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  1. Thunderhawk’s new paint scheme, looks great. Source: Camille Jourden-Mark (GM of MA) on Twitter.
  2. Looks like Thunderhawk will be receiving a paint job with new colors.
  3. Worlds of Fun has announced their operating calendar for 2021, they will be bringing Haunt back but they are not having Winterfest this year, I wonder why that is and what it could mean for other parks’ Winterfest.
  4. I’m hoping Herschend will at least be able to improve the park’s operations. When I visited KK in 2019, I though it was a good looking park with a great ride lineup, but operations left a bit to be desired. One train running on all coasters despite relatively long lines, and service was a bit slower than you’d expect. Overall, I expect Herschend to be a positive change for the park going forward, I look forward to seeing any improvements they make.
  5. I’m thinking about taking a trip to SFOG sometime in March or April, likely on a Saturday. This would be my first visit the park. I see they’re open 11am to 8pm those days, is that enough time to ride all of the coasters at least once or would I probably need to get a Flash Pass? Any other tips for visiting the park?
  6. Looks like Magic Mountain is going to be used as a mass COVID-19 vaccination site. https://www.hometownstation.com/santa-clarita-news/community-news/six-flags-magic-mountain-announced-as-covid-19-vaccination-site-362857
  7. Looks like Winter Chill Out will still be happening this year. https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/2021-winter-chill-out
  8. I’m thinking about taking a Florida trip this fall (October or November) with Busch Gardens Tampa being part of the trip. I’d probably be at the park on a weekday, I assume those aren’t that busy compared to weekends? Also wondering if they usually have any rides/coasters down for annual maintenance around this time, as I’d hate to go when a ride like Kumba or Montu is closed.
  9. I was looking into possibly booking a stay at Hotel Breakers for next year on the park website, and May 27th (Thursday before Memorial Day) was the earliest date that you could make a reservation for. Looks like CP could be opening a few weeks later than usual in 2021?
  10. I’m hoping to take a trip to Canada’s Wonderland in July or August if the border reopens before then. Aside from that, I’m planning on going to some parks that I’m a few hours away from but haven’t been able to visit yet (Six Flags Over Georgia, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, etc.), as well as a Cedar Point-Kings Island trip and maybe a Florida trip later in the year.
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