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  1. ^ Yeah I believe after years of being next to the ocean it finally rusted out as the story goes. It went down for ages where they tried to fix it, it reopened for a short time before going down again and rumour is management told them do what you have to, spend the dollars to get it back, it's an icon of the park. In the end however it just couldn't be fixed and when that decision was made it disappeared pretty quickly. They've also filled in a large section of the lake, so here's hoping for a really cool replacement.
  2. It looks like this flat isn't the only thing we'll see from Movie World, with a development application for a Roller Coaster approved. RCDB says it will open in 2017 and is an extreme steel sit down coaster. They also had applications in for a lakeside precinct, entertainment precinct and Hotel.
  3. Well back in 2013 a 145m tower was proposed themed to Doomsday. A description for the rides reads: "The ride experience would feature a low speed setting perfect for those who want to get a bird’s eye view of the Gold Coast. The ride would also feature a high speed setting to get hearts racing for thrill seekers. On the low speed setting, the ride would travel slowly up and down the tower and then rotate slowly at the top of the tower, while on the high speed setting it would zoom to the top of the tower then spin at a high speed. Riders would be seated in one of three gondolas which each fe
  4. I think you mean Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast, and whilst yes it has a coaster (which was originally designed to go to Sea World), I think in terms of ride quality, count and how its been designed (layout) this park will have the edge. Its only $10 more than the Gold Coast version. White Water World, Dreamworld's waterpark IMO is weak compared to what the VRTP offer, and is only $15 cheaper than the Sydney park, its only designed to compliment the theme park and since it's only had 2 mediocre rides added since its 2005 opening, while Wet'n'Wild has had something like 7 additions. Granted this pa
  5. We haven't seen any new additions that have cost up around the $16 million since Superman, but what we have seen lately is the increase in frequency of new additions. It was usually around 4 years a new attraction came along to the parks and you would generally find the additions spaced out. However, lately since towards the end of 2011 VRTP gave us Green lantern, Justice League, a re-theme of an old roller coaster from Lethal Weapon to Arkham Asylum, Aqualoops, a new waterpark about to open in Sydney, Seal Harbour, Spongebob Parade, Storm, Polar Bear extension, the new Wild Exhibit and i
  6. I've been through the search pages but couldn't find a post for this anywhere, so I hope I haven't missed it someone already posted the link, but I am quiet sure you've all seen the photo on Facebook for Sea World's next addition 'Wild', which they are already promoting before they've even open 'Storm'. Well going back a couple of months now the Gold Coast Bulletin (the local paper) printed this article about the upcoming attraction: The photo Sea World posted has now been changed and pushed back a year to 2015. This photo from NearMap is old but it gives you an idea of wh
  7. Well considering the Sydney airport is about to reach capacity... I think the argument about people coming in is fine! Wonderland, had poor management and no new attractions for years leading up to its close. This park has the backing of a rapidly growing company Village Roadshow, who are also set to announce a park in China based on their Sea World property on the Gold Coast with plans for Wet'n'Wild there as well!! http://finance.ninemsn.com.au/newsbusiness/aap/8549591/village-expands-into-china-with-sea-world
  8. The third video for 'Fright Nights' now only a week away from its opening night.
  9. Posted by the parks Facebook page "It’s official you will be able to join in the ultimate battle between good and evil on Justice League 3D The Ride THIS WEEKEND! Starro The Conqueror awaits you... " For anyone that remembers riding the Batman simulator that window and the walls were apart of the old Wayne Manor and has now gone from being wood to marble. And this from Sally's Facebook page as the facade was finishing up Once again those might remember that use to be the facade to the Wayne Manor, a huge improvement. A review, with photos can be found here p://www.park
  10. Media day was today, with an opening to the public tomorrow. From pics I've seen it looks pretty "WOW"
  11. http://www.parkz.com.au/article/2012/07/16/297-Water_coaster_bound_for_Australia_in_2013.html Since Movie World is getting a dark ride this year and got a coaster last year & Dreamworld just got a coaster, I would guess it is going to Sea World. Can we actually have a new thread created to discuss this ride and Sea World Australia, because I don't think one exists for it yet, or does someone with more knowledge know of one on here?!?! Nonetheless this is going to be awesome ride I reckon, a water coaster with a storm theme should be a pretty good combo and separates itse
  12. Taken from the Warner Bros. Movie World website page, where the announcement for their new ride was posted a couple of hours ago. "This September, Warner Bros. Movie World will launch an epic 3D interactive ride experience like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Get ready for the most thrilling battle of your life on JUSTICE LEAGUE: Alien Invasion 3D. Earth is under alien attack and we need your help! Grab your laser blaster and join SUPERMAN, BATMAN and an army of Super Heroes in a 3D battle against millions of evil alien spores. Your mission is to fight side-by-side with the JUSTICE LE
  13. Well all the reviews seem to say how fantastic the ride is with the new trains. I just hope later down the track they purchase a second train. On the statistics of the ride MW are now claiming the train runs 5km faster at now 85km instead of 80!! China town is still closed, don't know if its going to stay like that and open up with something new in there or open later done up to Arkham. Also you no longer enter through the original entrance, through the cinema, instead on the side closer to the SE. You don't even go near the cinema now, although the queue railings are still there; so maybe
  14. MW this morning have posted photo's on their FB of some of theming going on the Arkham Asylum, in particular the tower: The rest of the photos are here:
  15. Didn't really want to start a new thread for DW here, but I thought it might be worth mentioning that Dreamworks (since Shrek left MW) has gone to DW. Nickelodeon has now left DW and gone to SW and Nick Central is being turned into 3 themed areas. 1. Shrek, 2. Madagascar, 3. Kung-Fu Panda. They are advertising to open this weekend but they have had some really bad weather lately and look behind. I don't live there so I can't get photos but Parkz have put some photos of the progress on their site and Outsiders Australia have put the most recent update on their Facebook page to show the areas
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