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^ I have stated before in previous posts that my avatar is from the TPR avatar gallery I was in no way trying to make it out like it was mine. And the rolling smile meant it was supposed to be a joke about it being the next six flags park.


I didn't realize it was in the avatar gallery. I'd kinda prefer it not be.



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I saw this thing driving around Kennywood, thought it was hilarious, and yeah. It's also easier to see than my previous picture, which was me freaking out at a "TOP THRILL DRAGSTER WILL NOT OPEN TODAY" sign.

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My avatar pic is of "Goliath's 1st and 2nd drop" at Walibi World in Holland.


This is one of the best coasters I have been on, it has the height,speed and Airtime to ride all day and not come off dizzy, after 4 or more rides in a row you would get shaky legs.


Shame I have to drive 8 hours to get to it from the UK. UK parks have boring coasters and they are not very long.


I am thinking of moving to Holland in the next couple of years and will get a season pass for this wonderful coaster. I may even apply for a job there in the Summer months and work at near-by Center Parcs for the Winter.


I'll be riding this coaster again on the last week of Aug 06

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