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  1. Hurley knew they were going back to the Island and it was going to crash, thats why he bought all the remaining empty seats so no one else died/crashed
  2. Oh come on all those knocking the new ride, Yes its been done before. Yes its only 100 foot tall, No its not an original ride. But what you are getting at Thorpe Park is a park that is slowly building up a great collection of Rollercoasters and a park that is has turned itself into the most thrilling in the UK and competing for the most thrilling in Europe. Lets give them a break and be greatfull for yet another great coaster to enjoy in the UK in the near distant future
  3. thats cool advice.... does the area have a good of bad reputation, does the area have good schooling, is it a good crime or bad crime area? All these questions and sometimes the locals or people that know the area are the best to ask.... Yeah its huge decision and I have decided that we wont move unless it feels 99% right, there is always going to be a 1% unsure factor. I spent a few months working and living out in Denver back in 2004 for a previous job and enjoyed that lifestyle. It gave me an insight into living in America but I don't know if Denver and Huntington Beach has much in common. If they offered me a move to Denver I would take it I loved it there
  4. Hi Alveys and anyone else who knows much about the CA area. My work have offered me a transfer from London to work in Huntington Beach. It's a total upto me situation but obvisouly something which needs carefull consideration, Like your lovely little baby I have my own and its a big decision... Can you tell me what your experience/knowledge of this area is like and any advice or help is appreciated.. Not that I dont want EVERYONES help but if you dont know the area then please refrain from judging it. THANKS Thank you
  5. Come on Rob it's not like you got a new born baby to look after as well as running a trip for 50 people.....hmmmm 2 words....moaning bastards....
  6. I imagine the opening of the land will come with the release of the film after the one due out this year is released....looking at release dates it seems 2009 would be a good guess at when the next film after this years will come out.... As regards popular in 10 years....well them books have been going for some time and with such a wide fan base all round the world I imagine you might be surprised....BTTF is only just being closed down... I know its only a ride compared to a land but thats over 20 years since the film.........
  7. this is going to be such a big winner for Universal.. Disney has always been the winner for pulling in the younger audience while universal appealed more to teens and adults... by building this Land will make IOA even more of a must do even for those with just young children as they will be demanding to go see Harry Potter Land..... Big bonus to Universal...congratulations....
  8. OK firstly. If you want to have a relaxing time especially over the weekend period I would suggest 3 nights or perhaps even 4 if you can get one of the extra night free deals they sometimes do during different times of the year. this will give you the opportunity to take your time, perhaps go shopping in the outlets or to the sealife park near by or even perhaps a day trip into paris. As regards the hotels yes there are some nice ones of site. I guess it depends if you want to walk to the parks when you feel like it as most on-site resorts are only a few minutes walk to the parks. Secondly in the evening you have downtown Disney again walking distance from resort hotels. Also if the disney feeling is important to you when your in your hotel room, if this is important then you need a Disney hotel. You need to weigh up whats most important to you.. being close to the action and having everything at your finger tips or perhaps a better hotel for your $$$ but having to MiniBus or train ride to the parks each day... Hope that helps....
  9. and hopefully the boy will be charged with attempted muder
  10. Having a baby with my wife back in the summer and with our daugher now being 5 months yesterday, i can tell you they are the best thing in the world... it will put rollercoasters and themeparks in their place..... Big congratulations
  11. Maybe.... I guess you'll find out in a few months! www.kidtums.com --Robb Having seen my wife go through the whole pregnancy thing recently... looking through the last few pics I have seen of Elissa I would say she is..... still looking slim except the bigger boobs and the tummy area getting rounder..... either that or to many Mcdonalds and if so i'm very sorry
  12. It's all very well giving children the option to choose a healthy menu but it doesnt really work if the parents are eating burgers and fries...Most parents will tell you that they have to set the example to the kids.... there should be a healthy option for adults and children... so the burger eaters are happy and so are those wishing to eat healthy..... I personally enjoy a burger and fries in the parks... I generally eat healthy in a normal day so when I visit a park its a treat and want to treat myself to some bad food.... but the choise would be nice
  13. rob summed it up perfectly. It is VERY border line and a bit of an immature post... it is all very lets try and be like Rob with his previous threads and posts about cousterlou and Elissa. The difference being that 1)they are all over 18 2) It was funny..3) the main chunk of robs reports are about coasters and general fun with a little bit of occaisional slapstick sexual humour. while this is more disturbing and if it was being posted on certain other websites we would all be calling it sick. but as it's generally about a Trip report to a themepark, even though the trip report is only a small cover up to exploit the girls it just about doesn't cross the line... black"It is ok but only just in my view. two 14 year old girls kissing in that manner in bikini's is very wrong."current
  14. Does DisneyWorld and Universal not have nights for certain faiths & religions. I'm sure i've been there in September and been made to leave early as it was some event or another being held and they were setting up stages and all sorts.
  15. We're ALL waiting for that! we're all waiting for you to dump Rob....... didn't mean it really rob
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