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  1. Finally got some of the Shipyard Pumpkinhead stuff, AMAZING!!! I love how the beer flavor is still there, but then the sweetness and cinnamon kick in and it's even better, how did I live without this?!?! Literally, it's like punkin' pie in a bottle! This will definately NOT be my last 6 pack of the best beer I've ever had!!!
  2. Had a Tecate tonight for some reason, it'd been a long time since the last one, forgot that I kinda like the taste. Tomorrow though, have a mini-party planned and will pick up a 6 pack of Pacifico and maybe something else, we'll see.
  3. Had a Moosehead, Dos Equis, and Michelob after work today, only one I kinda liked was the Michelob.....the others were just not right. Oh, and it'll be a while before ANYONE in this town gets some Pumpkinhead, the distributor won't have it out here for at least another week. I'll be frequenting BevMo and Whole Foods and Trader Joe's to see if they have it yet though!
  4. Wow, it's been like forever since I've posted on here, let alone this thread, but my last one was a Mickey's actually. I had a 6 pack of Tequiza's a few days ago and really loved it, but was seriously let down by Gordon Biersch's Marzen........it tasted like ball sweat and vomit or something, not good. Derek, you've gone and done it, tomorrow I'll have to head out to Beverage's 'N More to pick up some of that Shipyard Pumpkinhead stuff. I missed the "harvest" beers last year somehow, but am intriguied by the spices and promise of punkin' flavor enough to pick some up!
  5. Where else would the several thousand the park employs work around here though? SFMM really is the biggest employer in town, no one else can touch them as far as work force goes, not everyone would be able to find another job. I agree with the business and income the park brings in too, the guests aren't all from within a day's drive, and even some that are will want to stick around a little while longer and see some of the sights around town. What about "hamburger hill" though? If people aren't coming to the park, the couple dozen restaurants at the Lyons exit will still get traffic from the I-5, but probably a lot less. Then again, the way the park likes to keep their employees "informed" of what's going on reminds me of what a friend told me: "I must be a mushroom, they keep me in the dark, and feed me bull crap!"
  6. Wow, I haven't posted on here in like forever, but an update of the last few months......some of which was house sitting. 1. Heineken, still not too good.......unless with burgers for some reason. 2. Becks, the good version of Heine, even better with burgers. 3. Fat Tire, finally had some, pretty darn good. 4. Fosters, I'll just buy some domestic beer for half the cost if I want a nothing taste. 5. Sam Adams still tastes like ball sweat, thought I'd try it again after I heard somebody raving about it, still hate it though......blech. 6. Red Stripe is amazing, comes outta nowhere and whacks you in the back of the head too.....at least it did for me. 7. Jose Cuervo Strawberry Margaritas (1.75L) and 350mL of 100 proof SoCo is more than enough to jack 4 guys up, gets worse when you add another 300mL of Jager..........but they all went great with bratwurst. 8. Miller High Life really isn't that high, but with 6 16oz cans for $3, why complain? 9. Bud Light tastes like soda, but is almost acceptable with Dodger Dogs. All in all, that's about it, been fun though, that's for sure.
  7. Nice one Jahan, but I see that you leave out the news on a ride re-opening that people would actually care about, good old Thrill Shot!
  8. Hey, crazy news here, Thrill Shot actually is NOT doomed, and will try to re-open by the end of May! Tower A doesn't have a sheive wheel right now, but that's because they were out for inspection or getting new ones or something, but the rumors of reopening sound serious.
  9. Nov. 1st, 2003, Calvary Church in Orange County for Five Iron Frenzy's last tour before they called it quits, went with my brother. Place wound up being HUGE, and Bleach and Holland got everybody amped up for the main event, FIF did an amazing job too. Didn't get out until sometime after midnight, we were both darn near deaf and hoarse too, got home around 2am.
  10. The "new" Space Mountain at Disney Land, I was expecting a bit more than the same layout as before making almost all right turns.........sucked having to wait several years and that being the outcome. Psyclone still sucks, the opening dive into a tunnel was a cool concept, but the first drop is short and painful, with absolutely zero airtime the whole stupid ride.........what gives?!?! It looks to have all the elements of a good ride, but flat out sucks. Colossus has more airtime, and at least can carry some speed around the turns.
  11. True, but if it's any kind of consolation, Psyclone has had guys working on the first turn after the drop the last week or so replacing boards and stuff, but I think Deja may have been put on the back burner for right now.
  12. Well, didn't really feel like reading through that stuff because I'm tired, but glad I was able to still make some kind of notable contribution to this thread. Oh yeah, nice avatar, but I got bumped to lead too so I still outrank you and get paid more........
  13. Okay, been gone for a while and not sure if anyone else has posted this up, but we employees have had a few flyers going around that list the rides planned to have rehab and reopen........Flashback is on the list. Sky Tower is also there (they've been working on it, and a few of my friends have been getting trained up there), Deja is there too, Psyclone, and I think even Metro might have been on it too.......will check tomorrow. I haven't seen them doing any real work over there though, last time I took a shortcut behind the Metro station (right past Flashback), it was just as faded and rusty as ever. However, with the new super hero tie-ins that the park has been doing lately, is it possible that they could re-do Flashback to involve something with the Flash? But that would require painting, MM no likey having to paint a coaster after it's been built.
  14. Angry Gumball, that's lame, just lame. As punishment, I shall never change my avatar!
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