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  1. First post here in a long time, I don't know what triggered it other than the fact that I really miss going to theme parks. Rather than spending hour writing paragraphs ranting I'll just boil it down to "back injuries suck." Here's a slightly longer version. I spent three years of getting MRIs and going through the process of physical therapy, lumbar cortisone shots, facet joint cortisone shots, and radiofrequency ablation. All because one day when I stood up I herniated two of my lumbar disks. That's all I did, no heavy lifting or doing anything dangerous, I just stood up from sitting. Ever since then standing hurts. Not the motion of standing up or walking, it's the act of standing still in one place that is very painful. Anyway after all theses therapies failed to heal my disks or stop the pain my doctor decides to order a CT scan to see if I have any hairline bone fractures the three MRIs I've had might have missed. The CT scan didn't show any fractures, but instead found that my L3 vertibrae was in two pieces. It wasn't broken, because that would imply that my L3 was once whole. Apparently the lack of any scarring or other signs of a break means my L3 has been like this since I was born. Why didn't my past three MRIs spot this? I hopefully will be getting surgery sometime this year, but first my doctor wants me to get a discogram to see if there is anything else the MRIs might have missed. I'm hoping that I'll be finished with the surgery and able to go back to amusement parks by the time WCB comes around, even if I can only go on the gentler rides.
  2. I'm saddened by this news, my heart goes out to the kid's friends and family. The news reports make it seem like the metal frame of the netting played a big role in the death. I wonder why the park decided to keep the netting even after reprofiling the hill when they were testing the ride? Why not make the hill after the first drop an enclosed tube?
  3. Some of my friends here in San Diego were from the Orlando area and they knew some of the victims. My heart goes out to all affected by this tragedy. I went to a rally for the Victims in Orlando held by the San Diego LGBT Center yesterday and thousands showed up. I'm posting the photos I took of the event to show how many people showed up here in San Diego to support the community in Orlando. Stay strong and as hard as these next few weeks will be for Orlando community, remember that June is Gay Pride month because it is in part commemorating the attack on a Gay Bar, the Stonewall Inn in New York. Outside the LGBT center before the Rally The crowd then marched from the LGBT Center to the Rainbow Flag on Normal Street in Hillcrest The San Diego Gay Men's Chorus sang some songs under the flag with the Woman's Chorus. The march then continued down University Ave several blocks. And ended outside of Rich's, the most popular LGBT night club in San Diego, and a place I've been to many times. There the names of the victims were read aloud.
  4. I haven't visited TPR all that often these past few years because my own heath issues have sidelined all the theme park visits for me for the forseeable future. So I just found out about this and donated today. I hope things keep looking better and he gets on the road to recovery.
  5. I'm kind of blanking on what non-coaster attractions Holiday World has, but I think a great future addition to the park would be a transport ride of some sort if they don't already have one (like a train, sky tram or something similar). The park is pretty spread out now with this latest addition and having a ride that could provide cool shade on a hot and humid summer day while taking guests to opposite ends of the park would be a welcome relief.
  6. Oops, I totally missed out on the sign-ups this year for the gift exchange. Oh well, there is always next year, I look forward to reading about all the great stuff everybody receives this year.
  7. I agree that element looks weird (as well as an awesome way of spicing up the approach to the lift hill), would that be considered trick-track or something new dreamed up by RMC?
  8. Just to add to the insane guesses. Did a company finally figure out how to design a safe way of un-attaching and reattaching a ride vehicle to it's tracks so a coaster with a "jump" element is possible? Maybe through a ring of fire?
  9. I know I haven't been posting regularly this fall/winter but I still check in on TPR a few times a week and I have to say I LOVE the new front page. Seriously great job on keeping things simple and yet also including the different social media aspects of the site.
  10. Maybe the casts are too big to be economical, but I've never understood why Disney just didn't rotate in truncated versions of their Broadway musical adaptations in the Aladdin Theater space. Beauty & the Beast, The Lion King, Newsies, all are or were very popular when they came to broadway and I could see even shortened versions of their broadway adaptations would be enough enticement to increase ticket sales at DCA.
  11. I got my ChrisHanKwanSivus gift today in the mail and coudn't resist opening it. I'll post pictures tomorrow, but let me just say that this completely blew away everything I have received in the past via any secret santa type gift exchange I've participated in. It's like Lena* somehow got ahold of my Amazon wish list. Thanks a bunch Lena, I can't tell you how much receiving your package cheered me up today and put a smile on my face. *(I know who my Secret Santa is because she included a very nice letter within the package)
  12. Just thought I'd post and say my gift is on it's way and should arrive next week according to the tracking estimate.
  13. Crazy good themeing for this ride, I like that they didn't choose to theme it around a sea creature or an ocean based myth. It was a good idea to create a story that centers on the work that the coast guard does in rescuing crews from ships caught in a storm. It would be nice if Sea World San Diego had a similar attraction that would recognize the Navy or Marines, both of which have large bases in in San Diego.
  14. To whom it may concern, I know my giftee doesn't know who will be giving them their gift, but I feel the need to post here anyway to say that I have not sent out your gift yet. It is because of the conundrum of having found the perfect gift for the world traveling theme park Enthusiast and it's $5 over the cap of the gift exchange. So day in and day out Ive been watching it like a hawk ready to jump on it if it just so happened to go on sale. So I'm urging you to persevere and cross your fingers like mine that Cyber Monday brings the price cut that Black Friday did not.
  15. Looks really cool, I only hope that going BIG with their first two coasters of this model (essentially prototypes) doesn't come to haunt them with unforeseen problems like building X did to Arrow Dynamics. Also just to point this out, the direct link to the announcement video from TPR's front page isn't working for me.
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