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  1. Definitely can't wait to have it back. Really missed it my last two trips and IOA just didn't feel quite right without it.
  2. Saw it twice. Very enjoyable. Not groundbreaking like the first one, but a very fun experience.
  3. Looks like it's gonna be just the Orlando parks for me this year. Unless I finally decide to make the trek to Dixie Landin this year.
  4. Went to the big 311 day show this past Tuesday. Another great 5 hours of music, including several songs played with the Rebirth Brass Band. Had a great time and can't wait till the next one in 2016
  5. That Indiana Beach day was so much fun. Real example of a park that doesn't look like much but ends up making a real impression.
  6. Bama still has to get by LSU. Sure, they'll be favored, but the Tigers have the horses to compete with them. And we've actually got a passing game now. Should be a great game.
  7. With training camps about to start, figured it was a nice time to post this. It's us against the world this year. Be afraid, NFL.
  8. Had to change my last one since the New Orleans Hornets no longer exist. Went with Payton since he's back from that completely ridiculous suspension. There's so much built up anger and frustration from last season, it's just so nice to get back to normal with our coach back on the sidelines.
  9. Both Mean Streak and Blue Streak at cedar point. Just had no desire to ride either one.
  10. Love the fact the Saints drafted a guy named Rufus.
  11. Let's see if I can remember them all: California Nevada Arizona New Mexico Utah Colorado Michigan Illinois Arkansas Tennessee New York New Jersey Connecticut Delaware Virginia Maryland Kentucky Ohio Indiana Pennsylvania wisconsin Georgia North Carolina South Carolina Florida Alabama Mississippi Louisiana Texas Hawaii Massachusetts Wow, that's more states than I originally thought
  12. 6 more years I don't have to worry about the cowboys. And it isn't necessarily Romo. It's Jerrah Jones. As long as he's the gm, they'll never win.
  13. Give me more construction any day. Just glad Universal is stepping up their game with all this new activity. Just better for us, the consumers.
  14. Right now, it's probably Justified. Just great drama from week to week. FX just does such a great job with their shows.
  15. Going to the Masters. Probably the highest on my sports list. And going to Europe. Just so many things to see over there.
  16. Only thing I have to look forward to is Atlanta losing their first playoff game. And Goddell having to need security around him at all times when he's down here for the Super Bowl. The entire city hates him.
  17. You obviously need to see a game at Wrigley. I know Wrigley and Fenway always get good marks, but it was amazing to me how much better the gameday experience was at Wrigley compared to Fenway. yes, I will attend a game at Wrigley field one day, but of all the teams i listed, i must say that fenway was by far the most boring experience I have ever had at a ball park, the fans where boring as heck, they where yelling at me for yelling at the opposing team, then I was cheering for cody ross because he was a giants hero, and they told me not to cheer for him it may distract him. it was weak. the ball park it self was cool, but the total overall experience just lacked for me. kinda felt the same way about Fenway. Was really disappointed in how corporate it was. That experience just proved to me how much better Wrigley was.
  18. So Isaac will be here late tomorrow. Shouldn't be too bad, but I'm gonna ride this thing out till the very end. Got plenty of batteries, ice, and booze. Time to have some fun. pretty much
  19. You obviously need to see a game at Wrigley. I know Wrigley and Fenway always get good marks, but it was amazing to me how much better the gameday experience was at Wrigley compared to Fenway.
  20. Anything Barry Bonds-related at the park? Or have they completely distanced themselves from that mess. Does look like a pretty cool park to watch a game.
  21. But really, is there any other type? Couldn't agree more
  22. Those Cheddar-stuffed biscuits sound incredible. So that's where the Undertaker has been
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