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  1. Last one for me was DC Rivals - certainly not a bad ride... didn't think we'd see anything like in in Australia...
  2. It still amazes me the crap these people come up with. I'm nothing but grateful to Robb, Elissa and KT for both the epic fun times I enjoyed on the Leviathon and New Hotness Tours as well as my 3 months living in Orlando! I just can't imagine any situation that would make me go from a raving TR to posting horrible stuff like this, and to make a dig on a child insane! Mind you as someone who spends their time teaching dance to kids of all ages from about 2 years+ I have never come across such a well behaved and polite child as Kristen.
  3. I hate Australian Media - now they're reporting on all incidents that have happened at Australia's theme parks ever, stop the fear mongering! While tragic it's not like this is an everyday occurrence. Most of what that reported on is a general breakdown where all safety systems worked exactly as they should.
  4. That image is not from Thunder Rapids - they are much more spaced out. That Image is from Efteling according to the tag. With the exception of in/approaching the station, it would be odd to see another raft on this ride.
  5. Channel 9 - Live feed. Currently showing repeats of the press conference.
  6. Press Conference - to summarize. I'll post a link once I can find one: Craig Davidson - CEO of Dreamworld - 2:20pm, on River Rapids - confirmed death of 4 people. Park is currently closed, working with authorities to establish facts around incident. Deeply shocked and saddened, hearts and thoughts to families involved and their loved ones. QLD Ambulance Service - Gavin Fuller - Malfunction, 2 people ejected, 2 caught in the ride. Injuries to those involved incompatible with living, 2 males and 2 females. No comment to nature of injuries and if anyone was trapped underwater. Age 32-early 40s. QLD Police Service - Todd Reid - Workplace Health and Safety, State Coroner and Forensic Crash Unit in attendance. Crime scene has been established. No confirmations as yet if persons are related and identity of persons involved has not been fully established.
  7. Now confirmed 4 fatalities according to 9 News. edit: confirmed 3 males and 1 female.
  8. Sounds like this could be a possibility and that the start of schoolies leads me to believe that these people may have been young adults trying to impress and it went wrong Still too early for schoolies - Week 1 doesn't start until 19 November. I think it's probably best if we stop making assumptions and speculating, which appears to be what Australia's major news outlets are doing right now and wait for the official announcements. Edit: All persons involved were over age of 25. Confirmed by police. Edit 2: Official statement from Dreamworld - at least 3 fatalities, will providing further updates as they are available. Confirmed incident on Thunder River Rapids. Edit 3: Queensland Police have cancelled their 4pm press conference.
  9. I hate Australian news... I've seen reports saying it happened on Rapids, Buzzsaw and Log Flume. Reports say anywhere between 1-4 fatalities, 4 injured, many more injured. Right now the only factual information is that there is an accident, police, ambulance, fire and forensic crash units are on scene. It looks like Dreamworld will be hosting a press conference in about 15 mins time. Will keep an eye on everything and post any useful news that is released and not just speculation on what's going on.
  10. I do, but they show up on my Tuesday and it confuses me every week (stupid Australian time)
  11. It gets below freezing in Dallas and it snowed on like December 6th last year.
  12. Name: Amber Boseley FC: 5429-6800-0248 Town: D~Ville Fruit: Peaches AC Name: Amber
  13. damn you Gregg!!! I was just trying to track down my picture of that. In all seriousness it is pretty cool being eaten!
  14. Has anyone else noticed "Report" is spelt wrong, i've looked at this thread a few times today and only now picked it up. If parents bothered to watch/assist their children and follow the rules/educate their children on the rules I'm sure they would see a significant drop in the number of injuries.
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