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  1. I, too, think it's great that Ouimet is staying on board for Cedar Fair! Although there are still some minor things that can always be improved, his direction has made a positive impact on the company, particularly Great America. While Kinzel was running the show, it's easy to see that he had every intention of selling CGA (did he even want the park in the first place?), which could very well have put the park out of business. However, once Ouimet stepped in, he was able to start turning things around. For CGA specifically, the most major contribution under his reign is, of course, the sm
  2. Had a great time at Haunt last night! Despite large crowds, we were able to do all 8 mazes, got to ride Drop Tower, Orbit, and Gold Striker, and watched Blades of Horror! If anyone is going to brave Haunt tonight (Saturday), be sure to start in the back first!
  3. Haunt TR from last night! (Saturday, 10/19): Before I even went, I was fully aware that the park was going to be packed. Even so, my cousin, her friend and I made the trek out to Haunt. Once we started nearing the parking lot, we realized it was going to be flat out crazy! There was a good quarter mile line of cars on Great America Pkwy coming from Hwy 237, and from what I hear that was the less busy direction. From waiting to park, buying tickets, and getting through security (guards were performing more thorough checks - definitely a good thing to ensure safety), it took almost 40 minute
  4. Had a great time yesterday at CGA! Met up with Angry_Gumball and his cousin and neighbor for some good ol' daytime operation goodness. I was busy in the evening so I couldn't stay for Haunt, but I still had plenty of fun getting multiple rides on all my favorites! Here's some small observations from my visit. Good stuff: -For the most part, all the rides are running in very good shape! Gold Striker of course is doing amazing, and Flight Deck felt like it was running on steroids most of the day. Also, Demon was surprisingly smooth (we sat as close to the Arrow magic seat as possible). -Ri
  5. The new sleds have definitely increased capacity. With the original sleds, they were capable of holding 8 people if everyone sat in pairs. This didn't happen often since many people insisted on sitting by themselves. The new sleds with individual seats (and a single rider line, which I recommend) constantly dispatch 6 so it's a higher average throughput. Also, the queue now starts off as one line that wraps around the mountain on the Tomorrowland side and once it reaches the station it splits off to the two sides, meaning a faster moving queue.
  6. When I visited on Thursday, I was very happy when I saw the Single Rider line for Delirium. I was prepared to wait in the (lengthy) regular line and was greeted by the sign instructing single riders to use Fast Lane. Since I was by myself it was perfect, was able to get right on the next cycle. I really hope it gets implemented on other rides in the park (Especially Gold Striker!).
  7. In the park all by my lonesome today! Time to (finally) get more laps on Goldy and bring my count up to more than 2!
  8. Great video of Superman! It perfectly captures how ridiculous the ride is. I never really thought of it as screwed up before, but it really is kinda wacky if you think about it. That said Robb, were you able to try different rows on it? The front is definitely great for the view and the OMFG moment of airtime after the upward spiral. On the other hand, the back has the crazy airtime on the drop and whips you around.
  9. Sounds like I'm definitely gonna have to make a visit to the park soon. Got myself a hold of some tickets so I really want to see all the cool stuff at the park. New tunnel on Goldy, prize wheel with possible front of line privileges, and I do want to see the new Broadway show. And Demon, smooth?! That's something I gotta see! Though from my experience operating Demon, I will admit that it is always smoother if the train is full of passengers. If the train is empty, then...God be with you.
  10. My name's not Patrick, and I left CGA over a year ago... And learn how to write sentences, not fragments...
  11. I also met up with the group tonight and had a great time. Finally got my first ride on Goldy, and wow! I heard everyone raving about it but it still exceeded my already high expectations. Such a fantastic new coaster with a twisted and unique layout, with plenty of airtime! Wait times were pretty long as expected, though I was surprised that the line stayed mostly within the switchbacks, I only saw it spill out into the midway maybe once. CGA has a winner on their hands!
  12. Excited to hear that Goldy is finally opening! I'll be headed out to the park in the late afternoon/early evening to check it out and also meet up with the group!
  13. ^^It's not really that bad. Besides, it's better than waiting 2 hours in line. I did the commercial shoot for Superman at SFDK last year, and had a blast. Although sometimes I would have to wait for a while for them to set up cameras or for them to pick me, it was a lot of fun. I got to ride it 20 times that day (though I did feel a little queasy at the end of the day). If you get the chance, you should do it!
  14. The park is open to the public those two days. No idea why, but they are. When I worked at CGA, those two days are open as designated "school days". Plenty of schools will be bringing their students on their end of the year field trips, and when I worked those days, it got VERY crowded. I remember the park had been open for only an hour, and Demon had a full queue with switchbacks and everything. I also had to deal with a few unpleasant line jumping situations (teenagers, what else would you expect?). That said, in the afternoon the crowds died since a lot of school groups tend to leave a
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