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  1. @outlineinpurple, follow moi und I'll follow back :3 http://instagram.com/outlineinpurple
  2. 8/10 - Didn't have to look too far for the inspiration
  3. I actually quite like what AT did with the space they had. The Smiler looks wild, aggressive, and down right shit-ifying but at the same looks amazing to ride, especially when you hit the airtime hills. I have to admit, during construction when I saw the brake fins on the vertical lift hill I thought they would be used as part of a controlled rollback along with being a new anti-rollback device. It would shorten the amount of time waiting at the bottom of the lift hill but provided a thrilling aspect while waiting for a new train to hit the first lift hill. But still, I applaud Alton
  4. I'm curious as to why they are using those type of dummies rather than the water filled ones we usually see
  5. I couldn't find any information on how many trains there is going to be from RCDB, it only mentions the cars. But I would have thought there would be four trains too. Two on the track, one in the station and one in the maintenance bay.
  6. Hit it with a hammer, that's always the best option in this kind of situation.
  7. Close, it comes in at £18 million, 21,114,540€, or $27,615,600.
  8. I presume that the inversion that passes through the supports of the sea-serpent roll is a heartline roll, while the one that passes through the dive loop is a corkscrew.
  9. TowersStreet posted their March 29th update: www.towersstreet.com/uncategorized/2013/29th-march-2013/ A few images from the update include: Staring up at The Smiler's Cobra Roll and Staffordshire Knot (Smiley) and station. A great view from Oblivion queue over to The Smiler and the station. One completed dive loop and one semi-completed dive loop. Love the interaction the final layout is going to have with all the elements.
  10. The logo on the front of the trains reminds me of Thomas the Tank Engine...
  11. The day they get unwrapped will be better than Christmas!!
  12. ^ Maybe... < Would go straight for Jennifer Lawrence v Has experienced what being over-tired is like more than once.
  13. When I listened to Panic! At The Disco's Pretty. Odd. album roughly last year. When was the last time you played a game and got addicted to it?
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