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  1. Got out DVD in the mail this week. Have not watched all of it but the parts we've watched are great. Especially the CW segment - we're in it of course. Thanks Robb, Elissa, et al.
  2. It's been a few posts since the "fitness" of curling argument subsided..... so I will start it up again.... John Morris, the third on the Canadian Men's team has written a book on the subject that has become the go-to guide for curlers. http://www.fittocurl.com/ The guy is fit. The comment and picture of the US Skip earlier in this thread..... show why the US will not be winning any curling medals this year.
  3. of course, I mean realistically there aren't many winter sports a normal person couldn't do, and at least Curling requires absolutely no physical fitness! You should try it first before you make a statement like that!
  4. I smoke them - have done so for a few years - a couple on a weekend when the weather is cooperative. Here in Canada, we can get Cuban cigars at retailers and direct from Cuba itself. However, the costs for all tobacco products here is high because of taxation (remember that those people that think we have FREE healthcare). My favourite is a Cuban Montecristo #2 which is a torpedo size/shape. One of my favourite non-Cuban brands are the Perdomo lines - the Lot 23 or Cabinet Reserve lines. Also the Padron's. I will plug another web site you should check out, www.cigarasylum.com - I am a member there too and lot's of information - especially for newbies to the lifestyle.
  5. I'm not a HUGE car buff, but does the fact that the Mazda is a rotary engine make a difference (performance/maintenance wise)? I assume since they're japanese like hondas they're not very high-maintenance.. The only Rotary Engine Mazda is the RX-8. The Mazda 3 uses a 4 cylinder engine - as does the Honda. While the companies are Japanese in origin, the Honda is made in North America (check the VIN's 11th digit for plant code - some are US made and some are Canadian made) but the 3 is made in Japan. Demographically, Mazdas tend to be marketed to younger age groups (Zoom Zoom) while Hondas are an older age group. Personally, I do not like the front end of the new 2010 Mazda 3 (big grin look), but I drove one and it rocked. I suggest that you give each a test drive, take notes on ride, ease of entry and exit, interior layout (can you reach the radio knob without taking your eyes off the road), backseat room, trunk space, highway noise, performance, etc. Then review your notes with sales brochures. Take note of the standard features of each vehcile; what options you want/need; etc. The brochures list performance details (hp, torque, dimensions, fuel capacity, fuel consumption). If you have no emotional ties to either car, then this process will clearly identify which vehicle is best for you. Keep in mind that you can poll 100 people who own each car and you will have some that hate it, some that love it, some that have had nothing but problems, some with no problems at all. So, review the warranty plan of each vehicle too.
  6. Personally I would go with the Mazda. But I have two in the driveway now (a 5 and a 6). I have also had 2 MPVs, a Tribute and a Protege. You might check with your insurance agent to see which is cheaper to insure - especially at your age.
  7. Is it a component from a combination lock?
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP1fdUjQZGQ Go to around the 6:15 mark
  9. Traditionally, CW opens to the public the first weekend in May and only operates on weekends for the month of May. June through August (until Labour Day actually) the park is open 7 days a week. Usually opening at 9:00am with rides start at 10:00am. Close is 8:00pm in May but usually extended to 10:00pm starting in June. September and October days and hours usually mirror the May schedule with certain differences around the Halloween events. Your Mileage May Vary; Objects in mirror are closer than they appear
  10. There are lot's of opportunities within a 5-6 hour drive of CP. For example, Kings Island in Southern Ohio. 4 hours east is Darien Lake (2 hours past there in Toronto is my home park of Canada's Wonderland). Michigan Adventure.
  11. States: 1 New York, 2 Vermont, 3 New Hampshire, 4 Massasschusits 5 Rhode Island, 6 Conneticutt, 7 New Jersey, 8 Deleware, 9 Maryland, 10 Virginia, 11 North Carolina. 12 South Carolina, 13 Georgia, 14 Florida, 15 Tennesee, 16 Kentucky, 17 D C *, 18 Ohio 19 Indiana, 20 Michigan, 21 Illinois, 22 Missouri, 23 Colorado, 24 Nevada, 25 California 26 Puerto Rico *, 27 USVI *, 28 Maine * - I know they are not states Provinces: Ontario Quebec Nova Scotia New Brunswick Prince Edward Island
  12. The Circular Railroad thing is called a turntable. They were used is a couple of instances. First, for a railroad that had short trains that basically went from one point to another, the turntable would be used to turn the train around 180 degrees for the return trip. You also see that kind of thing on streetcar lines or cable cars (like in San Fran). The second use of a turn table was at a rail road yard that stored/maintained the locomotives in a building called a "roundhouse". The building was arc shaped and would sit behind the turn table. An engine would drive onto the turn table from a common track, it would spin it around and allow the engine to be put into the round house for storage or maintenance. In the days of steam, they would fire up the boilers of the locomotives inside the round house and then route them to their train off of the turntable.
  13. 1. All three 2. IE 7.0.5730.11 3. Yes 4. Excited? Can't contain it. I soiled myself I am so excited.
  14. Thanks for the information. As an IT guy, I have always been reluctant to use a portable hard-drive. I guess it's because I lived with hard drive failures and the units I used were very sensitive. Obviously, you don't throw them around but I guess it is more robust than I thought.
  15. I have a 4gb first generation Nano. I need to replace it becaue the battery lasts less than an hour now - it's 3 years old. I would love to have a large capacity unit but I am leary of the Classic because it uses a hard drive. However the cost of the large capactiy non-hard drive units is very high. I am right in avoiding the Classic because of the hard-drive? Or should I get one? Any advice?
  16. Hello everyone.... I too want to thank Robb and Elissa and their many assistants for organizing the Behemoth Bash. My daughter Caitlin and I really enjoyed our first TPR event. As "locals" we have the opportunity to get to CW often but the ERT really makes the difference. It was great to put faces to the screen names you see here and to see some of the TPR folks that we see pictures of online. Thanks again.... Bruce and caitlin
  17. I just signed up for my daughter and myself. She's really excited. See everyone there.
  18. A couple months ago I had to drive to Cuyahoga Falls. It was during your May Memorial Day weekend - left home at 10:00am and arrived just after 4:00pm. It was not bad. I travel from north of CW to the Hamilton area often and I have a route for you..... Leave CW - take 400 s to 401 w 401 w to 403 w (just past the airport) 403 w turns into QEW Niagara bound near the Ford plant in Oakville stay on QEW to Fort Erie and cross at Buffalo You should not encounter much traffic going that way on the Monday night, most traffic will be going the other way as the long weekend crowds are on their way home. The only exception to that is the 400 s for about 10 km.
  19. Wegz is close to CW - not sure where the trip will be bedding down for the night but Wegz is about 1 km east of Jane/Rutherford and CW's main entrance is just west of there. GO Trains do not run on weekends on the north-south routes. TTC Subways only run as far north as Finch on Yonge line and Downsview (Sheppard/Dufferin) on Spadina line. However, TTC buses and GO buses run from the CW area to subway stations. Check the GO website ( http://gotransit.com ) and look for bus 60 or http://www.ttc.ca for the TTC website. A little south of CW there are two complexes. One (at Jane and Highway 7) has a Dave and Busters arcade and after 9:00pm it's adults only. There is also an AMC theatre complex there. On the other side of the highway, there is a large Famous Players theatre complex that has an Imax screen and I know The Dark Night is playing there now. There is not a heck of alot to do in Vaughan at night unless you have a Trans Am or Camero and you want to get a meatball sandwich.
  20. The falls on the Vortex side of the mountain have NOT running at all this year. What does that mean. Robb, just a quick question. Is there a limit on total people able to attend this event. There usually is water on the top of the mountain when you are on Vortex - I think the bulk of it is from rain. It's pretty flat up there.
  21. Wow.... I used to live just north of that location.
  22. Visa is not required. But you do need either a birth certificate+photo ID or a passport. Passport will give you the least hassles at the border. As long as you're an American citizen with a clean criminal record you should have no problems. This is correct. Just a word of caution and I am not trying to be a fear-monger. Canadian Border Security Agency over the last 18 + months have begun using the same database that US Customs and US Law Enforcement agencies use. The Canadian Government has stated that persons with criminal records will not be admitted into the country - unless rehabilitated. While this seems like a good idea, a number of US citizens have found that under Canadian law, they have a criminal record and will be turned back. The item on their record most commonly is what we call "Impaired Driving" but is usually listed as DUI or DWI. It seems that most US states do not consider this a serious enough crime - a misdemeanour level. In Canada, this is a felony, it is serious and it will be treated as such. So, what to do.... If a significiant period of time has lapsed, you can apply for a "pass" to prove that you have been rehabilitated. This should be done in conjunction with an Immigration Lawyer and in contact with your closest Canadian Embassy or Consulate. If your conviction has been recent or frequent and they pull up your record at the border. The CBSA officer has the decision making authority to allow or deny entry. This is from the CBSA web site: People can be denied a visa, refused admission or removed from Canada for a number of reasons. Security They have engaged in, or there are reasonable grounds to believe they will engage in, spying, subversion or terrorism, or they belong to organizations that have engaged in, or will engage in, these activities. Human or international rights violations They have committed war crimes or crimes against humanity. They are or were senior members or officials of a government that has committed acts of terrorism, major human rights violations, genocide, war crimes or crimes against humanity. Serious criminality They have, or there are reasonable grounds to believe they have, committed a crime punishable by a maximum of 10 years of incarceration. Other criminality They have, or there are reasonable grounds to believe they have, committed an indictable crime. They commit an offence such as possessing or importing narcotics, while seeking entry to Canada. Organized crime They belong to an organization that is believed to take part in organized criminal activity or to engage in transnational crimes such as people smuggling, trafficking in people or money laundering. Health They may be a danger to public health or cause excessive demands on Canada's health or social services. Financial They are unable or unwilling to support themselves and their dependants. Misrepresentation They provide officers with false information or withhold information that is directly relevant to a decision under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA). Non-compliance They contravene the requirements of IRPA. Some examples include the following: not having a valid passport or visa; entering as visitors and remaining longer than authorized; trying to re-enter without the written permission of the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, after being deported; working or attending school without the appropriate permit; and breaching conditions imposed when they were first admitted to Canada. Like I said, I do not wish to put anyone into a panic. However, I have seen a bunch of people on cruise ships that were departing from Vancouver being denied entry because when they were 21 years old they had a few drinks, drove and got caught. In some cases it was 20 - 30 years ago. My advice when crossing the border, answer truthfully and don't try to be a smart-a$$. If you have a passport it's best. If you have a record, and they ask you if you do.... they already know the answer - they are checking your mettle. On the positive side, if you're clean "WELCOME TO MY COUNTRY". Make sure that you have at least one real Canadian beer, a cup of Tim Hortons coffee and try the poutine. We're nice folks.... really.
  23. Last Saturday I was on a plane with Joe Clark. In 1979 Joe clark became Prime Minister of Canada (although for on 9 months). In subsequent Governments he was External Affairs Minister. He and his wife Maureen were returning from a week's vacation in Hilton Head, SC. I was at the same island and we were on a flight from Atlanta to Toronto.
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