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  1. I see a couple of posters beat me to it with Silverwood with its twin woodies, so I posit DISNEYLAND: Matterhorn and Space Mountain.
  2. I concur on the return of People Mover. It would be an AWESOME way to move between parks.
  3. My opinion is Superman IS a drop tower ride, it just launches sideways. Otherwise why would you have to slam the brakes on after every drop?
  4. Maybe they're going to do an Expedition Everest/Revenge of the Mummy trick where they launch you up one track, switch you over and roll you back another? Could run two trains on large track that way.
  5. ^^I passed a sign on I-15 saying "houses from $179,000" I kinda doubt anythings going to be built in the next couple of years.
  6. We've got a similar spinning ride to that tower on the far right here at the PNE. There's a reason so many rides spin-helps to balance the forces out.
  7. Why don't they use the LIMs to make an actual launching coaster? It could be more precise and no risk of shredded cables
  8. So even if Intamin had nothing to do with it, you're still comparing manufacturers? Holiday Park has had this coaster for 9 years, and Intamin's liability for the ride has LONG since past. It's practically the same thing with Xcelerator, only KBF has had that for 8 years. Is it Ron Toomer's (or Arrow's) fault that Magnum slipped through the breaks and "crashed" in 2007? Was it Schwarzkopf's fault when Mindbender killed three people? The answer to all those is a resounding "no." Once the park gets a coaster in operation, it's THEIR responsibility to maintain the ride. Well, yes....it was partially Schwarzkopf's fault in the Mindbender accident. Maybe you should get your facts straight. The accident happen approx. 6 months after opening. The company was found partially at fault for lack of providing proper maintenance procedures, or something like that, to the park. The accident pretty much bankrupted the company because they were found to be partially at fault. It is quote obvious from the photos that an entire rear truck assembly came off of a car in the middle of the train, and the train *probably* dragged on the track causing it to stop. Unfortunately this is not the first time this has happen on a coaster. Beyond that I would say you can't assume much until (or if) more details are released to the public. Regards, Ted It turned out that the Mindbender maintenance manual hadn't been translated from German. In the Xcelerator incident, it was unclear whether the cable was supposed to be inspected every six months or every month. According to one news report, Knott's asked Intamin to clarify and Intamin DIDN'T GET BACK TO THEM. Of course, when CalOSHA asked after the incident, Intamin said it was supposed to be inspected monthly. Where does Intamin's responsibility end and the park's begin? Knott's is going to use magnetic induction inspection every month-better than visual inspection. Mindbender gets checked thoroughly visually inspected every couple of hours. Should these manufactuers be training maintenance crews and requiring more thorough inspections, instead of signing off?
  9. My 2 cents. It was a little strange having free beer samples at a family amusement park owned by a beer company. I understand having beer for sale at a few locations, but the beer focus was just wrong. This sums up my feelings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3TKt0Q1-5Y
  10. I SO want to say something sarcastic here. Intamin did have to rework a section of Maverick track, apparently because of excessive g-forces. Just my eyeballing is telling me that transition could be trouble. Just sayin', is all. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maverick_%28roller_coaster%29
  11. I'm a little worried about the G-forces in the first twist transition. Intamin might have to rework the track there similar to what was done with Maverick.
  12. I say floorless like Medusa. Now for the Giant Octopus: [/img] Boxy Medusa goodness!
  13. I don't think I've been on a B&M regular coaster. But I have been on plenty of Vekomas and Arrows and a few Suspended coasters including Kong and Silver Bullet. Floorless compares favorably to Suspended, and don't just see the back of the seat in front of you when you're not in the front row. I did make a special effort to be in the front row for this picture. I'm Flying!
  14. I find that floorless feels smoother and less painful. Maybe it has something to do with the body geometry of not having your feet on the floor. Maybe it's just that Medusa is a very well designed coaster?
  15. When we were there last August, we found Great Canadian A$$ Buster to have the worst ride. On the return it had some nasty harmonic bounce. This is how Behemoth looked when we were there
  16. No park has ever hassled any member of my family for bringing a bottle of water in. You can refill it at the water fountains, if you don't mind that unique SoCal flava. You can buy a 32 oz souvenir cup for about $12.99, free refills the first day (at least at SFDK) and $.99 a refill the rest of the season.
  17. You should easily get one park done in one day. It's close to an hour and a half between each park, longer at rush hour. If you have an evening to spare, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is about an hour and a half south of CGA.
  18. ^Like I said, my Dad was cheap. Just like the movie Vacation, by the time you get to California, you're running out of money, you're not exactly in the best of moods when the park tries to sell you a coupon book...
  19. This is a boring mentality. I don't want a Knott's that's perpetually stuck in 1982 as much as I don't want the Knott's that exists today. Older rides should be swapped out for more modern things, they just need to make sure the replacement has a good level of detail and works for the overall feel of the park. As much as I don't like the direction the park is heading, I think it's unfair to expect them to be stagnant, or that simply bringing back long expired flat ride will fix the underlying issues. Yeah, they sound like old New Yorkers moaning about the decline of Coney Island or old mobsters bitching about the "decline" of Vegas. When I first visited Knott's in the 70's, EVERYTHING was an upcharge. This was when Disney sold you a nice book of tickets with your admission. Maybe my Dad was cheap, but Knott's felt like a ripoff then. I came back to Knott's in 2004 and it was actually pretty good. Ghostrider was still in decent shape and the Ghost Town stuff hadn't been ripped out yet. Plus the showgirl at the "birdcage" picked me as the dude for that show, so it was good for me. You know, when I was in my mid twenties, Expo came to our town. We had the Scream Machine (now Ninja in St. Louis) and Looping Starship, which I thought were the coolest rides EVER. Looking back on it now, I see they were good for their time, but there's other stuff that's out there now that's cooler. Ghostrider is still a kick-ass ride. A little love will bring it back to its former glory. Silver Bullet-I don't care what the rest of you guys think of its ride, 170 feet down from the front seat is still plenty fun for me. Xcellerator? I screamed like Ned Flanders the first time I rode that thing. Montezooma is a beautifully designed classic coaster, one of the best ever-where's the ACE plaque? A little less concrete, bring back the cowboy graveyard, a little work on Reflection Lake, figure out a way to fence off SB with old-timey fencing, a mountain for Sierra Sidewinder, and maybe replace La Revolucion with a Fireball. Oh, and enforce that Line-Jumping rule and maybe change the system so you don't have to wait in line to honor your out-of-town Cedar Fair pass. Still a great place, and a great break from Mousewicz.
  20. Day 6: I promised my daughter I would take her to see CJ7, and it was playing in Berkeley. We saw a few squads of Berkeley cops standing around with riot gear on their belts and the plastic handcuffs. We also drove by a small protest, but didn't catch any riots. We had a delicious lunch of Pho Tai with Vietnamese iced milk coffee, then caught the movie. The theater was pretty cool, they even let my daughter bring in her bubble tea from our lunch! Day 7: Return to SFDK. This time we were determined to get some on-ride pictures of Medusa, along with the Dolphin show. Random Medusa goodness I think that's my daughter on the far left. I actually enjoy its spaghetti goodness. It throws you around plenty, but I didn't find it that painful. It's just that line is always relatively heinous.... Kong: There Is No Escape-For At Least A Half Hour-No Matter How Long The Lines Are Everywhere Else. Once again, my wife is teh awesome photographer Our train! Havin' fun. ...3 2... My wife took most of these Medusa pictures. Medusa corkscrew goodness.... 1.... You will love the sssnake. Ssssss. Medusa welcomes you. Raptor welcomes you. Hello raptor. I did get a shot of the pricelist. I saw a coupon for $5 off the attractions plus package on the back cover one of the hotel magazines Ah, SCBB Hurricane. We will ride you soon, very soon. Here's what over $600,000 buys you in California-this FABULOUS DECK! It says "Cheney Farm Team" Dumbass. This truck has a bumper sticker. My wife loves the bears. Then, it was on to Santa Cruz. Sylvester is cool. Suffering Suckatash! Even the rabbits There were penguins too. Almost all the animals at SFDK seemed to be interested in interaction with humans. The cougars were fascinated by the fuzzy marionettes sold at the park. YouTube video here: Then on to the Crocodiilian part of the park. I know Boomerang is in this area, I just don't remember whether my second ride was this day or another day...Shaken Daddy Syndrome, I think it's called. Splash! I think we all know what happens next.. One of them came over to talk to us. It is REALLY hard to photograph dolphins jumping with a digital camera unless you take LOTS of pictures. Here's a few.... Here's the family that paid lots for their special encounter. Then on to the dolphin show.
  21. I got a friend in Perth. Anytime I email him about some new coaster in Oz, he reminds me it's 2,000 %^^#%^ miles from Perth! Checking google maps, I see it is almost 1000 km shorter.
  22. I know it's private property and they can restrict access, but if that Colorado Days story is true, I believe it treads on discrimination.
  23. I agree about California being a better choice for a short visit. Not only do you have the three theme parks mentioned above, but there's also Six Flags Magic Mountain, Hollywood, and beautiful downtown Burbank (ok, just kidding about Burbank) How about a Road Trip? It's about a 3-4 day drive down I-15. You could head down via Idaho and hit Silverwood on the way down. Las Vegas is also on the way. Calgary to Anaheim via Calaway and Silverwood and Las Vegas
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