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  1. I took friends visiting from New York to have a go on the Bullet and they told me it was a way better ride than the Cyclone at Coney Island. They especially enjoyed the degree and speed of the first drop.
  2. It was a beautiful cool windy day at Kemah Boardwalk. I rode Bullet finally, and I was very pleased with the ride! I was impressed how adaptable the trains were able to keep with direction changes and maintain fast momentum throughout the entire ride. The bayturn is superfast, don't blink LOL. The 2 big drops in the back seat were amazing! After that its almost like a magic carpet ride. Even the drop underneath the station was full of speed and airtime! It's an entirely different feeling now; pain free and re-rideable. Enjoy : )
  3. Yesterday, it was my goal was to re-ride the Bullet after all the improvements made on it, but I did not get to. From loop 610 to just pass B-8 it was a bottleneck not to mention road construction all the way to League City. Don't forget the 2 separate Oversized Loaded Trucks fighting with the rest of us over lane choice. If you travel through League City the traffic was okay. All together it was a 2 hour trip to get to Kemah. There was like this 1.5 hour wait to ride the Bullet even with both trains operating. The ticket booth line was just as a bad. I headed back home without getting to ride my fun coaster. I have to go back on a non-spring holiday event to enjoy it.
  4. I'm curious with the improvements made what the ride time is now? Under 60 secs or still over?
  5. I am going to miss the first drop intense butter fly sensation it had when it was Bullet ver. 1.0. Great speed and nice ejector air made the drop made me yelp from deep within.
  6. Tex: Thanks for the "play-by-play" action... looking forward to riding it once again!
  7. True. I wish for the good old days when it first opened and the first drop took your breath away. I also rode Saturday. I chose to ride in seat #3. It slammed and shifted at the bay turnaround. Suprisingly, I wasn't beat up by it. THAT was strange.
  8. I rode Bullet this weekend. It was slow. The antirollback clicks was confirmation. I rode anway and the first drop doesn't have the punch that it used to have. I don't like it anymore. Both trains were running though.
  9. I was able to visit Coney Island this June'09. The Cyclone was fun! I rode the first seat and got slammed on the turnaround after the first drop. Ouch. My shoulder hurt for days. Anyways.. it was fun. Hope you enjoy it too. The seats are soft. I like that.
  10. I rode twice today (Sunday). Much faster and virtually pain-free. From the first drop to the bay turn is fast and smooth. First drop still intense from mid-to-back car.
  11. See ya there ! Guru: Will you post new live on-ride footage any time soon?
  12. I thought you were going to say the seat on that train was covered in poop. OMG
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