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  1. Excellent DR Soren! I haven't been here in a while and it's always nice to come home and see some of that German Goodness!
  2. Happy Birthday Soren! All Hail the birthdate of the King of Random Trip Reports!
  3. That was a fun little video! Looks like ya'll had a good time. Thanks for posting it!
  4. Wow, it sounds like I need to get back to playing Katamari again! I'm a really streaky player when it comes to the PS2. I'll play every day for a month, then I might go 2 months and not play at all. I bought We Love Katamari a couple of months ago and haven't even played it yet (but my daughters have been giving it a workout).
  5. Wow, that really looks bad Wally. I'm very happy to hear that you and Karen and Gavin are ok and that your apartment and house are still intact.
  6. Happy New Year Everyone! May this be the funnest, most fulfilling year ever!
  7. It rained here on both Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Our temps stayed well below freezing for the first 20 or so days of December and we got a total of about 12 or 13 inches of snow during that time (some of which is still on the ground but it's all crusty and icky looking now).
  8. Awesome PTR as always!! I think that OMG!!! Godzirra!!! may be the funniest caption I've ever seen! I'm really looking forward to the next installment!
  9. ^^Awwww, Lenore is absolutely gorgeous! ^I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of such a handsome creature. 14 is a good long life for a dog that big.
  10. I was a Combat Medic (91B) in the Army. I trained at Ft. Sam Houston (San Antonio) and was stationed at Ft. Carson (Colorado Springs). I never went overseas (I missed out on training in Germany due to a down range training accident a few weeks earlier). I did do desert training out in Death Valley at Ft. Irwin (California). Before my service in the Army, I was trained as a Diesel Engine Mechanic in the Coast Guard. My basic training was at Government Island Alameda and my MOS training was in Yorktown, Virginia.
  11. That was fantastic!! You're mom and dad are amazing! I can see where you get your sharp wit and sense of humor. You've done your parents proud and I bet you're just as proud of them!
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