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  1. Would anyone else like to get banned for being stupid tonight? Feel free to ban me for this post if you'd like, but I don't see a problem with asking for the reasoning behind this specific rule. I'm not questioning your rules at all, but not everyone here is familiar with The Coaster Guy or Park(s) Journey(s). To those less knowledgeable, such a rule may seem arbitrary or even pointlessly dramatic, which could reflect badly on TPR's own professionalism in the industry. No harm in giving a reason for banning their content -- if anything, it makes you look better! Of course, I don't doubt that you have your reasons. Just saying that I don't feel it's stupid enough to warrant a ban (but again, I don't run this forum, you do). That said, I am way too excited for Twisted Colossus. It looks like exactly the kind of ride the west coast has been desperately needing for a LONG time. Thank you all for the updates!
  2. I've only been on X2 twice, but from my experience X2 is definitely smoother and more comfortable than X was. I rode in the first and fifth rows on my two rides; both seats were mostly pain-free, and most of the roughness was in the form of the seats jolting forward and backward a few times (mostly towards the end of the ride). Of course, I was on an inside seat for both rides, so I can't guarantee how the outside seats ride.
  3. Thank you Robb for camping out at the park this evening when you have so much going on just to make sure we get a nice video of the ride testing!
  4. I've slipped a bit on it before, but it was nothing major. I can imagine distracted guests slipping and falling on it at times, though.
  5. My last ride on GhostRider was in the back seat on New Year's Eve, and it was the smoothest ride I've ever had on GhostRider. That said, I never did ride it back in its first few years, but on that night it felt smoother than Colossus. It was a LOT of fun. Of course, I've had a mixed bag of rides on it, but typically it's more fun than painful for me. Maybe I just have a high tolerance for roughness.
  6. I'm really not sure, but I was pointing out what it looks like to me. Maybe we'll find out exactly what happened sometime soon.
  7. If you pause the video at the 41 second mark, it looks to me like that car in the middle of the screen is the first train's last car (with the electronics and everything), bent or crushed at a strange angle. How it should be: How it looks in that video (look to the left of the pole): Also notice the second train right behind that car, past the old unload station. It looks to me that something happened, although not the kind of "first train went flying out of the station" thing that the other poster claimed had happened. Well, hopefully they can work this out soon.
  8. The only ride that has ever done that to me is El Toro.
  9. X2. But seriously, Silver Bullet sounds like the perfect coaster to start him off with. It's the coaster I started a couple of friends off with, both of whom now have no fear of any roller coaster. It's nice and smooth, big, but never too intense, and (in my opinion) way more fun than thrilling.
  10. ^ In that case, Silver Bullet should be a piece of cake. The restraints/seats feel much more secure than Soarin's, so you should be fine. The only scary thing about your feet dangling is thinking about how it might feel before the first time you ride! If you haven't been on Xcelerator, you should try it. It's a lot of fun, and not too scary after the first time... probably my favorite at the park too.
  11. If you can handle California Screamin', you can handle Silver Bullet. Don't worry, you'll love it! If you have no problems with Silver Bullet, work your way up to Montezooma's, Xcelerator, and Ghostrider (only if you can handle REALLY rough rides, although Disney isn't a great way to determine that). The scariest part about most rides is persuading yourself to ride them. Once you're on the ride, it's pure fun from there on.
  12. Tower of Terror for sure. I've only been on the DCA version, but even that blows everything else out of the water.
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