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I got a few nice holiday shots.


Also, how do you do the HD technique?


A bit over-exposed, nothing Photoshop can't clean up...


One last ride...


Another empty road


Even the lions are at peace


Hedgerows... really pretty in my opinion, especially in the Golden Hour


A shot of the statues


Roses are red, Violets are blue...


With nobody about, Alton Towers is actually quite scary... You'll see what I mean over the next few images


Shows a variety of reactions to Nemesis


You may not believe it, but this is actually a painting...


I don't know why I like this one


This was about a mile away from where we were stood


A oenny tree


A sunny valley


In a valley


Going about 20mph and taking photos is not a good idea...

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Great thread I could look at photographs all day long


heres some of mine from my travels this year.


Taken at Dusk June 2007



As above June 2007, I hate streetlamps.



Same Holiday a trip over to Kennywood.



Behind the scenes, Duel at Alton Towers. July 2007






Rita at Alton Towers.



Air at Alton Towers.




I have more of the above on my site if anyone wants to take a look. http://www.ridemad.com




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It's storming outside pretty good, and I can't sleep. I decided to snag my Nikon and take a long exposure of the street light outside of my window.


That's awesome! How did you get the light to flare up so much?? Were you using a f1.8 or something??

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Kelly and I made a trip down to Southern California this weekend, just in time for the hurricane winds and fire storm goodness. Before the madness broke out, we headed down the coast and made a quick detour to Hearst Castle for an amazing tour. Here are two shots from my extended weekend:


The Mini Cooper looking sexy as hell right off Highway 1, near Monterey. Needless to say it was a very FUN drive down the twisty coast line.


My artsy shot from Hearst Castle.

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