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  1. Robb, do you remember what the waiting times were for Karnan throughout the day? Last time I was there waits were above 1 hour all day, I'm sort of interested how it is nowadays.
  2. Okay. . . So call me crazy, But I was not "blown away" by this coaster. The lift is amazingly fast, the drop looks awesome, and the non-inverting loop looks like it would be fun, but after that it just lost my interest. . . I know I am in the minority here, but after the loop the coaster really doesn't seem to be all that amazing. I'd take Skyrush or MF over this coaster any day. (Yes, I know videos, and photos don't do the ride justice) but just watching this video is not enough to make me want to book a flight to go ride this coaster. Okay. . . So call me crazy, But I was not "blown away" by MF. The lift is amazingly fast, the drop looks awesome, and the overbanked turn looks like it would be fun, but after that it just lost my interest. . . I know I am in the minority here, but after the first drop MF really doesn't seem to be all that amazing. I'd take Steel Dragon 2000 over MF any day. (Yes, I know videos, and photos don't do the ride justice) but just watching this video is not enough to make me want to book a flight to go ride MF.
  3. I seem to have missed this, but when will the new rides open to the public? Was it 2016 or 2017?
  4. Can I ask you how long the waiting time was for Karnan when you were there?
  5. Correct. However it depends. I rode the coaster 2 times that day. First time was with the reverse drop on, eventhough the queue was already spilling outside of the waiting line and waiting time was about 1:10. The second time the queue was shorter (still about 55 minutes), but there was a problem in the station with one of the guests, and our train dispatched late. Because of that, the reverse drop was turned off. I think this was only for our train because the dispatch was delayed, as the tower works as a soundtube and I could hear the screams from the other trains later on.
  6. I was there last thursday, and lines were 1 hour+ on both Karnan and Fluch von Novgorod. Of course this is in the height of the summer season, but both coasters have a pretty low capacity anyway. Karnan is fantastic, the trains are very comfortable and it's quite scary going up and down inside the tower with lapbar restraints only. Long time since I've been this scared on a rollercoaster before.
  7. Planning a trip to Europa Park with a friend, but he only has free from work in August. August is the busiest month at Europa Park I think, so what kind of crowds should I expect. I know all coasters are capacity monsters, but I'm still a bit worried. And is it better to go in the beginning of August or more towards the end? Thanks!
  8. Guys can anyone update me regarding the second train at Expedition Geforce? The past years they (never?) used 2 trains at the same time, is this fixed now or do they still only use 1 of the trains, even on busy summer days?
  9. If the Intamin coaster will be "very tall", maybe it will be the tallest coaster in the world, seeing the new rides will be "-est"
  10. I was at Ferrari World last week on a stopover flight. The drop tower g-force was closed down and didn't look like it would reopen any time soon. It is also removed from the park map, and all signs in the park were also removed. So maybe it's one of the rides that will be updated?
  11. Funny how here in Belgium Plopsa declared in national media that they would never introduce a fast pass system in their parks after Walibi did so because "everyone is equal in our parks"!
  12. I'll be going there on sunday June 15th. Anyone have any experience with the crowds on a sunday, and the current operations at Formula Rossa, are they slow in loading the trains? If I remember correctly Friday and Saturday is the weekend over there, and Sunday is a regular working day. So crowds should be no problem I guess?
  13. I guess here is what I do and do not have a "problem" with. I think if you have just waited in line, rode like any other guest would, and then as you are exiting the ride, there is an empty seat, and you snag it...ONCE... I'm "ok" with that (even though I know that's probably against the posted policy.) I don't think I'm "ok" with someone coming up the exit, circumventing the queue, and then hopping into empty seats all day. I "get" that he's not taking a ride away from anyone else, but IMO there is just something wrong with someone making their own rules when it comes to theme park rides. And sure, I realize that what I said I was "ok' with isn't part of the rules either, but I dunno, I think waiting around the platform at the exit defies the laws of common courtesy. The more I think about it, the more I don't think they should allow this guy to do it. It's simply just unfair to other guests. If they had a single rider line or a posted single rider policy, that would be one thing, but I don't think someone should be allowed to make their own rules just because he goes to the park every day. That's not cool with me. --Robb Indeed. Why should he get a different treatment than other guests? If he has an annual pass, what gives him the right to think he's more than the next guy with an annual pass. But on the other hand don't the parks themselves by allowing this kind of behaviour implicitly agree with it? I understand it's difficult for the park to "control" the behaviour of their ride attendants, but in extreme cases like this maybe they should think of a clear policy for the employees on how to handle this guy. Maybe they don't want to interfere too much as this guy is basically free advertisement for this ride?
  14. I still hold out hope for a virginia reel to be re-made one day or that wooden reverser roller-coaster from RCT which i'm told was actually a real ride long ago. It was a real ride, let's hope that this one gets revived too!
  15. Yikes I have 5 Oh and Steel Dragon has a picture of White Cyclone!
  16. Wow I didn't know Nagashima Spa Land relocated their Ultra Twister. It used to be right next to the corkscrew, but now it's all the way on the other side of the park! Robb, have you seen anything that they're expanding or something?
  17. I noticed that there were more theming and effects added compared to some years ago. Don't really care much about them, but I must say that Eurosat without it's sound track would be seem strange tbh. But that's because I've only done it with the soundtrack and am used to it. The final brake is indeed very strong if you don't know it's coming. I love it that you know it's gonna come soon when you enter that blue light tunnel, but it always takes longer than you think, building up the suspense. Awesomness.
  18. Went to Europa park last week and must say that Eurosat is such an awesome ride. I love the suspense of the long lift hill, the countdown, and the violent ride. It has very high capacity, is themed well, and has really good music. After Blue Fire and Silver Star, Eurosat is the best coaster in the park for me. Yes even better than Wodan.
  19. Got back from 2 days Europa Park, and wow, Blue Fire is without doubt the best coaster in the park. That final inversion is so good. On the other hand, Wodan was fun but didn't convince me to be honest. I think Troy is a much better coaster than Wodan, altough theme-wise Wodan beats Troy by a long run.
  20. Thank you for the tips. I will stay at El Andaluz this time. I had no idea in France you have the entire wednesday off. In Belgium wednesday is half a school day. What kind of crowds should I expect then on june 5th? I cannot go on other days as I will also make a stop at Holiday park on thursday, which is also close to the border... It's been quite some years since I last went to Europa park, but what are the coasters that have the least capacity (ie which ones should I try to clear in the morning during the half hour hotel guests get "for free")? Silver Star, Euromir, Eurosat, Altantica have enough capacity so that I shouldn't bother, but what about Wodan and Blue Fire? Thanks again for the tips!
  21. Guys I need your advice. I'm looking to go to EP in the first week of june (4th and 5th), but would like to estimate the crowds to see how much time I should spend in the park. According to the EP calendar there are no school holidays in Germany, France or Switzerland on these dates, but because EP is very popular I fear it might be still crowded on these off-days. Does anyone have an idea what I should expect crowd-wise??
  22. Amazing! I always thought the trains were a huge letdown. A coaster of this size needs open trains to maximize the feeling! One thing to note though is that the previous trains had a capacity of 36, and these new ones only 28. Also, on 3 different occasions when I was there they needed to put sandbags near the front of the trains due to strong winds. I wonder how this will work with these new trains.
  23. It's been ages since I last posted here. There are days when I long to hear Robb scream, and others when I don't. The latter, I just turn down the volume a notch and enjoy the video. I'm still in control of the volume button myself Truth is that there are no comparable POVs on the internet that can match the quality of Robb's. Screaming or not.
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