everyone from sifting through 10 pages of crap in every thread! I think this site has gotten way too big and has dropped to a middle school maturity level over the past 10 years.. I'm sure this will be deleted soon (since its off topic even though 50% of this discussion is off topic) which will further prove my point.
  2. I agree with many of you.. I understand that they removed it because of maintenance issues but I wonder why there is even a thread discussing if it was that amazing? Who cares? Hersheypark could remove the Trailblazer and I'd personally still miss being able to take a ride on it whenever I'm there. Same thing with the High Speed Thrill Coaster! It's not about Top 100 lists for me and hopefully most of you out there. If it is.. I feel bad for you.
  3. Hey guys. I was wondering if any of you who work or have worked at Busch Gardens Tampa know if they ever hire for attractions on their webpage or if it's better to go drop off an application there. I moved back to Florida in August (Lakeland) after my fiancee got a teaching job down here and I was back working at Universal as an attraction lead for a little bit. However, I was putting 100 miles on my car a day and making very little so I ended up leaving and I'm a manager at a store in Lakeland now. I really miss the theme park environment and would love a part time job there a couple days a week. We don't know too many people here so with my fiancee's job taking up most of her life I'm very BORED so a second job would be awesome. So if any of you know anything about getting a job there let me know. I've been watching their job page for 4 months and they never seem to be hiring for the low level button pushing jobs on that webpage. Universal on the other hand is ALWAYS hiring for something.. so either people NEVER leave BGT or they hire for attractions in some other way. Any advice? Thanks!
  4. I can see them eventually doing a major upgrade to Hersheypark Stadium but I can't see them building anything else unless Hershey would decide to try to get a minor league baseball team or something on that level. The Harrisburg Senators are right down the road though. I can't see practice and public ice skating enough to save the old arena. They can dedicate some walls in the Giant Center to remember the history of the Arena but everything else has pretty much been moved out of the arena I believe. The museum is now in downtown Hershey and I remember hearing that the operations offices were also moved towards downtown in the building they just renovated with Houlihans. It'd probably be more cost effective to tear it down and build a smaller building for whatever they still need space for and expand the park a little.
  5. While I'm in the Photoshop mood today I wanted to make a huge map of how I see Hershey in the future. Here's what I see and feel more than free to yell at me or call me crazy. Over the last few years we've all heard plans to expand into the golf course, tear down Hersheypark Arena, a road realignment by ZooAmerica going into town, a new larger entrance, more resorts, a waterpark, etc. Here's how I see all of that happening. Here's a guide - Purple- Was part of the golf course, I see this as a new resort and possibly (but doubtfully) a standalone waterpark. Red- Was part of golf course, future Hersheypark expansion. Yellow- New road, one into Chocolate World, the other around the new expansion. Blue- New tram route Green- New larger entrance Black- Current (I think) plan to reroute road that goes up by ZooAmerica to Cocoa Ave. The other red areas are expansion areas after tearing down the arena and a small area by ZooAmerica/Antique Cars that will open after the construction. You could fit a few flats, new kids area, or a parking lot for ZooAmerica there since most of its lot will be gone. The Hersheypark expansion would be a quick bridge from Founders Circle or Tudor Square across the creek, you could also build the other side into Comet Hollow. That's about it! Any other ideas? You may need to squint
  6. Here it is folks.. the most overhyped 45 foot tall kiddie coaster complete with a helix! Actually I was wondering if there is evidence that Hershey could utilize the yellow outlined area for this project. I'm assuming they own that land and it'd provide some much needed extra space for a longer coaster. Plus it borders the construction area perfectly.. aside from the road.. which is no big deal if there aren't any guest paths in that lot.
  7. ^ I agree with you completely! I hate the Boardwalk and don't understand why Hershey didn't build it separately. Sigh.. but like I said somewhere before, the attendance since the Boardwalk was built can't be argued with.. it's bringing in people like crazy.. too bad it's so ugly and misplaced.
  8. True.. I guess they cant put supports in the water since it would freeze? Hmmm.. I was thinking about having another out and back across the creek but I can't see that happening and I had to go to work. Are we thinking its going to cut next to the comet like that or go over the Comets turnaround more torwards the carousel?
  9. That picture was from Bingmaps (formerly Virtual Earth). I think the date of the images changes when you rotate or even zoom sometimes. My apartment complex turns into a bunch of trees when you zoom out a little.. it's weird and cool at the same time.
  10. Here's my next idea! Eventually I'll have one that's close right? This one is perfect for Hershey.. very short Intamin with a first drop similar to Expedition G Force, cable lift, a few airtime hills, and an overbank. I really have no idea where this thing crosses back over towards the Comet.. let me know and my next one I'll try to reflect where the markers are.
  11. ^ Nice post and ideas. 200+ feet and VERY compact. If it wasn't for the games Hershey has started to play with our heads I would think we're looking at a 212 foot tall drop tower replacing the Falcon and kiddie coaster running along side of the creek. Maybe they are going to reprofile the Comet..
  12. Hey guys, My fiancee and I have the FL resident Epcot after 4 annual pass and our goal is to eat at one or two restaurants a month there or at some of the resorts. The annual pass dining discounts are pretty minimal and doesn't cover a lot of the restaurants we want to visit. From what I read (on WDWMagic because I can't find any information on WDW's webpage) the Tables in Wonderland pass is only $75 and gives a 20% discount pretty much everywhere. Also it gives free parking after 5 which would be nice. Plus what makes it seem more awesome is the fact that its good for a party of up to 10 people for every one pass. We get a lot of family coming down (like this week) so I think it'd more than pay for itself. Are any of you fellow WDW people members of this and is it worth it for you?
  13. ^ Really? They actually go around the Comet like up towards the skyride and popcorn place? I remember the markings for Storm Runner and thinking WTF? This takes the cake. Are there any signs that the layout will extend down the creek and towards the old pool/Chocolate World or is that still just speculation?
  14. Really?? I thought most of the time they were way better than Whose Line Is It! It could depend a lot on the crowd, but 80% of the time I was trying to not pee myself from laughing so hard. I don't understand dancing at all so I'd never go into a dance club.. but that was why PI rocked because you had places to go have a good time where you didn't have to deal with the loud music and crowds of (what I consider) insane people! I also don't think anything is being "replaced with something better" unless you consider a huge lego store and some well themed desserts and burgers better. Why did PI close anyways? Was it really losing money? That's hard to believe because alcohol is typically a gold mine. I also heard it was because it was starting to attract some thugs.
  15. Yeah Downtown Disney is always insane so I'm sure the Wharf will be wildly successful. It's nice they finally announced their very pretty plans. I just feel that Pleasure Island offered something unique to locals and guests that is more than just Disney's version of a spruced up outdoor town center style shopping plaza. Plus the PI annual pass was a great value. I never spent a lot of time in the other clubs aside from the Beach Club to play pool, but you can't find something as unique as the Adventurer's Club or even a good free Improv club anywhere else in the country and probably the world! I can get food anywhere.. At least there will be some closure when the wrecking ball strikes.
  16. Ouch! Talk about a beat down! I love Coal Cracker as much as the next person but I think within 5-7 years it will be going the way of most of the other flume rides in the country.. I mean Hershey would probably love to throw in a random water coaster in its place and call it Boardwalk South The dueling invert idea though.. keep smoking the drugs! Edit- When I get bored I like to Photoshop random coaster layouts.. Here's what I want Hershey to build! Leave station (somehow cramped where the tilt-a-whirl was) go across the creek. Launch. Airtime hill, overbank, airtime, airtime, overbank, low banked turn, and airtime filled return run.
  17. ^ Yeah I don't see Dutch Wonderland ever becoming a major competitor unless they raze the entire place and start over which would probably make enough locals angry that the park would end up caving in completely. I don't know much about Lancaster tourism but I don't think a lot of people are coming just for Dutch Wonderland. As far as Hershey goes. I think there are only a handful of chain hotels in the nearby area (0-3 miles) and a couple motels in downtown Hershey, but the number of decent rooms at a decent price is minimal.
  18. If Hershey somehow REALLY plans to plop this coasters station where the Tilt A Whirl and the bathrooms currently are in Comet Hollow (as stated in the latest Screamscape rumor) I am VERY interested and very SCARED to see how this beast of a ride is going to fit into that area of the park. Hopefully the layout mentioned on Screamscape is way off. I cant see a hyper fitting anywhere except in the area in my picture a few pages back.. and maybe the station will just be smashed into the TIlt A Whirl area instead of where mine was (therefore saving the SDL from destruction! ) I'm starting to think this might get to heights over 200 feet but instead of a lift we're going to be looking at a launch running up the banks of the creek. Think of a larger scale Cheetah Hunt..
  19. Hahaha.. very.. very true! However, there are a lot of wide open spaces around Hersheypark to build up the whole Disney thing! I guess Orlando was comparable to Harrisburg back in the 60's and 70's. Too bad the two best things around Harrisburg are so expensive! Hersheypark and the Hollywood Casino!
  20. I can see your point.. but I think Hershey's season pass seem crazy though when you figure that the FL Resident Pass at Universal is just about the same price! (Let alone the fact that I could stay onsite at a Universal Resort that puts what Hershey has to offer to shame for $200 cheaper) It's no secret I'm very concerned about the direction Hershey is going in. They went from awesome traditional park to not being able to figure out if they want to be the Disney of the Northeast.. or a corporate park like BGW. Until they figure it out I think the overall atmosphere of the park is going to suffer pretty bad.. (it already has with a misplaced waterpark, an embarrassing shooter ride, and (and I know only 2% of people agree with me here) a coaster that is way too similar to Storm Runner in Fahrenheit. What's my favorite thing about Hershey right now? The fact that there's this awesome park right up the road where I can have a great evening for the price that I'd pay to park at Hersheypark But Hershey has been bringing people in like crazy so obviously I won't be making decisions at a theme park any time soon!
  21. Dear Disney... It's nice you finally have a vision for the old Pleasure Island. I have two great ideas I think you should add. One is an Improv Comedy place. The other is a club full of hilarious actors and adventurers! Please?
  22. After riding the back breaking HRRR.. I pray Hershey does not go with them!
  23. Yeah I too agree that the Hotel Hershey is probably a bit too pricey. Lets see- If I were to reserve a room at the Hotel Hershey for ONE night this weekend it would cost $349 for a normal room, $474 for the new cottage room, or $459 for a normal room and one night at Hersheypark. The cheaper Hershey Lodge is $209 or $321 for the package. That's crazy if you ask me. I don't think Hershey can become a legitimate "destination" until the cater to more than just the wealthy. I mean for two days for a family of four you're already looking at over $1000. You could probably get 4 round trip plane tickets, a few nights at the All Star or Pop Century Resort, and Disney tickets for a few hundred bucks extra. I wish Hershey would build a cheaper hotel with an indoor waterpark. I think that'd do well in the summer and also in the winter because there's not a whole lot for families to do in the dead of winter in PA!
  24. In my opinion.. Hershey is one of the WORST offenders in taking a classic/traditional park and turning it into an overly corporate feeling park. I think this sale might be good in the long run. Dutch Wonderland wasn't Hershey's priority and it's not like Hershey came in and really put Dutch Wonderland on the map or anything. So let a chain that is used to running smaller parks take control and let Hershey focus on building up their destination park.. even if it lost the charm it had 10 years ago.
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