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  1. As the trip is approaching, this is my current plan. 16th: arrive by 2 pm, pick up WOC picnic, eat picnic then try to do cali screaming, flying, tower of terror, grizzly river run, ... any suggestions of order would be appreciated. WOC @ 8 PM, the eat in downtown disney 17th: DL, in counter clockwise rotation. as this is the first day of halloween, many people suggest this will be very crowded. what kind of lines are to be expected? Again, best park order tips are greatly appreciated. The evening would be dinner by 7, fireworks at 9.30, fantasmic at 10.30
  2. The picnics are now ordered for the 16th, thanks for the advice
  3. On september 17th, I will be @ Disneyland (which is not bad, since I live over 10000 miles away) I have just seen on the disneyland site that there will now also be fireworks @ 9.30 Pm and fantasmic at 10.30 Pm. Can these two be combined? What is the best place to watch the fireworks and still be on time for fantasmic? World of color is planned for the 16 th, i'm hoping i won't need a fastpass to get in to the viewing area, as this will be a slow thursday. I will be at the park around 3pm that day, so I fear that if I need fastpasses, I won't make it.
  4. In my long planned West Coast trip (mostly national parks), I have one and a half day open for disney cali resort. This would we thursday 16 (afternoon and evening) and friday 17. What entertainment can I expect? Will there still be fireworks? Any tips on a plan of attack, knowing I've done disney paris twice? Also, i'm staying at the holiday inn on wallnut st, what would be the best way to get to the park? Thank you for your time.
  5. Hi, just to confirm my choice: a thursday half day and full friday in the second week of september. I will be staging in the holiday inn hotel & suites. My questions: is the hotel doable on foot from the parks? The hotel has free parking, so I was hoping to use that and just walk to the parks. What would be the recommended plan? I was thinking half day dca and full day magic kingdom. Thanks for your advice
  6. I know this will be a controversial question, but as I have not yet been able to decide, which on strip hotel would you recommend to a vegas newbie?
  7. Last question would then be, is one day at DL/DCA worth it? To do all the major rides, how long would I need? After pondering and reeding all of your feedback, it looks like either 2 days of Disney, or one SFMM and one @ Disney
  8. First of all, thanks to all of you for the replies. To reply to the question posed above, my wife and I both like DLP very much, because of the scenery, shows and ride experiences. On top of that, I just love a good coaster, no matter what the theming is. I love expedition geforce, black mamba, stuntfall and some of our other European coasters. My main issue with Disneyland is that at first view, it looks very similar to DLP with a few extra attractions. Is this correct, or am I totally wrong? DCA looks nice, but I'm afraid that it will be just one big construction wall with the big rework. Thanks once again for your feedback
  9. Hi all, I'm planning a US road trip in september 2010, from Yellowstone to Vegas to San Francisco and lots in between. I'm allowed max 2 days of theme parks after negotiations with the wife unit . The options: 2 days of Disney (I've already done DLRP twice) knotts + universal sfmm + universal ... What would you recommend and why? Thank you for your input.
  10. I'll be there about a week later. Big thanks to all the people that replied, I'll make sure to post a TR afterwards.
  11. I was also wondering on the following: What is the status of Templo del Fuego? It this open or closed? What can you do around the hotels in the evening? It seems there is alot less to do then at DLP, of is this just perception?
  12. I will be hitting Port Aventura for 2 days and 2 nights in a month and was hoping to get some advice on where to eat in the hotels (staying at Port Aventura hotel). Also, what shows do you recommend? I find it very hard to find info on the shows at PA. Thanks in advance.
  13. 1. For all 700+ pictures, check www.familiedujardin.be 2. ToT Paris is brilliant, the onride pick is in here somewhere 3. My apologies in advance... Cast of characters: Me: short guy in blue shirt The wife: short redhead Friend of wife: tall dark haired woman Friend's bf: blond dude These 4 persons are legally adult and sane (This needs to be added, in my opinion) ps: Photos with compact in this post, Photos with SLR in next post
  14. Later this week, I will be at Disney Paris for 3 days, with the wife and befriended couple. Since two of this group (me and half the other couple) are disney freaks, we are considering the character breakfast. I know you had it when visiting (it was mentioned in the TR), but I was wondering, isn't it weird being there without kids? Are the CM's used to that sort of thing, or was it frowned upon?
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