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  1. Nitro, SFGADV. September 8th 2013. Took this photo as the park was closing.
  2. I'm going to SFGADV for the first time, a week from Sunday with a couple friends. Can anyone give me a good plan of attack, I want to ride as many of the rides as possible. What should we ride first, etc etc. Thanks for the help.
  3. Found this on LAtimes.com.... Parts of the Linq, a retail and entertainment complex along the Strip, will open in December, but don’t plan to ring in the New Year aboard the world’s tallest Ferris wheel. It won’t be completed until next year. Plans call for a part of the restaurants and shops that will populate the 300,000-square-foot pedestrian mall to open their doors in time for New Year’s Eve revelers. “We looked at (New York’s) Meatpacking District [and] Third Street Promenade (in Santa Monica),” said Jon Gray, the Linq’'s general manager. “It’s meant to feel like you’re walking down an old street that’s been closed to vehicles.” Gray said about a quarter of the businesses would open in December with others to follow in February. The High Roller, the giant Ferris wheel, is expected to be completed by year’s end, but Gray would say only that it would open “during the first half of 2014,” after safety tests. When fully operational, the Linq, which is between the Quad and Flamingo resorts, will feature an outpost of Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The museum, complete with a themed restaurant, will front the sidewalk along Las Vegas Boulevard. Officials at Caesars Entertainment Corp., the parent company, estimate that more than 20 million visitors walk past the site each year. The mall will also include the only Brooklyn Bowl bowling-and-music venue outside of the popular New York City original. Besides a 2,000-seat performance area, the location will host a restaurant and, of course, a bowling alley. To the rear of the project, the High Roller is taking shape behind the two resorts. At 550 feet, it will be 9 feet taller than the Singapore Flyer and more than 100 feet taller than the London Eye. The creative team behind both those attractions is also working on the bigger cousin along the Strip. Each of the Ferris wheel’s 28 cabins will hold 40 guests. It will take 30 minutes to make one revolution. Gray said tickets would be in the $30-$35, comparable to the London ride. “This is Vegas and we intend to do Vegas right," he said. "This will be a very entertaining experience from start to finish.”
  4. *BREAKING NEWS* It will open.....when it opens! Don't know why some of you guys love torturing yourselves with assumptions.
  5. Maybe we will all get to ride "The Vaper, in reverse." Like Stoney and Linkovich Chomofsky did it in the 90's classic "Encino Man."
  6. Green Lantern is a mediocre ride, at best.(Just from my experiences) It isn't worth more than a 15 min wait, MAYBE 20 minutes if you haven't ridden yet. Call me crazy, but I enjoyed Flashback (during its existence) more than Green Lantern.
  7. So when is Xcelerator's paint job going to get finished? I think they started painting the supports 4 years ago.
  8. I should probably start reading a couple pages back before I start chiming in, haha As you were.
  9. Riddler used to be one of my favorites at the park, but last time I was there a couple months back, my head got absolutely destroyed by the rattle. It was really bad and gave me a big headache, anyone else have this problem lately?
  10. Went to SFMM on Sunday for a nice little half day of rides. Ride Count: X2 Gold Rusher Riddlers Batman Green Lantern Colossus Goliath Lex Luthor Ended up being pretty cold and windy, at least for this San Diego kid. One Train operation on X2, Apocalypse, Riddler, Gold Rusher. Had the worst rides on Riddler and Green Lantern that I have had on either ride. Riddler's rattle was crazy and gave a nice headache and I think it raped my ears on the OTSR. . Rode GL once and it didn't come close to flipping once, quite boring. Pretty so-so day, park didn't look crowded based on the parking lot but X2, Apocalypse, Riddlers and Tatsu had 1 hour waits due to one train or slow operations. Superman, Ninja and Scream were closed.
  11. Batman :TR. SFMM. Back in 1995, when I was 10 years old. Time flies.
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