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  1. ^ If you don’t plan on going anywhere else in the area besides Carowinds and the hotel, a taxi/Uber should suffice. If you’re planning to walk to nearby restaurants or other establishments, be aware that Carowinds Blvd does not have crosswalks and would not advise attempting to cross as it’s always a busy thoroughfare.
  2. Looks like Excalibur will be staying open during the day for the rest of the season. It normally closes for the season when Haunt begins so this is nice to see.
  3. Looks like bags will not be allowed in the park during Scarowinds.
  4. Loch Ness Monster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg yesterday.
  5. Probably going to visit KD next week on Wednesday or Thursday. How busy has the park been on weekdays lately?
  6. Probably going to make my first-ever visit to BGW next week on Wednesday or Thursday. How busy should I expect the park to be? If I’m looking to ride all coasters and some flats once with a few rerides, would I need a Quick Queue (Unlimited) to do this? Any other tips for a first-timer?
  7. I checked the park’s operating schedule and starting October 2, they’re open 2-11pm on Saturdays and 7pm-midnight on Fridays, so it looks like Haunt is happening but will be limited to October only.
  8. Also looks like daily operations have been extended through Labor Day.
  9. https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/exciting-park-news?fbclid=IwAR16g7hQqKdY5KmT12BmBsIV2ny1WIcZdBsAA7z6rm13HuD8teX_wTGCsco Reservations will no longer be required to visit Cedar Point effective July 1. Also the park will now be open daily through Labor Day (it was previously mid-August).
  10. Carolina Cyclone at Carowinds. Running a lot better with the new ex-Vortex trains.
  11. Thunderhawk’s new paint scheme, looks great. Source: Camille Jourden-Mark (GM of MA) on Twitter.
  12. Looks like Thunderhawk will be receiving a paint job with new colors.
  13. Worlds of Fun has announced their operating calendar for 2021, they will be bringing Haunt back but they are not having Winterfest this year, I wonder why that is and what it could mean for other parks’ Winterfest.
  14. I’m hoping Herschend will at least be able to improve the park’s operations. When I visited KK in 2019, I though it was a good looking park with a great ride lineup, but operations left a bit to be desired. One train running on all coasters despite relatively long lines, and service was a bit slower than you’d expect. Overall, I expect Herschend to be a positive change for the park going forward, I look forward to seeing any improvements they make.
  15. I’m thinking about taking a trip to SFOG sometime in March or April, likely on a Saturday. This would be my first visit the park. I see they’re open 11am to 8pm those days, is that enough time to ride all of the coasters at least once or would I probably need to get a Flash Pass? Any other tips for visiting the park?
  16. Looks like Magic Mountain is going to be used as a mass COVID-19 vaccination site. https://www.hometownstation.com/santa-clarita-news/community-news/six-flags-magic-mountain-announced-as-covid-19-vaccination-site-362857
  17. Looks like Winter Chill Out will still be happening this year. https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/2021-winter-chill-out
  18. I’m thinking about taking a Florida trip this fall (October or November) with Busch Gardens Tampa being part of the trip. I’d probably be at the park on a weekday, I assume those aren’t that busy compared to weekends? Also wondering if they usually have any rides/coasters down for annual maintenance around this time, as I’d hate to go when a ride like Kumba or Montu is closed.
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