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  1. In my opinion, I'm leaning towards what Lance has to say on Screamscape. I can't see this being a separate park as much as it may be the beginnings of an after hours tour program in the existing parks after the parks close to the general public. I think building this program from scratch when the materials are already there is kind of silly. What do ya'll think? This really seems like the reason why I hate Jay Rasulo.
  2. Not all the animotronics were moved to Splash Mountain two of the geese were put into Star Tours without their skins and over fifteen are uncounted for or are used in testing new imagineers. Now that is what you would expect from an America Sings nerd!
  3. If this is the way that Jay Rasulo wants to run Disney's themeparks we should all want for him to be removed and John Lasseter or Tony Baxter replace him. Now that seems like a good themepark decision for Disney! (rant) If Iger had any sense he would have gotten rid of Rasulo when he brought in John Lasseter. I can see the whole Michael Eisner crew leaving and frankly I am happy that there are only very few of them left. With Rasulo gone most of our biggest problems would be over. We all know how well his years of millions of dreams is going now don't we? (end of rant) I think with a few good changes in management we would never have had this idea in the first place. Here's to hoping that it does not make it off the drawing board and something more useful takes up that area.
  4. Wow! this really makes me feel like the Disneyland of today is being cheated by the Disneyland of Yesterday. One question. Any pics of America Sings?
  5. Canada, They are too nice to be real. I think they are up to something hmm........... I got it they are developing a nuclear bomb!
  6. People like Evil Knievel are what makes America unique and diverse. I will miss him and the spectacular of his stunts.
  7. Check marks the spot. Hah my friends have to take the SAT this weekend. Laughing so hard I will feel pitiful when that is me.
  8. Sounds exciting, but are they not just trying to compete with the fact that DLR is remaking DCA to draw more tourism?
  9. Disneyland record- five times a month for six years equals 420 trips at least since i became a Disney passholder.
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