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  1. Actually quite excited about this rumor which is odd because I LOVE Gwazi, but I would trade Gwazi for a B&M Hyper coaster any day of the week. I do agree that BGT is due for Darkcastle type ride rather than another coaster, but considering the area a Hyper would make a good backdrop for events like Bands Brew and BBQ. Who knows, maybe more than a coaster is in the works, such as a permanent outdoor amphitheater type setup?
  2. What if for the banner, you used a really awesome photo of the Enchanted Oak? Might as well have the option of using the banner to remember and pay tribute to some awesome theme park related stuff that is no longer around. Just a thought.
  3. Sweet! Welcome to FL! Hopefully I'm good to join the group, and can make one of the events soon. My musical interests have me pretty involved right now, so I'll try my best! (btw, Orlando has a pretty sweet local music scene!! )
  4. You're right and thats the point. Not every drummer could handle this rig either, or play upsideown/sideways period so thats cool to see. I'd love to be the guy in charge of setting up and taking this down. He prob makes a ton of money for supervising and has a team that does all the hard work That being said, its probably 1000 times easier to set this up than Ray Luzier's (Korn) kit or Terry Bozzio's monstrosity!
  5. I thought everyone might be interested in seeing this. As an enthusiast and a drummer, I wish I would have come up with this idea and had the funds to implement it! Here is more information Source: Pearl Drums http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Myy7VRkzXVo Pretty awesome, eh?
  6. There has DEFINITELY been a line every time I've gone. Even at the slowest day. On a very slow day (where the Hulk and Spiderman are walkons), the Harry Potter park was a walk in, but there was a 35 min wait for the WWOHP ride, and a 45 min wait for the wand shop. I also had to wait in a line that started behind the bar in Hogsmeade just to get a butterbeer, don't remember the wait but it was longer than anyone should have to wait for any drink at that bar. I only went this route because the various butterbeer carts all had MUCH longer lines. Do I go every day? No. Are there some days that are probably slower? Sure! But either way, this tells me this place needs to expand just to spread out the crowds. Even on that slow day with probably a third of the people you would normally see there on a crazy busy one, it was STILL a beast to navigate through people. Could this be poor design? Poor Flow? Not really too much of a fan of the HP franchise, but I really do like that part of the park. That being said , we avoid the hell out of it because the congestion sucks. We'll sneak in the JP side, ride WWOHP, say "we've rode dueling dragons millions of times, we'll skip it," then talk the kids into doing something else. This place definitely NEEDS to expand.
  7. Good idea to weed out the bad apples, I actually enjoyed your posts! We've only met once (and I'm not sure I made a favorable impression), so I'll probably save you the trouble of figuring out whether or not I should be readded. Either way, I enjoy what you do and all the amazing FREE things you've done for the coaster community. Keep doing it, don't change for anyone.. Although I don't need to tell you this |m|.(>_<).|m| -Don
  8. Oh.. My.. God.. Full of win. Everyone is staring at me I'm laughing so hard. They think I'm crazy for looking at coasters all day as it is!
  9. I thought the ride was decent, not B&M or Intamin glass-smooth, but its not crazy rough. They would have done better to go with the more reliable less ugly B&M and just made a Hollywood Dream clone, however we may not have been able to have our two unique elements. I can only recall experiencing airtime on the NIL. The rest of the ride is just a fun laid back ride to accompany the music, which is what I'm pretty sure they were going for.
  10. ^definitely a major difference of opinion there.. Not to take anything away from your opinions, but I strongly disagree. All my opinion of course, i think LC in its origional form was far superior for one major reason : it was all original. The only section of the park not based on anything marketable. Take that into account, and the heavy original theming of the area and you had an incredible section of IOA. HP has such a huge wow factor because it is based on a huge franchise .. its really incredible how they were able to bring it to life ill give them that! However, that enthusiasm is lost on those that simply give two dumps about HP, or don't know much about it. All I know is, I was floored by the LC the first time I visited. The detail was amazing! It continued to impress me for years as id always find some new detail in the theming. Does my opinion matter? Absolutely not!! As far as mythos is concerned, you guys are right. So who knows what is going to happen, but its safe to say a change will be made
  11. Thats the 'ok' thing about mythos and its food.. They don't really need to attach food to the HP mythology, since there seems to be a revolving door on the menu. If anything, whenever they change something they can give it a new 'HP-esque' name to try to draw more people to eat there. I'm sure we'll probably see they will keep what they're doing food wise in Mythos, alter the facade a little (or a ton, depending), put a new ride in Posideon, a HP themed show in the Theatre, and they'll be good to go... As much as some of us might not like it.
  12. From an enthusiast standpoint I'd have to say, I sort of agree with you.. and whats sad is, it all starts with the queue. From a GP standpoint, do you think its actually seen a decrease of ridership because maybe its a little to extreme or intimidating for some of the GP that would want to visit the park JUST for HP? I know my mom loves HP, but there is NO WAY she'd ever think of getting on the coasters. I might have trouble getting her on the Forbidden Journey when I take her.
  13. I hate to say it but I'd have to agree. I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan myself, and I really REALLY miss the facade of the Enchanted Oak.. However, WWoHP is WAY too small.. Might as well fully convert the LC, especially since there isn't really anything to do in the part thats left over. Yes, I know you have Posiedon and Mythos. But Posiedon and Mythos aren't THAT good, are they? They already got rid of two of the best parts of LC.. Might as well rip the bandaid off quick!
  14. The latest article translates to "The pedestrian could have used better judgement, or could have at least looked for traffic before crossing." As far as going to an all monorail system... Other than costing a ton of money, you have to factor in that more monorail track + more stations + more trains = more chance of accidents on a system where if something goes wrong it could disable the ability to move guests more than the bus line could.
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