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  1. Fantastic news! I am loving all these coaster games becoming big again. So now we have: Rollercoaster Tycoon World Coaster Park Tycoon Parkitect Theme Park Studio No Limits 2 I hope that they are all successful!
  2. I took my first trip to Dollywood the Sunday before Labor Day. Not too crowded and had a great time! The most crowded coaster was Firechaser by a large margin (45min - 1hr vs. 15min top for anything else). Wild Eagle and Thunderhead had fantastic operations and was walk-on the entire time. Thunderhead was by far my favorite ride there, followed by Tennessee Tornado, then Gate Keeper, Firechaser, and last was Mystery Mine. I really loved the park in general. Great location, great theming, great food. Just all around great time. As for lodging, we stayed at the Dollywood Cabins with a large group and it was great. I believe they have smaller cabins too if that is the kind of thing you are looking for. Stay away from Gatlinburg as much as possible, especially on the weekends. That place is the biggest tourist trap I have ever ever seen. The national park is stunningly beautiful though, so check that out if you have time! Enjoy yourself!
  3. What coaster was the biggest letdown for you? Mine has to be Griffon. I had heard only great things about it, but I really thought it was a one trick pony.
  4. Mass actually would not affect the speed of a roller coaster train going up or down a hill at all. The reason for the speed difference is mainly due to friction, and wind resistance. So obviously, a steeper hill will have less friction, and therefore, less will impede on its acceleration. Of course, the speed of the lift hill also can come into play, but as the train goes, the better the lubrication and aerodynamics, the faster the train will be able to go.
  5. Most everything looks pretty good. I like the coasters that you have built so far. My only complaint is that your buildings look too similar. If you add a little bit more color, give more variation to the roofs, and put things on the building that give them more uniqueness then they would look much much better. I must admit though, I like the shape and feel of the buildings by the arrow much better though. If you want more realism, then you may want to do some of the things I recommended. It shouldn't be too hard to do. Overall, it looks pretty good. So keep up the good work! -Spaminacan11
  6. It is looking pretty good, but the buildings, like you said, aren't your hot spot. Try to add some more shape to them including walls to make more uniquely shaped buildings, and more roof styles. I recommend that you go over to new element and check out some of the styles and techniques. Little subtle things can help your look A LOT! Keep it up though!. The park is looking pretty realistic, and I like that!
  7. I must say, for your first RCT2 park, it is looking great! I really like your coasters, especially the mega-lite! Unlike TLM, I think that your buildings are very very good for a first timer. They look especially good for the scenery selection that you have. So don't let smug people's comments get you down, because your park is extremely good for a first park. If you just get some quarter block scenery for your next park, then you can make yourself even more realistic buildings. Keep up the great work, Spamincan (doesn't like smug people) 11
  8. ^I agree, that was very cold sounding. TLM, I must say, ever since your new park, you seem to be a little full of yourself..just because someone may not be as experienced as you doesn't mean that you should give them negative criticism. Instead, you should try to help them get better at it so they can be really good at RCT too... As for the park, I really like the fact that you are trying to make scenery and the such. I commend you for that. It is a little bit blocky though..I don't know if you have any quarter blocks in your scenery options, because you need some of those to make realistic looking buildings. If you don't I suggest that you download some of the parks from new element to give yourself a better selection of scenery and carefully skim through it when you create your scenario in the editor. Don't get me wrong though, I like your effort here, and with practice, you will get much better. It looks like you have a lot of creativity, which is a great thing, but it seems to me that it is just your scenery selection that is holding you back. About the GCI, I think that if it is going to be that short, you may want to try and make it a little more compact if possible. It is pretty good as it is, but if you are going for realism, then I would make it more compact. All in all, it is looking pretty good. Just make sure that you have wide enough paths around your park. I don't know if you were going to make the ones leading to the coaster wide or not, so I am just sayin. Keep it up! -Spamincan
  9. ^^^Completely different for me. AC is just bigger and better that Goliath. It has a lot more variety, and the drop out of the MCBR is insane. I was completely blown away by Apollo's Chariot. Much better than anything else in Busch Gardens, and much better than anything else I have ever ridden. Then again, I haven't ridden much. Don't get me wrong though, Goliath is pretty freaking awesome. And these are some of the best pictures I ahve seen of it.
  10. Does no one here think that Griffon is overrated? I do not see why people love it so much..the first drop is fun, but other than that, it is just way to short. It didn't thrill me much at all. It is pretty fun, but I wouldn't wait more than thirty minutes to ride it. In my two days at BGE, I rode Griffon six times and Apollo's Chariot thirty-five times. Griffon lost its awesomeness to me while I was heading up the hill to the MCBR the first time I rode it. Apollo's Chariot was just as good the thirty-fifth time as it was the first. I would ride Apollo over Griffon any day.
  11. I like the new coaster, and I must say that I like it much better when it is white.
  12. I have made some more progress in the park. Here is a teaser of the new coaster. Yay for the non-B&M goodness!
  13. ^^I understand wanting to have a very shady, forest park, but is a forest all trees? Are the not also shrubs, and things of that sort? Add some of those and believe me, it will look much better. Other than that though, I think it looks very simple, but I really like the simplicity of it. Looks like a nice small park. Reminds me of Funtown Splashtown in Maine for some reason..
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