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  1. Would a Six Flags employee badge that would get me free admission just like a season pass be able to substitute a season pass for me? Or would I have to pay the $35?
  2. I have two so far, and one still needs probably 2 more sessions to complete it. 1. Pain level of your tattoo, 1 to 10, 10 being the worst pain possible. At the beginning I'd rate it a 5ish, but then you get used to it and it's not so bad, probably a 1-2. But anything close to bone is pretty rough. 2. How long did it take? To outline? To fill in? To completely heal? My ribbon took 45 minutes of needle work total, for outline and coloring. It took a week to heal. The outline for my Nightmare one took 2 full hours, and a little over a week to heal. The second session was about
  3. I never saw it test, but I wasn't hanging around waiting for it to. There were a few mechanics looking over some things when we walked by though.
  4. Last spring break I got all the credits at both parks in one day.. mind you it was cold and drizzly so the crowds were light, but it is possible.
  5. Pretty sure it's actually $35 for 1, $50 for 2, and $60 for 3.
  6. Apparently this is Boomerang's last weekend before painting begins, but Medusa should be open weekends, along with 1-train operation on Kong. (Medusa was closed tonight for painting.)
  7. The one at SFDK always used to, but then they replaced some part and it's completely silent now.. don't ask me what it was though.
  8. I went on a Sunday and the day was significantly less crowded than during the night. I had heard to do the 2 re-themed rides first because their throughput was slower, so we did that. If you don't have time for everything, I highly recommend doing The Doll Factory for sure.
  9. ^ I just rode it lastnight and it was going about that far up. As far as the whole inversion debate goes, I say yes.
  10. The last weekend in September. It was awesome
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