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  1. today i put my picture on tpr for the first time yay!
  2. watching little house on the prairie haha ok maybe thats not too funny:(
  3. I love when it rains so I always go sit on the porch and enjoy it.
  4. I like them but im not crazy about em.
  5. Im happy that I saved my dumb friend from going to jail today and also that I get to start my classes so I can get this new job that pays good.
  6. Hey Elissa, will you make mine-Fall Out Boy fan.Thanks
  7. Im glad yall had fun at my home park but I really wish they would put in some REAL amusing rides instead of the milder ones cause they tend to get old kind of quick, but it's ok I guess when your bored and have nothing better to to.
  8. ^ Same here,I was trying everything to try and cheat my way back in here.Stupid me found out that it just was not possible, but thankfully it's fixed.
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