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  1. Weeeee! At least My top 10: Expedition GeForce Maverick Favorite Wood Coaster (El Toro, SFGAd) Blue Fire Megacoaster Shambhala Nitro Silver Star Goliath (Walibi World) Magnum XL-200 Black Mamba My bottom 10: Trace Du Hourra Temple of Nighthawk Saw - The Ride Steeplechase Xpress Green Lantern (SFGAd) Indiana Jones et le temple du péril Fav Chance Toboggan Fav Spinning Mouse Goudurix My fav. sensations: Sensation of Speed Floating Airtime Out of Control Feeling/Directional Changes Abrupt Airtime Lateral Forces Positive G's/Loops --
  2. Oh God, this ride is full of amazingness. Can't wait until june. I'm really addicted to Europa Park, it's 1.000 km. from my home but each visit worths the travel.
  3. An Intamin's Mega Lite and all happy No, seriously, some Maurer or Mack spinning ride should mark the spot.
  4. Damn... we're going to CP this month in our Barcelona - USA trip. Last year happened the same to us with Expedition Ge Force. But everyone is fine and is not a major ride. It's something...
  5. My Top 3: 3) Colossos (Heide Park, Germany): I balanced my body forwards on the drop, and the positive G forces pushed my stomach against the lap bar, resulting in my back being crushed mercilessly. Pain lasted about 3 days. 2) Stampida (Port Aventura, Spain): Bruises in my legs, headache, dizziness... Need more reasons? 1) The Ultimate (Lightwater Valley, England): I was having lots of expectatives. The POV in youtube showed me a smoooooth, intense and funny ride. This day I was suffering migraine, but I thought that the ride was going to be smooth. Haahhaaahahaha... The ride wa
  6. Well... Some fresh news: (thanks to google translator again) --- Barcelona (EFE) .- The head of the magistrate court number 2 in Barcelona called to testify as defendants ten technicians for the fatal accident of "El Pèndol", at the Tibidabo amusement park, as reported by Efe (news agency) judicial sources . The judge has accused the new people who requested the Office of Catalunya and added one tenth, an official of the Italian company that designed the attraction. The defendants are three maintenance technicians of the attraction, which in July 2010 killed one child, as
  7. The results about the investigation will be released (theorycally) in February 2011. But we have an advance... google-translated summary, i rectified the most noticiable mistakes: Tibidabo's Pndol fell by poor construction of the ride The Pndol, the attraction of Tibidabo which collapsed last July 16, killed a young woman and wounded three other teenagers, fell by poor construction of the attraction, as a first step of the expert report submitted in court , which, however, still can not advance the ultimate reason for the loss. In fact, the expert's work is not over, and unti
  8. I just have listened to an interview with two important people. The first one, the president of the structure consultor college, and the second one an ex-maintenance worker in tibidabo. I will paste the link of the interview later, but it's in catalan and spanish. They said some very interesting things. The radio station is very serious, it's not a "yellow station". IMPORTANT QUOTES STRUCTURE CONSULTORS COLLEGE PRESIDENT (Don't remember the name) - Force calculation problems discarted. They made A LOT of tests involving forces. They MUST be approved in order to use the ride. -
  9. The thing that I can't understand is HOW the yellow and red arm broke that way. Looking the renders made by TV3 (catalan TV), the arm should have been whole, in one piece. It's so shocking, if fireman didn't touch anything and looking the images, the cabin fell just in front of the queue line. I can't imagine the dantesque scenes there, really. And I don't want to. By the way, Fabbri Air Driver is a little bit rude in my opinion. When I rode it, I almost lost some APPRECIATED parts of my anatomy in the 4.5G moment. I think that who rode it can understand me.
  10. Hahaha, the name is a "sms style" abreviation of "Pèndol" (Pendulum in catalan language).
  11. Not internal investigation made by Tibidabo, It's ordered by Tibidabo to an external company. Sorry, I suffer a little bit with english, but well that's what i was trying to say.
  12. First news that I heard today in the radio tells that possibly the pilotages were too weak. Not a maintenance fail. But it's the day after, maybe it's too early. There are TWO investigations at this time: a juridicial one, and another internal made by Tibidabo. I'll try to inform you about news when i'll know something.
  13. Thank you for the translation, Airtime&Gravity. I hope they recover too, but sadly one of the girls lost her legs. It's worrying that things like that happens only one month after a security review. So sick.
  14. BTW, I talked to a Tibidabo worker, and he told me that not only the arm collapsed... the full ride did it, including the base tower.
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