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  1. I marvel at Intamin's minimalist trains - however there isn't enough surface area on the restraint for the force and amount of airtime. I think even the Intamin skateboard LSM rides have these restraints but haven't noticed any discomfort because the forces are much lower. The bottom of the restraint presses down on the thighs closer to the knee while B&M clamshells focus on the upper thigh by the hip joint. These Intamin trains/restraints ARE marvelously designed - I love how when the seat is empty the restraint goes all the way to the bottom of the seat. The part that contacts t
  2. The GP expected the Fast & Furious ride to be what West Coast Racers was. It should've been a launched dueling indoor rollercoaster.
  3. I was there as well today and yes a large amount of rides were down, but we were just planning to be there only 4 hours (we were going to play poker at the nearby casino) so it worked out. Barely had time for 1 lap. I have a thing for Swiss so my focus was on the Intamin's and B&M - and I adore Lighting Racer so that had to happen. I wasn't destroyed when Storm Runner was closed bc when I was planning out the rides in my head I forgot it was in the park. my body never touches arrow or vekoma. HP needs to replace the boomerang really fast - boomerangs are a sign of a gentrifying park l
  4. Yes, but Hagrid's also has a double-digit number of trains on the circuit, key show elements that must be working at all times, onboard audio, a unique seating / restraint system, two separate freefall drop tracks, and... Sandy's Blasting Bronco is nowhere near a follow-up to Hagrid's. It's another Intamin LSM coaster that's just like all the others, but also happens to have a turntable. For all we know, the delays could be coming from the park, and not Intamin. people have reported the ride operating without onboard audio or themeinf being synced. Meaning universal will run the ride as
  5. It’ll probably be open but the last new generation LSM built in America (Hagrid) haS been plagued with downtime. ALSO sandys bb (the follow up to hagrid) has been testing for an unusually long amount of time. This ride has a switch track and spike like Hagrids so I’m Honestly expecting tons of downtime
  6. Okay, I'm with you on the sentiment but there are clearly no people with any competent marketing people working at this place. Let's not get carried away. This place is succeeding because in that location it's a license to print money but it's succeeding despite their atrocious marketing efforts, not because of them. But just a few pages ago you were saying it’s a guaranteed flop because nobody can afford it. Anyhoo. The amount of billboards for this place on 95 is not consistent nor are the billboards in Times Square. Their bread and butter customer is a tourist. The loc
  7. Crazy that the billionaire mall magnates are able To manage a billion dollar mall.
  8. This feels like they’ve read here and are tired of people wanting updates constantly.
  9. CF might lead off with a giga since cali doesn’t have one (Superman is exempted for argument sake) and I think they could say it’s the tallest longest fastest full length in California. I’m not gonna check on rcdb but this seems right. Then follow up with a hyper. Either way one of them is guaranteed and that is awesome.
  10. If CP does go for a 500ft coaster I bet it’ll replace wicked twister and be similar to what BGW is rumored to get. Rocking launch into a second set of LSMs into the spike.
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