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  1. Thanks, that's what I already planned to do. I think I'll go in Wicked... Should I visit the park on a weekend or is it better to go there during the week??
  2. Heyho! Finally I saved enough money for trip to New York City in September this year! (...and that's a lot of bucks if you live in Austria/Europe!) Hooray!!! I wanted to ask you, NYish people, for some 'hints' or 'secret places' I can visit in NY!? Of course I have to see all the 'standard-tousist-landmarks', but I'm looking for some alternatives. HELP! And one question about SF GA: Should I visit the park on a weekend or is it better to go there during the week?? Thanks a lot!
  3. Corruption Concealed (under deceptive slogans) 2006 | Rise Or Rust Records 01. Lies & Affection 02. Hands Kept Clean 03. Born As Destined, Locked Up As Forced [mp3] 04. Paving Ways In Cliché Suits 05. Wünschen Du Wärst Längst 06. For Habits Of Bitterness 07. Hard To Manage Broken Windows 08. Obsession Kills 09. Stuck On Repeat 10. This Declaration Of War ... 11. ...Is Meant To Become As Unnecessary As Your Sexist Bullshit 12. Visibilify! we're happy to announce that our new record, called "corruption concealed (under deceptive slogans)" finally will see this world's daylight on the 14th of October. Once again, Rise Or Rust Records from Graz/AT are so kind to release our album, only a year after our last record "feeling safe in programmed channels" came out. additional vocals on track 7 by andropov and by evanes on track 10. format: CD only | quantity: 1000 pieces mixed and engineered by tom 20er (antimaniax) mastered by alan douches at west west side music studios, usa (strike anywhere, converge, ...) released by rise or rust records, 14th of October 2006 (ROR XII) price: 10EUR/USD - just send a message to buy this record. www.astpai.com www.myspace.com/astpai www.myspace.com/riseorrustrecordcompany Sorry for the propaganda - I really hope nobody feels offended! But - of course - I'm a bit proud
  4. Hi boys and girls! I'm planning to buy a HDV Sony Camcorder in May or June (in June I'll be in Madrid, that's where I will record my first HDV parkmovies . I'm not sure if I should buy the HD1 or the new HC3. The HC3 is a bit cheaper and is much smaller, but it's a 'handycam'. And, in my opinion, it's ugly... The HC1 is not that 'amateur' and has some cool features - also the HC1 will record with three million pixels, HC3 only with two. On the other side the HC3 is the first cam I know which can record with 200fps (only 3 seconds long, but hey - there could be done some really cool slo-mo shots of insects or sport-shots. AND my (lucky) sister will get an 30" HDV LCT TV as a birthday present - another 'pro HDV' point for me So - what do you think about HDV Camcorders? Any experience with HDV editing? I will work with Pinnacle Studio 10 (or Liquid 6) and Sony Vega 6. If you're interested in some HDV Samples - Apple.com has to offer some cool ones. Especially some of the the BBC Movies are great!
  5. Seems like I got infected by kind of a spider-fever (like the "pokemon-fever" a few years ago...). Since my last post in this thread the number of spiders I own increased to four. Hope someone is interrested into a few new spider-pictures of my cuties. - Gertrude, my first spider, is still alive (wow!). - here she's doing the 'There are two small grasshopper in my mouth at once" - dance. - Gertrude bulit an nice cobweb-carpet (Watch here how she's doing that HERE - Quicktime, please do not stream!). - That's Ursula, my second one. Sometimes she's a bit agressive. Ursula built some crazy cubweb. Notice that there was only the crotch and the straw-nest in the terrarium when I put her in . I like her yellow coloration on the legs. Say Hello to "Anette", spider number 3. Sitting an a plastique stone... I love this colors Renate - I got hera few days ago. She's my biggest spider. As big as a palm . And that's Renate's terrarium whit I completed yesterday... Hope, you like spider-pictures! Have a nice day, Bernhard
  6. Hey boys and girls! I'm interested into spiders since years and a few days ago I heard that these sweet critters aren't that expensive I thought - So here is Gertrude!! It's a Brachypelma Albopilosum, one of the 'user-friendly' spiders. Anybody else here who own's spiders...? Or Snakes? Frogs? Anything exotic? Or do you have Arachnophobia?? Gertrude...
  7. Wild Train is very intense and has a few hard 'bumps' - so be carefully if you ride that thing that often. Best place is in dhe 3rd row IMO, so have fun on it! Most thrilling kiddy coaster I know
  8. Wild Train On April 30th I've been in Erlebnispark Strasswalchen, a nice little family-park with well-themed rides and areas. In July (I think) there will be some people from the European Coasterclub - (You'll have fun there! ) I want to advertise my newest Video (1:45min, 23mb) I did in the park. It's not that long but I think you can imagine, how fun these little parks can be... The Pax Coaster is only about 13m high but definetely it's not a kiddy-coaster *shake* Hope you like it! Wimmerl
  9. http://www.myspace.com/astpai - my band's account, http://www.myspace.com/wimair - my account
  10. Maybe I didn't search long enought - where can I find video???
  11. If you will be in Madrid you 'should' visit Movie World Madrid and "Parque the Atracciones" (they'll have an new Spinning Coaster this year - looks very nice ). It's an 7 hours trip (per train) if you travel von Madrid to Port Aventura, so I think Movie World and PdA are the best choice for you.
  12. Against Me! - Turn Those Clapping Hands Into Angry Balled Fists
  13. So, that's me... two times! Me... during a damn bright camera-flash *ouch* Me... with "crunchy pretzel stick" (Don't like cigarettes).
  14. The dude feels honored My attitude about tattoos: When I'm old and ugly I will be afraid to go out naked, so nobody except m (and my wife ..) will see the tat. But until I'm old and ugly I'm shure I'll be happy with 'Horst' That's true, of course (I think). I'm not shure about piercings - they look good on some parts of the body. If I ever decide to get pierced it will be done on my nipple 8) About 3 hours I think - but I never felt bored Wimmerl
  15. Copy and Paste from MySpace.com Antimaniax, Atom And His Package, Backyard Babies, Beatsteaks, Big D And The Kids Table, Bombshell Rocks, Capdown, Danko Jones, Ephen Rian, Jimmy Eat World, Kid Dynamite, Mad Caddies, None More Black, Only Crime, RedLightsFlash, Refused, Rentokill, Rise Against, RichKidsOnLSD, Schrottgrenze, Social Distortion, Strike Anywhere, The Alkaline Trio, The Get Up Kids, The Suicide Machines, The Weakerthans, Trial By Fire... Mostly I listen to Hardcorepunk, Skacore and stuff like that. S:x:E Wimmerl 8)
  16. The tattoo was about 1 or 2 days old when I took the pics, that's why it looks like an 'airbrush'. Now, about 10 days later, the last 'scubparts' (?) will be disappeared tomorrow I think - colors are looking great, but the tattoo doesn't shine as it did the first few day's. I'll post a photo in one or two days. Ciao, Wimmerl
  17. My plans: April: Freizeitpark Strasswalchen (new Pax Airtimemachine ) May: Thorpe Park June: Mirabilandia October or November: MW Madrid / Parque de Atracciones Wimmerl
  18. I'm so glad - after months of 'medidation' I decided to do it: My new tattoo called "Horst" - IMO this talented tattooguy did an excellent job; I love it . Here is an other pic of it! Of course: It won't be my last tattoo - so you hardcore tattoed and pierced boys and girls, what do you think about it? What do you think about tattoos in general? It's a Horst!
  19. Hey, I'll be in Mirabilandia on June 18th! Maybe we can ro a few rides on Katun and eat cheap pizza together?
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