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  1. Went to go see Queens of the Stoneage in Belfast, 8th Feb. Awesome concert, mosh pits were insane...and ofcourse got beer thrown over me and my mates.
  2. Kanye West on the 1st December. AMAZING concert. Best I have bene to yet. At the Odyssey and tickets sold out in something like 10mins. Awesome sound. Cant describe the bass, it was rediculous. My ears were still ringing like 6hrs later. One thing though was the song he dedicated to his mum. It was really emotional. There were people crying and Kanye nearly cried a couple of times. So the crowd like cheered insanely loud to boost him up.
  3. Well, here in Ireland it is about 11 Celcius Max most of the time. Although the last week or so it was completely baltic. Something like -2 Celcius at night. The weather is SO unpredictable. One day it can be mild and rainy, next day it can be feezing and clear skies. You just never know whats around the corner......
  4. Here are a couple of photos I took while I was away in England over Halloween. I was in the Lake District and if you ever get a chance to go, GO!! It is so beautiful. I was thinking of doing a PTR but I didn't have enough good photos to make it worth while. Anyways, Enjoy!! Moi again! Love the rapids thing going on in this. Me Sun hitting the mountains. Love this photo, with the Leaves and Bridge etc. Me and Mum again! Me, Mum and our car. Really nice restaurant up in the mountains.
  5. To be honest, I am not sure exactly how the Certificates comapre to America. All I know is that for Civil Engineering here, you study for 4 years and get a BEng Degree (Basic Engineering, I think). In those 4 years, if you are performing well enough, you can take the last year and study for a MEng Degree (Mechanical Engineering) It is all beyond me at the minute but should make sense soon.
  6. This is more about a specific career question. But I was wondering. Is there much demand for Civil Engineers in America? Because I was thinking of studying Civil Engineering or Structural Engineering at University in about 3 years time. And then maybe going to a different country to work.
  7. Just downloaded and what a video!! It is imense!! Love the parts when you see two different trains going around at the same time.
  8. I finally got my new guitar today! After it supposing to come last week, it came today!! It is a Yamaha Pacifica and I love it. Also bought a Roland Cube 15W Amp. 1st guitar so dont know very much.
  9. Never have When was that last time you listened to your iPod or MP3 Player?
  10. A large Hawaiian Pizza from Pizza hut: £12.95 Quite expensive but very tasty!!
  11. Whao. I just looked at this topic for the 1st time and I am completely in aww!! It is like amazing! I cant believe it. It is crazy. Awesome work!! I wish my RCT3 was working. I installed and uninstalled it too many times so now it is at the point it wont install at all. I have no idea. I havent played RCT3 in like over a year.
  12. Yay!! The first Ikea in Ireland opens on the 13th December. It is in Belfast. And I just live 10mins from it!! Bad thing is....if I am to go on the opening day, looks like I am going myself. Parents are all *No Way*. Because it will be way too busy. Apparently there was a riot at some Ikea that opened in England somewhere.
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