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  1. I picture the tooth fairy as one of creepy old skinny guys who collect things. If you've ever seen Ghost World, you know what I'm talking about. He would know everything about his collected items and would keep them in mint condition to maintain their value. He would be awkward and wear a cardigan. He would also be lonely.
  2. Societal problems will continue to be problems as long as people keep saying that they've ended. You look at racism, after the civil rights movement everyone was all "yay, minorities have rights, now we're over racism." But was it really that big of a victory? Sure you had the legal rights, but racist people were still racist. Until you change the people, changing the laws is barely worth it. The problem is that you are trying to go against the human instinct to influence and control, so when you ask for people to live in harmony people just try to get everybody into their idea of harmony instead of actually respecting others' positions.
  3. This is what happens when my cousin and I get bored at night. Whatchu you know about mah glow sticks?
  4. ^^Maximo are awesome. I've been listenig to a lot of The Knife lately. I just recently got their live recording. WOW. You can find the whole DVD on youtube basically. I'd suggest "Kino" and "Heartbeats" off the live.
  5. The Knife - Silent Shout Simply amazing. I've listened to it at least once a week for the past year and still haven''t worn it out. There's so much going on and the production is simply mind boggling. IF you can get the deluxe edition with the live disc, totally worth it.
  6. Sorry, I cant listen to anybody's opinion when they dont think Knott's has good food.
  7. Okay seriously, how many pairs of shoes could you possibly need to walk around in?
  8. Whats fun about being comfortable with yourself is if you keep at it people notice it, then you get super awesome friends, and then they help you get back any time you have an emotional slip up.
  9. It's not the humor, it's the terrible delivery with basically nothing to go off of.
  10. OKAY seriously This is Apple. I think people are used to them being overly expensive. Im not saying they need 128gb, but come on. 16 is pathetic. I'll just keep with the classic and get my 80gig on.
  11. The first iPods were also Apple's first venture into mp3 players so they didn't have much experience. Plus, technology has gotten a lot smaller now. I really think they could have easily had at least a 30gb touch if they wanted. If they can have a regular iPod go up to 160gb now, which is damn amazing and just wonderful, and still be that size, I doubt the touch screen takes up such a significant amount of space to where they could have at least 30gb. Also, I love the new all-metal iPods. I'm so glad I waited to get a new one.
  12. When I first saw that a bit back, I have to admit I laughed. I laughed a lot. I agree with the message but the way it's acted out awkwardly was just too much for me.
  13. Also, about the Kerrang thing, Kerrang is a crappy magazine for crappy bands that all sound the same. FOB totally belongs there.
  14. Kanye West... I'm sorry but I think he's such a douche. He has THE biggest ego and just thinks he's hot shit. He should have just stuck to producing. Justin Timberlake- he has one song worth a crap, but the attention he gets is just unnecessary. Really, I think SexyBack is possibly the worst thing Ive ever heard. Bright Eyes.... terrible voice, mediocre music. bleh, I hate him. I really do. I cant stand him. Fall Out Boy impresses me with their ability to become progressively worse over time. Green Day..... yup.
  15. You've got more than train issues if you're gonna try to say this is GG...
  16. This is definitely the most, ummmm, interesting PTR spawned bye a TPR trip.
  17. It's funny how quickly your opinion of people can change.
  18. I like photoshopping all the colour out of my photos. It's a pretty advanced technique that only a real PS wizard like myself could achieve convincingly. Take that, duotone!
  19. You use supports to create a secondary grid on top of the pre-existing where you need the diagonal segment. When you come to where you need to be diagonal, you use the support grid for alignment. Here I did a grid 45* off of the regular grid, and you can see how I aligned my segments and control handles with it. That's the basic idea. Get it?
  20. Yes, imagine soaring... 10 feet above the highway.
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