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  1. Well, if you would have invited me Ben, I would have gone along, and you didn't have to drag your dad along..... Sigh...
  2. OMG, I had an awesome dream like it was summer time out, and I was outside running around playing airsoft, all tanned and what not, wearing all my gear, then I woke up, looked outside.. snow on the ground yet, 5 degrees outside... It made me sad....
  3. I'm secretly gay, and most people don't take me seriously, and well, no one will ever know...
  4. Wow, ur almost as bad as this guy I know ryan. Into all anime I guess, then again, he has no job or a life so meh.
  5. I voted no, because of the unsanitary conditions and possible diseases I could get. Bochalism...(sp?)
  6. I did lift weights and jog for a bit, then I'm like F*** it. I lose weight plenty fast just by doing my job. I'm a sub-contractor, its pretty labor intense and keeps me active for how long I work in a day. I went from 289 down to 244, and am still dropping about a pound a week or so. I have changed absolutely nothing, I just work now,that's it.
  7. I might get a life by the end of the year. (doubt it.)
  8. Sorry to say, I think the show was stupid from the get go. I would rather watch Battle Royale any day. Worst acting ever. Best film ever.
  9. Well, I get work that is 11 miles away from my house, then we have to go to the jobsite, which can be 1 mile away, or 50 miles away depending on where we have to go. It changes day to day. Good thing I write all my miles off.
  10. OMG are you people kidding me? Rap is better than Bohemian Rhapsody. A song usually makes sense. This song doesn't. This is probably the only song I dislike by them. It makes NO SENSE, NO SENSE at ALL. Another song that really gets my goat is Dust in the wind, and Carry on mywayward Son by Kansas....... OMG.
  11. I feel like crap and I'm going to die. I lost all feeling on the left side of my body, I have a constant headache, and I can't walk. YAY.
  12. Skyscrapers? In the Dells? They are less than 50,000 people. They have NO sky scrapers. Yea, Wisconsin is an awesome state, one of the largest forts in the country too. I guess we have alot of neat stuff. The house on the rock is pretty swank.
  13. Bohemian Rhapsody is the WORST song ever made. It makes absolutely no sense what so ever. I think George Thurogood's song I want a gerbal, I want it stuffed, up my rear is a better song than that. (Actually that's a paradoy that my dad created of; I want buorbon, I want scotch, I want beer.)
  14. Wars are like men fighting dragons, or wolves fighting maggots. Or men riding dragons throwing wolves at maggots.
  15. Sorry to hear that, will do. Hopefully everything turns out ok. I love animals and would be kinda bummed to hear your friend died. I will keep him in my prayers. Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.
  16. I love the Italians more than the Hungarians... The italians have a bit more flavor, and appreciate you a bit more too. Plus, they are sexier.
  17. I am going to most likely be dueling people with swords, and shooting things off afterwards. I go trick or treating. My mom says if I go this year, shes kicking me out of the house...Hey, I missed last year, besides, its for my little bro anyway.
  18. 1.I make more money at the age of 18 than most people do at the height of their careers. 2. I'm in denial about my sexuality.... 3. I'm single(it sux ass.) 4. I have a strong passion for firearms, and own dozens.(What if we are invaded?) 5. I want to go into the military, but my job pays too damn much.....so I am left with a conundrum...
  19. Honestly, I think this is the beginning of the world. Look at all the major events in the past century. The events in the past 100 years have changed lives more than the events that occured in the 8,000 years of recorded human existence. Frankly, it all started when the extra terrestials(sp?) came to help build the pyramids.
  20. It's funny how this thread turned into one of the biggest sausage fests in History.
  21. I'm happy cuz I had Friday off. YAY! Other than that, I'm a miserable depressed wreck....
  22. Battle Royale. The acting is soo horrible regular people could do a better job at acting in the movie. Its pathetic, but its one of those movies you want to watch over and over again.
  23. I drive a 2001 Chevy Silverado extended cab. Got it about 3 weeks ago, my other vehicle is a real gas guzzler. Not really. I just do alot of hauling with my pickup though, and its a great ride too. I still want a y2k.
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