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  1. Thank you. TPR has always been one of our strongest allies in the fight to save the animatronic hippos. All of your support over the years has been greatly appreciated.
  2. Today is a sad day in the fight to save the Animatronic hippos. AAHCS Prepares for Dissolution
  3. Sorry it's been so long since the last update. But this is worth the wait. Redneck Batman is now a physical comic book!!! The book contains the first 4 issues of the story and is available on my Etsy Store
  4. The glowing footprints effect is pretty neat. I can't wait to see more. It's looking like it'll be pretty fantastic.
  5. My girlfriend's cousin and his wife are trying to start up a coffee shop in Newbury Park, California. They are just as passionate about making coffee as we are about riding roller coasters. They only have a few more days to go on their kickstarter campaign. Please check 'em out and consider donating to help get their small business going!
  6. The next 2 years are gonna be rough. I don't think the world can handle 15 more Jaws sequels before October 2015.
  7. That new CNN article made me laugh. It is written in the exact same tone that I try to use when I write new articles for the AAHCS blog. Sensational over the top dramatics that make your issue seem more important than it actually is. I wish I had the money to show my support to Sea World by going there.
  8. ^We could make that a sister organization to the AAHCS. Saving Hippos and Mermaids under the same non-profit umbrella!
  9. I'm working on the last 2 pages now. Issue#3 will be released by either the end of this week or the beginning of next depending on how long the final details take. To help tide you guys over until then, I'm releasing the first page of Issue#3! I haven't posted this anywhere else so TPR is the first to see this. I can't wait to show you guys the rest! (EDIT) Issue #3 is now out and available to read on The Redneck Batman Facebook Page or on deviantART.com I'd love to hear everyone's feedback! Thanks. Page 1 of Issue#3!!!
  10. Bravo! Great costumes and a quite entertaining TR. Sorry about the loss of your candy. I'm also equally sorry that Freddy lost fingers.
  11. 36 pages of discussion later, and the question still stands. What would rides be like on the moon???
  12. I'm really sorry for the lack of updates lately. Issue #3 has been in the works for way too long. But the time is coming, and it is almost done! I only have 3 or 4 more pages left to color on the issue before it will be complete. I'm hoping to have it done around mid-late December. So keep your eyes open for that! Preview of the cover for Issue #3
  13. A dark ride themed to Doctor Who would be ideal if they were going to go all out. I could see it being similar to the Indiana Jones Adventure. Indy only appears physically in the ride 3 times. Something similar could be done with The Doctor. Or have The Doctor only appear in the ride via some sort of audio only communication guiding riders through the ride and helping them avoid monsters. That would make it much easier if they need to change the ride depending on the actor currently playing The Doctor. Maybe even make it a shooter dark ride where riders have sonic screwdriver themed guns. Although I think a roller coaster themed to the TARDIS would be a more realistic option.
  14. Awesome Trip Report! I can't wait to see the rest of the adventure.
  15. Attention Hippo Heroes!!! Please read our latest article where we outline the horrors hidden behind the scenes in the new Jingle Cruise overlay. SaveTheAnimatronicHippos.org - Glockin' Around The Christmas Tree at the Jingle Cruise
  16. Thanks for all the tips! The dealer had me playing the monthly payments game. I know that had I signed the paper and taken his offer I'd probably be paying off that stupid car for the next 15 years. Not really something that I wanna sign up for. I do have a car that I spotted online in my price range and looks legit. Gonna go check it out this weekend and I'm gonna bring my Dad for reinforcements. Hopefully this one will work out, but if anything weird goes down I'll be ready to run back out the door again.
  17. I found out today that I really hate shopping for cars. I literally ran out of a dealership today cause the salesman was forcing me into buying a car I could not afford. When I wouldn't sign the papers he brought over one of his buddies to bring on even more pressure. When they both got up to go run some numbers I ran out the door. It was stressing me out hardcore! There has to be an easier way to buy a car. Sheesh!
  18. As long as you own all the rights to everything in your video (ex. visuals and music) you really should monetize it. I only have a few videos on my Youtube channel that are eligible to be monetized. Unfortunately most of them are also the videos with the least amount of views on my channel. I've only made like $2 off them over the last few years. Aceattack52 is right though. If you want to make some money on Youtube you need to keep coming up with new content for your viewers to watch. If you don't they will forget about you and stop watching. That is my issue, and why I don't have a bigger viewership. I don't post new videos often enough. I don't have any videos with view counts in the millions. So you have something very special there. Take advantage of it while you can and try to maintain those views.
  19. Condescending Wonka would be a good one. I also quite enjoy Conspiracy Keanu.
  20. Noted. No more posting at 2 a.m. for me. Apparently my grammar goes to bed at midnight.
  21. I like The Harlem Shake. Heck, I made 4 versions of it on my Youtube channel! I like it for the randomness and just plain silliness. I will admit that a very large percentage of the Harlem Shake videos that have been uploaded are really stupid and not funny. There are only a handful that I've seen that I think are clever and hilarious. It's probably a good thing that it's starting to loose it's steam.
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