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  1. Awesome article! I've always liked 'top 10' type articles. I am really surprised Superman Escape is on there, but very happy! It is my local coaster and I love it, but I am truly surprised that someone who's been on over 1,500 rollercoasters world wide would put Superman Escape in their top 20! I guess I need to start appreciating the ride more... Or did you include it purely because it gave greater variety to the list so it would be appealing to a wider audience? Say, for someone reading in Australia who may not be able to afford a trip to America or Europe.
  2. This is insane. Park A and Park B. If you want to go from A>B or B>A you buy an A+B park ticket, park hopper, whatever you want to call it. With an A+B park ticket, you get on the first three carriages of the train via an A+B turnstyle and queue. When you leave the train at the park you have travelled to, you exit through a new set of turnstyles serving as the PARK ENTRANCE for the A+B park ticket. If you are wanting to do a round trip, just to experience the train ride, you get a round trip ticket (I assume this will be free). You pick up your ticket from a ticket booth letting you know your ticket is for the round trip at _____ o'clock. You then enter the train via the round trip queue and turn styles, which lead you into the last three carriages of the train. THESE CARRIAGES DO NOT ALLOW YOU TO EXIT AT THE OTHER PARK. The doors of the carriage will not open, meaning no one can make the mistake of accidentally getting off. Instead, you wait until the next group people have boarded and take the train back to the park you originated from. There may be separate trains for round trips and A+B park ticket holders, and there may be different configurations on train time tabling and carriage set up in order for the most efficiency of round trip ticket holders. How they theme these, I don't know. It is not complicated how this system should work, or will work. Just because there is a train doesn't mean anything changes to how A+B park tickets work.
  3. Hi all, I looked for the Universal Studios Hollywood thread to ask this question but couldn't find it for the life of me. If need be feel free to move this post into that thread Anyway, I will be going to LA this January. I am not exactly sure what week, but it will be between the 4th of January and the 25th. I only have one day spare to visit a theme park in the week that I'm going. It seems that most parks in LA are closed during this time other than Knotts and USH. The people I am going with all are leaning towards USH so it seems that I will be going there. Does anyone have any advice for visiting the park at that time of year? It'll be cold and I will most likely attempt to go on a school day so there are less crowds, but any advice on how to handle the park would be appreciated Or if you guys know of any other parks like SFMM that are actually open let me know Thanks guys!
  4. This is a ride I have been working on the past week, not fully completed and still lots more to come. I'm in a little bit of a creative block at the moment so PLEASE criticism and comments would be appreciated! This is my first attempt at a full on themed coaster. It is inspired by Raptor at Gardaland. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As you travel along the path in the woods you come across this mysterious castle... Standing on top of one of the towers, a mysterious dragon like train fly's past... Weird? Some kind of an inversion o.O Under the queue line and up and over the castle wall... Airtime? One of my favourite shots. Nice first drop into a mysterious forest.... Brake run NIGHT SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!! (This is my favourite) Welcome to 'Reaper'
  5. Experience the flight... of a medieval aged dragon terrorising a kingdom
  6. I guess you're right, my post probably just goes to show how desperate we are over here to be on the coaster map and to have something good... I'll keep dreaming for that B&M
  7. Very funny ^^ The reason I'm really happy about this whole investment (I'm from Brisbane. 45 minutes away from Movieworld) is that for the first time here in Australia we have something special in terms of amusement rides, of course we have Scooby-Doo the best themed wild mouse ever, and Superman which is a nice Intamin but when compared to other Intamins it isn't really all that different. Yet now we have the steepest drop in the world, lap bar only and the largest El Loco on the market. It's good to have something special and unique and to have another record down under!!
  8. That Intamin hyper and B&M stand up await us... (drool) Seriously though thanks for bringing up the Disk o! I've edited the post to make note of it.
  9. Hey guys, I have been a long time lurker on these forums and haven't posted too much. Dreamworld on the Gold Coast in Australia, which you know TPR recently visited, has announced that they will be acquiring a thrill ride for the September school holidays. Construction has "sort of" started with areas being fenced off and a little bit of landscaping etc. Some containers have arrived believed to be containing roller coaster track. Onto the reason for this post, structural supports have appeared in the fenced off area... Now I'm not an expert at coaster supports/or structural supports but would anyone be able to tell me if these are roller coaster supports, if so what manufacturer or if they are simply just structural supports for a building or something? Thanks for the help guys! :EDIT: Forgot to mention they will be receiving a Disk 'O' coaster in June, if these are supports for that then let me know! Photos are taken by aussienetman from parkz.com.au
  10. ^Thanks a lot Robb! I've been waiting for proper pov's of Aussie coasters for a long time now... I really appreciate that extra bit of effort your putting in to make them Don't think it's going unnoticed from your fellow enthusiasts down under!
  11. ^Robb I have been waiting for that video for years now, I love you. Marry me?
  12. Sounds like you had a great time! I love Superman Escape, how would you compare Lethal Weapon in roughness to most other SLC's?
  13. I can't wait for you guys to hit up the Gold Coast parks! I've always wanted to know how some coasters such as Superman Escape compare to the likes of Xcelerator (I mean in smoothness and stuff, with forces we both know its Xcelerator) or how rough Lethal Weapon is compared to other SLC's. Whatever the case is I hope you guys have a blast! Just wondering, has any ERT been organized for any of the parks?
  14. Great survery I filled it out and actually enjoyed it... Usually surveys bore the s*** out of me
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