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  1. I dont think anyone ever liked the theme on splash mountain, it was the whole thing that made it fun. If anything this should be a huge improvement since I have never seen the IP associated with splash mountain... I also dont think they will give a closing date since Disney will probably want to quietly shutter this ride.
  2. Maybe. Im looking forward to the proceedings in this matter. I love reading about cases like this.
  3. Idk why u listed temporary or seasonal events… las vegas is there 24/7 365… if i was an investor id immediately wonder why nobody else built outside Phoenix… if its so lucrative why isnt castles and coasters getting investments or able to purchase more than a 1979 schwarzkopf.
  4. Lake Mead is low bc theyre forced to send water downstream by the Feds. I dont even need google to know that.
  5. just rode IG twice. i liked it so much i actually queue'd for it since my fast pass included only one ride on it. it stomps SV and i do not see this ride being bested for at least 10 years. it's truly spectacular. BGT has one of the best lineups in the world. Montu, Kumba, IG and CH are all Iconic. As far as operations go, im new to SE Florida but it appears everyone is critically understaffed at the moment.
  6. Its a tourist hub looking to transform into the Orlando of the West. All I know Glendale for is golf courses. Thats not better since kids dont go to golf courses en masse. Mattel has to hope people go to Glendale while in LV you already have people coming. Who wouldnt go to just see what a Mattel park is like? Its a curiosity perfect for Vegas. It would prob have sell out dates if Im frank and they execute it as well as described. Needs to be wizzarding world level immersion to truly work IMO.
  7. Yea Icon Park is TOAST. https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/13/us/tyre-sampson-autopsy-icon-park-orlando/index.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=news_tab ICON park as the lessor has the duty to ensure their lessees aren't killing people. That's like Ford saying they have nothing to do with their dealerships.
  8. They will never redo wildcat because it sits in a crucial part of HP's lineup. LR will also never be redone because it too sits in a crucial part of HP's lineup. If Wildcat does get replaced it will be for a Zeirer launched family or similar. Certainly not an RMC. That area of the park has been themed to an old timey boardwalk since it's inception - wildcat literally perfectly captures that energy. LR does as well. HP treats WC like it's a historic woodie - and if they keep doing that - WC will eventually be a historic woodie . Best one could hope for is replacement of Storm Runner with an RMC launcher. Now that HP has popped their top on very similar rides in the same park Im expecting a B&M wing and B&M dive up next.
  9. Everything I say become a new debate. They say he is out of touch he cannot relate!
  10. Din Tai Fung is Taiwanese I'm stunned Disney is doing business with them seeing how China has basically implied they can snatch back the Chinese Disney parks at any time. I went to a Dim Sum buffet in Vegas that had a 90 minute maximum - I expect high traffic establishments to start instituting a time limit. If China did snatch back their Disney parks you wouldn't see half the hand wringing and sobbing that you saw over their loss of privilege in Florida.
  11. Disney can leave if they dont like it and can sell all their parks to CF SixFlags SeaWorld Parque Reunidos - all who would die to have the Magic Kingdom et al maybe not epcot lol Disney isnt going anywhere and I doubt DeSantis cares that the most liberal counties in Florida will be forced to pay more in taxes. Its similar to what Trump did with I think healthcare? which ended up making blue states pay more. That is skillfull manouvering. I know that my taxes in New Jersey went up while my taxes in Louisiana were cut in half. AFAIK disney doesnt even pay its employees well so its not like the jobs lost will be valuable ones. I think most people were stunned that disney had the ability to not report rapes and murders in the improvement district. Im sure conspiracy theorists are losing their minds over that. My sister and Brother in law have season passes to disney world and own a home in Orlando specifically so they can spend weeks at Disney. they havent even mentioned this because they do not care. My BIL is the disney customer, he loves spending on experiences for his kids. Again, they havent even mentioned this nobody has a problem with what happened. Only corporate bootlickers could really be mad. Corporations are getting too powerful and finally someone is stopping the madness. Me to Disney;
  12. Six Flags is in the same position as American Auto Manufacturers were in the early 2000s. Their bad reputation is so many years in the making it will take a long time to reverse course. Six Flags has been known to have bad food for 20 years. Their stop gap was to allow Panda Express etc to operate inside the park, of course that should be only temporary since it reduces the exclusivity of the park. I mean who is paying 15 dollars for a PE plate that everyone knows is only 9 dollars at the strip mall PE down the street. The CEO realizes that nobody is that dumb and the guests would rather not eat. Six Flags used to be the Costco of amusement parks. Rides by the foot. Now it has changed into like Dollar General but with very high pricing. Cedar Fair has become the new Costco of amusement parks, their parks feel like values despite the ticket cost.
  13. Im sure they don't care. Obviously the banks didn't lose faith in them which is all that matters. I mean you tried to use their ability to raise billions in funding as a negative. I don't think it's me that is clouded. Like I said I didnt know they tried to buy CF. Six Flags is a better fit for SeaWorld because they can get access to DC comics characters which is what they really need to compete with Disney. You know someone learns about net 30 and suddenly they are a Rothschild. Paying the people that deliver shredded lettuce to the qdoba someone works at doesn't give the payer a full scope of the economy.
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