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  1. Headed to Canada’s Wonderland for the first time next week (Sunday and Monday). I hear the park has a reputation for always being fairly busy so guessing it would probably be worth splurging on Fast Lane at least one day? Any underrated flats I should hit, and anything else a first timer should know?
  2. ArieForce One at Fun Spot Atlanta, what an incredible ride.
  3. Planning on visiting SeaWorld next week on Wednesday or Thursday, I’m assuming 5 hours is long enough to ride everything at least once with a few rerides? Also do they typically have scheduled ride closures for maintenance this time of year (couldn’t find anything on website)?
  4. Fury 325, Carolina Cyclone, Flying Cobras, and Nighthawk have been added to the Winterfest ride lineup for 2022. https://www.carowinds.com/events/winterfest/attractions
  5. Kings Dominion joining Carowinds in going year-round for 2023. https://rvahub.com/2022/10/18/kings-dominion-expanding-to-year-round-operations-in-2023/
  6. Carowinds officially going year-round in 2023. https://www.qcnews.com/news/local-news/carowinds-to-be-open-year-round-starting-in-2023/
  7. Looks like SFMM is discontinuing year-round 7 day operations beginning in November.
  8. ^ If you don’t plan on going anywhere else in the area besides Carowinds and the hotel, a taxi/Uber should suffice. If you’re planning to walk to nearby restaurants or other establishments, be aware that Carowinds Blvd does not have crosswalks and would not advise attempting to cross as it’s always a busy thoroughfare.
  9. Looks like Excalibur will be staying open during the day for the rest of the season. It normally closes for the season when Haunt begins so this is nice to see.
  10. Looks like bags will not be allowed in the park during Scarowinds.
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