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  1. I would imagine someone's face hitting slap into a bird at over 60 mph would cause some damage...serious damage. How do you not get a broken neck.
  2. I believe they do.... anything Smirnoff is wonderful!
  3. Yeah Chrissy. Its flavor is delicious, just like sour apple, and it makes the vodka easy to go down, you dont even need a chaser.
  4. Oh, how I miss Grizzly!! One of the best woodies out there, no doubt in my mind!
  5. Confisco's looks tasty.... I will have to check it out next time im down there. I still love my Mythos though.
  6. Smirnoff's Sour Apple Vodka is delicious. I could take countless shots of that!
  7. Rum and coke.... Boy, I have many memories after drinking a couple of those!
  8. Alright folks, name your favorite alcoholic beverage here. I may only be 20, but I am in college. Therefore, I drink. I would have to say my favorite shot is a Cosmo: Cranberry Juice and Vodka. Sounds kind of weak, I know, but after 15 shots youll feel nice and floaty! Any beverage is okay, beer, rum, vodka, mixed drinks. Its all gravy and potatoes!
  9. No coaster or ride scares me anymore. Flying coasters used to scare the living Jesus H. Christ out of me. When I first went up the lifthill of Superman: Ultimate Escape, I felt like I was going to puke my brains out. But it was so fun.....
  10. I swear the coaster looks like The Child Molester ride.
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