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  1. ^My god was that your first time going to WCB b/c your still drooling over it like a %a# in an *ick factory get over it I've been to WCB and Solace a few times in my life so no loss here imo. I didn't even have anything negitive to say about the event anyways your the one making it seam like I'm bashing WCB b/c I didn't go which is far from the case. I merely stated Terminator still isn't that impressive TO MEEEEE!!! and that the questions asked could of been better. Far as the event itself I didn't say anything about it so go ....never mind Far as Terminator I have seen it in person this is where I get my statement of oversized you really can't get a feel at all for the size of this thing in any of the pictures. I may not have seen it from the side you got to see it from but nontheless I was just there and I got to size TSC up and imo I just don't see anything in it, which I also stated I hope my mind is changed when the ride is open b/c I know looks can be decieving. I also know Rob was going to do the huge offical update thats a no brainer, but why does he have to do everything, there was hundreds of other people there and you mean to tell me Rob was the only one with a camera ,oh and the person who posted the one pan above 2 people out of 700 hundred Also Rob is one man he can't possibly capture everything single thing, every different angle etc, etc, I was just hoping a few more pics and ptrs was going to show up.
  2. Well if this track is real why hasn't there been more updates? Are the pieces still there? Are there more pieces? Are there pieces out now that may hint to an inversion or are the pieces still all non inverted sections? Also if this project is real and for the US why would they start making the track for the project 1 to 2 years ahead of time... Unless this is the maglev project that will take people from Downtown Disney to Los Vegas in an about an hour Anyways Imo if this project is real it's for an overseas park like a Happy Valley, unless B&M has so may projects for 2010 they are starting fabricating early so they don't get behind and nothing gets delayed.
  3. Well heres to hoping that this coaster proves me wrong B/c IMO this things still looks like nothing more then an oversized kiddy coaster IMO and IMO GCII worst looking coaster todate but that's just my opinion. After ranting and raving for weeks about this event it finally comes and all we (those that couldn't make it, or just didn't want to make it) get is one pic of backstage Terminator construction No pics of the park or event in general Then on top of that the Q&A session totally sucked preschoolers could of aked better questions the the ones that were asked and a 3 year of could of most likely gotten better Anwers for the stupid questions that were asked. If crap was going to be censored then why in the heck even mention it like the response to ...We are working with blank right now! crowd roars with applause. Sht like that pisses me off to no end, why even bring it up if stuff is blanked out Anyways sorry for the rant that was just bugging me sorry. Terminator looks like it's going to be an ok family ride the park needs family rides so Termy I'm not mad at you, even though your little bro Toro looks 10x times better
  4. Yes I retract my statment about the hideous green box, it looks much better then it did at first. I love how the metal is pulled back like the coaster just ripped right through it. Still not the big of a fan of the colors there using on the buildings they clash with the coaster imo. Overall through it looks like it's going to be a very fun thrilling family ride that I would love the chance to ride regardless what color the buildings or track is.
  5. Love the trains Are they still testing with different launch speeds b/c the ride looks alittle slow and sluggish and towards the end of the video it looks as if the train is going to stall? Since they have people on it I would of thought the launch speed was set already.
  6. ^When was that said and wheres the proof? When the times comes I doubt CP would pass on a Plug n Play knowing how extreme it is and how easy it is to maintain. I thought that Splitting coaster as you call it was the prototype Setpoint Seismic Coaster, not an Intamin. It's also not new, one has just never been built.
  7. What the heck is an Intamin Splitting Coaster? or did he mean Spinning Coaster lol Thanks for the great pics of CP, all those Intamins there are just delicious. One thing why do you keep saying fail on on Wicked Twister when you don't know what's the problem and if you do know your not giving any hints on why it has failed. I don't think CP thinks WT nor Intamin is a Fail in their book they bought two more after WT and rumored to be getting a recored breaking Intamin water ride for 2010 Imo CP is getting a B&M Dive Machine for 2010 look the splash down is already there
  8. ^No I feel the same way. Imo the track is gorgeous with all those sexy twist and turns but when it comes to the supports it's like MS just through their hands up and said F it put the supports anywhere and EVERYWHERE! The supports alone for this thing probably costed over 10 mil alone, how much is Universal paying for this thing anyway? The first drop does look alittle bit steeper then in the renderings but they should of went on and went 90* degrees Imo it would of looked more visually appealing. At that height this is not a family ride by anymeans, the average person/people, families are going to look at this thing like Just the amount of supports on this thing makes it look terrifying, then some of the elements on this monster don't look to friendly either like that huge non inverting loop Anways yes she looks alittle hedious Imo dwelling her uglyself over the park like that, but she also looks like shes going to provide one hell of a ride and I can't freaking wait, i've been waiting for that NIL to come to reality for a very long time and I'm dying to see if it's everything i've dreamed of
  9. ^ I agree there are elements on coasters like overbanked turns that the GP swear they went upside down, so just the shape of this alone the GP are still going to swear it's going upside down. I can just hear the GP coming off of this saying it went upside down, right side up and upside down again then dropped str8 down Anyways sick looking element that i've made many times in Nolimts glad to see one finally being made in the real world. I can't wait to ride this coaster mainly b/c of this element.
  10. Wow wow wow absolutely beautiful the station, the setting, the layout, Is it my eyes or is that blueish/green metalic looking color on that sexy track ? If so very nice That last inversion turn into the brakes That min tophat overbanked turn thingy That little drop out of the station str8 into the launch Sorry for all the taikos but this coaster looks just truely awesome to me Big thanks for the pics/update
  11. Such a pretty little thing why would they go and hide it in a giant hideous green box
  12. ^Well it looks like this rattler just jumped compeletly out of the water splash
  13. SFMM may not be pulling in the huge numbers of families they want or raking in Disney Money but they are not hurting as a park either. If they were, there would be no X2 or new X2 trains, there would be no Terminator that's 20 mill in two years on a park that's not making anything worth anything all the painting that's gone on and cleaing up around the place nor would there be a 2010 project even spoken about if this park was not making any ROI. IF SFMM was able to keep all of the money it made for it's self then the park would most likely be 10x better but it doesn't. The money made goes into the SF INC pot and then the big wigs gives each park something like an allowance. The new SF is more concered now with spending the money they give each park on making it a better place and not just adding 20+ million dollar coaster after coaster. They see that you can add a smallish thrilling coaster or even revamp a coaster and still have upkeep of the park too. SFMM wasn't sold b/c for one other chains or interested parties felt it was to expensive 2. Real estate would of been too difficult to get approved and very expensive to develop the land with all the zoning and health/enviroment issues, SFMM is not the Real estate goldmine that you may think it is, far as building homes there. Imo SF had no intention on selling the park anyway I think they threw it out there for a number of reasons, like getting people interested in the park and getting peoples attention letting it be known they are under new management and things have changed for the GOOD! For the longest time nothing but horror stories was comming out of the place they had to do something drastic to get people to realize something good was happening and it wasn't just another SFMM horror story. So what better way to get tons people to the park(in there head for one last time) to see the changes was to tellem the parks closing down being sold and IMO this has worked, the parks is getting high numbers and people are moticing the many changes and loving it.
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