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  1. Of course, now we need to one up them! Now if someone could only get a game of Warhammer 40K going...
  2. Intamin probably found out they Fatigue cracks were forming with all the stressing and moving metal... But thats just a guess....
  3. I did a quick search, but couldnt find anything on this topic. I went to the six flags website (SFNE) trying to find the evening discounted prices, but I couldnt find it anywhere on the website. Do they still have evening discount prices? Thanks Rob
  4. Oh god, I was there with Ahect on friday. And we saw the cat, dog, rat, pig, and bird show, whatever it was called, saw the dolphin show, and the Shamu show. After the shamu show, where the screens must have been broken, and all the touchy feely BS, along with the dolphin show with all the birdmen, we decided that the cat and dog show was the best, and rode kraken til the park closed... I totally prefer the old Shamu show more... This new one was LAME in my opinion... And that shamu chant was just dumb... Rob
  5. Oh what the hell. Here is my current favorite pic of me.
  6. Yes, that is true, however, definitions change. Its simply a subculture. People that refer to themselves as gothic dont always dress the fashion (I usually dont). Here is a wikipedia definition of the gothic subculture... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goth There are other sources out there, just do a google search for goth or gothic subculture if your interested in more information. Rob "Your neighborhood goth" D
  7. I agree that you need to concentrate on your education, however, being a goth myself, you need to stand up for what you believe, be that a fashion sense, your musical tastes, etc etc... I am a little surprised that she let you stay home, but more power to you for sticking up to what you want to do, especially your mother. But be careful, people have gotten expelled from school for stupid things like that. You should talk to her about it though. Make her understand why you want to dress like that. Having an open dialog with your parents often helps keep trust, especially as you get older. And like other people say, you arent hurting yourself, or anyone else. And i dont know where the stereotype that goths are devil worshipers came from... Hmmm
  8. What did the fish say when it swam into a concrete wall? Damn!
  9. Ok, i doubt most of you have heard of her, but Elizabeth Cady Stanton (Pronounced Kay-dee). Rob Oh yeah, and there is debate in our family whether Nathan Bedford Forrest, a civil war confedearte general, and one of the early founders of the KKK, is our relative or not... Shrug... he probably is, but we dont want to be associated with him...
  10. ^ Ha ha, thats pretty funny. Its usually a halloween tradition, but its also meant as a practical joke, you go around throwing toilet paper on everything, trees, houses, etc etc... I personally dont see it too often, once or twice a year. It makes a mess, but completely harmless. Just a pain in the ass... Rob
  11. Wow, so far I have the lowest score... "24% (Yankee). You are a Yankee Doodle Dandy." Hell, i better be a Yankee Doodle Dandy... It is after all, the Connecticut State Song!!! lol Rob And if you ask me, a drive through package store is a bad idea... While on the other hand, a packy that delivers is a GREAT idea...
  12. mmmmm Condom World.... I love that store. Mostly because its under newbury comics. An awesome place to get some good music and other random trendy pieces of crap... Rob
  13. At least it wasnt raining. I went there the weekend before, and it was maybe a few degrees warmer, but it was raining.... That sucked... AND it was way more crowded than it should have been with conditions like that... Rob
  14. You could always try to contact SFMM and ask them... Rob
  15. Its gotta be silver paint... That lift is extremely steep! Like Dark Knight at SFNE...
  16. Nice TR Wally. Wish we coulda hung out more. But it was freaking freezing!! Oh, I also got stuck on Wicked Twister for like 15 minutes before it went down for a few hours. Walked back past it on my way out and they were just starting to test it.... Rob
  17. Ok, here are a few thoughts on this... I think it was a bad idea for CF to buy GL concidering how close CP and GL are to each other (about 1.5 hours). With a park as well known and as large as CP, who would want to go to GL except to save a few bucks??? So, I dont think that CF should buy the whole lot, however, if they are going to buy some parks, they should do it wisely. They should buy parks that are not close to a park they already own, so SFMM is out because of its proximity to Knotts for example. In the business world, it isnt good to have competition with yourself. And I think thats what happend with GL and CP... Rob
  18. That could be true. I was squinting practically the whole time. So, I probably wont ride front seat of Kingda Ka when I go there on the 22nd. Hmm... Rob
  19. Well, I didnt know TTD broke down. I guess I got lucky and got a ride on it. Although I do think all the hype around it is over rated. I just think it was too intense. There is no reason for a coaster to go that fast. But it was still fun... Rob
  20. I once rode my bike into a parked car while I was reading a magazine once. And yes, I have the scar to prove it... And no, I'm NOT kidding.. Rob
  21. As far as I know, the entire flight is 2.5 hours, and because its a suborbital flight, that means you will only be in space for 15 minutes or so, but still, thats a 15 minute airtime hill. The reason why the flight would be much longer is because of the nature of the way the flight will take place (dropped from a carrier plane at ~40,000 feet, rocket launch, glide to earth). Getting to 40,00 feet would take about an hour... Hmmm... Rob
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