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  1. ^Thanks! It was available on the package I bought for all the on-ride photos. We bought it after the trip, I'm not sure what difference that makes.
  2. Introducing... Orlando Group Honeymoon - The Movie I have saved the best (hopefully) for last! About three months out from this trip I started getting the Post-Disney Blues. I dove back in to all of the videos we captured on our trip and started piecing together nice little (14 minute long) video of our unforgettable week. Today, I've decided to share it with all of you. If the lengthy runtime is daunting, here are some highlights: But if you're only going to watch one part of this video, this is the part you should watch. Tha
  3. Thank you for reading! Thank you! I am happy to share a bit of the magic when I can. It was fun to reminisce and, honestly, it got me thinking about a potential future trip. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! I've got one more surprise for everyone. I should have it ready by next week. Until then...
  4. Chapter VII - The End The final day as a group had arrived. Jackie and Mikey were the first ones out, hoping to catch up on the things they missed at Hollywood Studios. Austin and Jen decided to spend their last moments before their flight that evening at Epcot (good choice). Meg, DJ, and myself were out early, but several steps behind the others. We did enjoy the extra room on the bus, however. The rest of our gang weren’t too far behind, but it’s park time, baby, you can’t waste that! We met up with Austin and Jen right away. They wanted
  5. Love the trip so far! So, Expedition Everest was your first Disney attraction ever? That's a good one to start with! Sorry about your Blight of Passage. But, hey, another reason to return, right?
  6. I made the animation, but the source is from the Disney PhotoPass thing. A few of the rides have videos of you on portions of the ride. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is another one. Hahaha! This is the natural response to seeing people in group t-shirts. We, however, looked amazing. That sounds like a really cool experience. A nearly empty, dimly lit land at night would be like exploring a foreign planet. It honestly sounds fun. See?! Thank you! Thanks! Those awesome night shots were provided by Natalie. She is an excellent photographer and I've been
  7. Chapter VI - The Honeymoon Alliance Morning came swiftly. Jen and Vanessa had the right idea that morning. After our trip around the world, it would do us all good to eat some breakfast and hydrate. We began the day at the only remaining theme park we hadn’t visited: Hollywood Studios. The rest of the crew was to meet up later; taking advantage of the fact that they are on vacation and aren’t insane people like us who want to ride rides all day. More power to them. Nick, DJ, Austin, Jen, Vanessa, Megan, and myself opened the park up. I find that while both
  8. That's pretty funny! That might the first time a park has told its staff to be purposefully unhelpful. Epcot is the best. Beirgarten, like I said, the food wasn't great. But the atmosphere (and I assume giant glasses of beer) was top notch. New chapter coming soon! Only a couple days left to cover!
  9. Chapter V - Self-Induced Dehydration and Schnitzel There are many benefits to staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The animals, of course, but also the access to stellar food, a magnificent lobby, and large carts of plasticised feces for your close examination while you wait for a bus. Yes, and only later do you realize these are the same bowls they use in the restaurants. Meg and I struck out early this day, leaving our exhausted crew behind. We had FastPass reservations early on for anyone who wanted them, but most decided they’d have a nice sleep in and meet us for lunc
  10. Chapter IV - Better Butter Beer Today’s good morning “Jambo” sounded a little less enthusiastic than usual. It wasn’t for a lack of interest, but I could tell the early mornings were starting to get to our crew. I let them know that this would be the last day we needed an early arrival. The reason I got everyone of bed so early was because we were going to tackle both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure and we only had this one day to do it. The crowd projections were on our side, but I knew there’d be a lot to cover. Everyone just needs a nice Butterbeer pick-me-u
  11. There's an unfortunate stigma (probably not here, but in the real world) that the Disney parks are made exclusively for children, but I've done the parks as both child and adult and find them more enjoyable as an adult! No need to feel guilt about leaving the kid behind, I'm sure she will enjoy future trips. MK vs Disneyland, I will always tell people there are more attractions in Disneyland than Disney World. Of course, the real answer is much more nuanced than that (especially when you get into what the definition of "attraction" is), but that fact seems to make them understand, at least
  12. Haha! A great point. I've started to pose for those. Mostly mean mugging. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]1 I have eaten at the one outside, and it was fairly decent. Part of the reason I haven't eaten at the restaurant on the inside is because I hear the food isn't that great, despite being in a prime location, and I live in a city that has really great Mexican food. If anyone here says they love it I will definitely give it a try next time. The atmosphere is very nice (as long as you're in the right room, but the food is merely fine. I'd say worth a dine at l
  13. Chapter III - Manic Kingdom Jambo! The day began like most days: early. This day was Magic Kingdom day. You know, we’re not monsters. We wouldn’t fill our friends up with alcohol and meat late in the evening and force them to wake up before the parks open. Meg and I told them all that we were going to the park early and that there was a FastPass reservation at 11am for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. No obligation to do any of it. Austin and Jen were the only two to take up the offer, the others enjoying some hard earned sleep. The morning was fairly relaxed. We got the
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