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  1. As long as Top Thrill 2 pulls people away from Maverick, Steel Vengeance, and Raptor, I really don't care about the stats.
  2. From Hersheypark's Facebook page, Wildcat's Revenge is set to reopen today. As for my opinion on the coaster. I prefer Wildcat's Revenge over Steel Vengeance. While Steel Vengeance has the length, Wildcat's Revenge is an aggressive ride, making the most of its ride time. Plus the 3 train system is a welcome sight.
  3. This will be a substantial year for me. I will be visiting, Hersheypark, Kennywood, Kings Island, Six Flags Over Texas, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Cedar Point, Knoebels, Lake Compounce, Six Flags New England, and Six Flags Great Adventure.
  4. I am so happy to do this event again. I am doing this at Kennywood. This is my 4th year Link to my page http://support.gktw.org/site/TR/CoastingForKids/General?px=1122087&pg=personal&fr_id=1886
  5. I am coming to Busch Gardens on Sunday, June 16th. I am a newbie to this park, but I already know to go to Tempesto first. Any other tips would be greatly obliged, such as Quick Queue, and food options.
  6. I just joined Team TPR at Kennywood. This will be my 4th year doing this event, and it is always exciting to do. Here's my page https://support.gktw.org/pc2_upgrade_11122018/dashboard.html?pc2_page=center&fr_id=1886
  7. After 10 years, I plan to finally return to Cedar Point. I plan on visiting form June 26th to June 28th. I will be staying at the Express Hotel. I am already planning on getting Fast Lane Plus at least once. Just one question, I wear glasses, should I just leave them in my truck?
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