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Mine is of some of the theming around Montu (I believe, as I have still yet to ride it). I just thought the dour/grim expression on the bird was kind of amusing AND I really didn't see anyone else using this avatar. Eventually, I will create a new avatar for myself, but I just haven't been overly moitvated to do so.

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When Tatsu was being constructed at Magic Mountain, there was a picture taken of this particular piece of track, marked '53.'


My current age.


Couldn't resist using it, heh heh.


And then, when I turn 54 next March - something else I'll have to use, I s'ppose, lol.



(EDIT: Using the W&G Blackpool avatar right now...)

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Its a 'drivers seat' pic of my drums. Not the best quality, I took it with my camera phone.


HOLY CRAP!!!!, Nice drum set



Mine is obviously my son Stephan, holding a can of Spegettio's. I smell an endorsment deal

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