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  1. I think an RRC with Red Hot Chili Peppers could work. Another coaster is never a bad thing in my opinion Cars Land looks awesome, I think Disney is definitely on the right track with DCA, but of course only time will tell right?
  2. Never been on the Florida one, but I was disappointed by the Hollywood one. I enjoyed Indy a lot more at Disneyland
  3. Only in BC and Ontario. I'm in Alberta (oil country) which has a legal age of 18. Had a few Alexander Keith's White tonight. Easy drinking, very enjoyable.
  4. I am currently enjoying a Miller Chill. Canada just got Miller Chill so forgive me please.
  5. We have rich people here. Its registered with New Hampshire plates
  6. Spotted this puppy today, got a chance to try out the camera on my Palm Pre.
  7. I've never been to any of those so I can't say. But this was the first coaster I've gone backwards on.
  8. Pretty much all the ride op's at the disney parks. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror especially.
  9. I sort of liked the 'California' parts to it. But then again, I am from Canada and my idea of what 'California' is, is different to a person from California. I thought DCA was a okay park. Im really glad I got to see it before the construction. If my mom and I go to California again this summer, I guess will get to take a peak at the construction. Though I would imagine that a few of those projects would be completed by July?
  10. Because Disney's California Adventure is located within a residential zone and must adhere to certain noise restriction guidelines, special "scream" tubes were designed for California Screamin' to muffle the Guests' screams during those thrill portions of the ride that are sure to elicit such a reaction (according to Wikipedia)
  11. Love the look of the changes. I have faith that Disney will do their best to turn DCA around. Edit - I would kind of like to be an Imagineer.
  12. Not airing in Canada I imagine it will eventually though...
  13. Im taking physics. At the end of the course we get to take a day off, and go to Galaxy Land in West Edmonton Mall. Ride all the rides out there. Its going to be awesome.
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