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  1. Wow.. Really? 8 pages and counting? I really stirred the pot.
  2. Why does Robb have to talk so loud when on the coasters? And then throw in profanity every now and then? I like to show my kids the videos, but I have to turn off the sound first.
  3. Went Friday the 29th, and crowd-wise it was like we had the park all to ourselves. Everything except Roar (broken half the day, and running one train the rest) and Kong (of course only running one train) was a walk on. Was a little chilly, and half the rides were down (Roar and V2 half the day, Taz, Voodoo, Monkey Business, Boomerang, etc).
  4. Went today (Saturday) to process our season passes, and thought the crowds would get bad during the evening hours, but I was wrng. The crowds were bad from the start! First off, the web page said the park opened at noon, so we arrived at 11:30 to get in, get a ride on Superman and process our passes. The park was already open and had been for sometime when we got there. We hurried over to Superman which was an hour wait, and then went to process our season passes. The line for that (which is an extremely inefficient way of doing it, and for the life of me, I can't figure out why they c
  5. Nevermind that I suggested a "quick fix". I'm sure problems will never happen again. Computers NEVER go down or have glitches. There are NEVER freak accidents. Things ALWAYS go the way they are planned. I'm sure there will never be a problem again.
  6. Seems like a quick fix would be to just install a tire there, that drops down so it doesn't rub on the train as it passes over. If the train gets stuck, an operator can press a switch that would raise the tire, and give the train a little push. Easy, simple, and cost effective to install. No computer patches necessary. As I was waiting in line to ride a few weeks ago, I noticed how close the train comes when it's going up the rear hill backwards at the start of the ride, to cresting the loop and going into the loop. It looks like it's only a few feet from doing that. One small extra push
  7. Just got back from the park today, Thursday. Excellent day! Not very crowded at all, perfect weather and EVERY ride was operating! Yep, even Taz Devil! And are you sitting down for this next part? Ok, good. Roar had TWO trains!! First time in like 3 years I've seen that happen! Got there when the park opened, and headed right over to Superman. Was basically a walk-on the first time, then the 2nd and 3rd times right in a row, wait was only 15 minutes at the most. Excellent ride and employees were VERY efficient at loading/unloading it. Line moved very fast. Roar was pretty smooth (as smo
  8. There were running contests on the radio here in Sacramento a few weeks ago where the prize was VIP access on Superman on the opening day (which was June 21) and then a few days before thay, they stopped running the contests and haven't mentioned it since. Now the commercials on the radio just say "Opening Soon". And the Facebook contest where people were going to be in the commercial for the ride has basically disappeared too - no more mention of it. I doubt the opening is only going to be delayed for a "few days" as their Facebook says. Maybe they haven't gotten the timing or thrus
  9. Just got back today from a extremely uncrowded day at SFDK! I was surprised at the lack of crowds! And EVERY ride (except Voodu - which doesn't count because it's so boring - needs a new software update) was open! Even both water rides! Monsoon Falls got stuck on the lift hill early afternoon and remained there the entire day. Riders had to be helped off. Of course, Roar only had one train, which is normal, but it was SMOOTH! Almost like silk! 100% smoother than it was when I rode it in December! Like previously posted, Boomerang had no gum ads, and the M&M Steps were gone too by th
  10. Here's a little coaster in a park near Munich that has the same idea as Superman - just less track.
  11. Went last week and noticed just like a previous poster that Roar was extremely rough. Much rougher than it was earlier in the summer! Even my kids said that it compared to Kong, which we avoid and haven't ridden it in years.
  12. Loved seeing those pics. I had a season pass each summer when I was a teenager, living in Auburn. I would visit probably 5-6 times during the summer. Loved Willard's Whizzer - small but fun coaster. Loved the 5 cent root beers at the store right next to Whizzer and the IMAX theater. Ah the good ole days! I have a Marriott's Great America frisbee around the house somewhere still. I don't let the kids play with it. I tell them it's has sentimental value. And I loved BOTH the boat and log rides. The place was always so clean too. When Paramount bought it, it went to pot. Dirty, trash and
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