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  1. If you fly directly into Washington, Dulles or Reagan, Uber has wheelchair accessible vehicles. Baltimore Uber does not. Uber is MUCH cheaper than using taxis. Download the Uber app before arriving and you can probably select your native language, which will make everything much easier for you.
  2. I was underwhelmed with Millennium Force. But I also rode I305 a month before riding. It's a fun ride, great first drop, but the rest is just....meh. It's not the worst ride I've ever been on, but it doesn't rank high on my list.
  3. Not Coaster Wars related but Travel Channel related. New show (not sure if it's a series or just one episode) airing right now called Mission Amusement. The show is focusing on Conneaut Lake Park and their current debt situation.
  4. 1. Adventure Park USA (5 minutes) 2. Six Flags America (1 hour) 3. Hershey (Hour and a half) 4. Kings Dominion (Hour and half, 2 hours depending on traffic) I don't really count Adventure Park though, as it only has one credit and a handful of kiddie rides, lol.
  5. If it's your first visit, I would recommend making Volcano your first ride of the day, as it's line is always the longest. Opening weekend through mid May is usually pretty slow, rides should be a walk on throughout the day. Most coasters will probably be on one train operation with the exception of Volcano and Dominator. Have fun!
  6. I would have to go with Cedar Fair. I'd much rather go to KD, than SFA. Always seem to have pleasant experiences at Cedar Fair parks.
  7. How many DVDs or Blu-Rays do you purchase each year? 4-5 Blu-Rays How many digital downloads do you purchase each year? 1, maybe 2. Sometimes none. How do you purchase digital downloads? (iTunes, Stream, etc) Streaming on iTunes. Do you download directly from iTunes to your device, or iTunes to your computer, and then transfer to your device? iTunes to my computer. Is a 1.5gb - 2 gb file "too big" for you to download to your device? Nope.
  8. I too liked Gatekeeper. First drop was really fun, as were the keyholes. I never found it to be rough or the restraints to be painful. It's not number one on my list (WAY better than Wild Eagle), but it was still a really fun ride. That was my only new coaster of the year
  9. Dear Title Fairy, can you please change my title back to Full Fledged Donkey Enthusiast? Lol my current title is a little dated (like 2007 or 08 lol) and I can't think of something quite creative at the moment!
  10. I used to grey out EVERY time on I305. I can't remember where I read this but if you take deep breaths while boarding and going up the lift then breath normally once you crest the lift, and you should be good. Italian job is another one that does it to me. The only bad experience I've had with grey outs was on time on I305. I was riding it all day, then my last ride I greyed out at the bottom of the first drop, usually when you go over the first airtime hill, your vision comes back. This time, it did not. My vision came back half way through the high speed turns. I felt very weird the entire ride and almost don't remember it. I was very weirded out by it and decided to leave for the day. Don't know what caused it, may have been dehydrated, who knows, lol. It hasn't happened since though.
  11. Cedar Point flying from BWI to Chicago or Detroit. Hershey Park flying from Chicago to Philly.
  12. Personally, I love Bizarro. If it is going to be removed and sent to another park, I think SFA would be a good contender. Although, I think they definitely need more flats before they add another coaster. As for the Safari side, I can see them adding a guided Jeep/off road tour, or some sort of mass transportation ride with guides or a spiel. My partner and I would purposely avoid the Safari when we visited due to the fact that we did not want to acquire animal related damage to our car.
  13. I would have to go with Batwing at SFA. Lightning Racer comes to mind. Oh, and anything built over a parking lot.
  14. Stopped by the park for a couple hours today to give Skyrush a try. Crowds were kind of weird. I'm used to everyone heading to Fahrenheit, then Storm Runner then spread out to the water park and the rest of the park. Everyone goes straight to Skyrush. Within the first hour and a half of the park being open, we got to ride Fahrenheit, Storm Runner, Sidewinder, Lightning Racer, Wildcat, and Wild Mouse. Our friends wanted to go to the Zoo so we went and did that next. By 1230, we were done with the zoo and headed towards Great Bear. The queue was the longest I've ever seen it......full. I don't know what it is that HP does, but Great Bears line moves soooo slow. Skipped that and then waited a full queue for Coal Cracker (About...20-25 minutes). I noticed that Skyrush hadn't been running trains at all, or that I noticed in the last hour or so. When we got off Coal Cracker we headed towards Skyrush, which was cycling empty trains. When we got to the entrance the queue was down the stairs and we decided to get in line. Let me just say....Skyrush is mouthwatering Intamin goodness. Possibly the strongest airtime I've ever experienced. It's up there with El Toro. Now, lets talk about these noodles. I only rode in the last outer seat, so I don't know what other seats are like, but these things are PAINFUL. Every person getting off the ride was complaining about it. Now, I understand that the ride is new, maybe they didn't know how awesome the airtime would be, or it was just a big giant fail, but whatever happened.....they suck. By the end of the ride I was trying to push my self further down into the seat because these suckers hurt so much. Bottom line, the noodles sucks, but the awesomeness of the everything else on this sucker will make you want to ride over and over.
  15. ^ unfortunately, no. There are "archeologists" that are around that will tell you more about a dinosaur if you're interested though. As for this being a once of year thing, I'd say yes. While I really enjoyed it, I have no reason to go through again this year.
  16. Went today and crowds were extremely light. Everything was two train operation except Rebell Yell, Hurler, Grizzly, and Intimidator. Lines were minimal on all rides (We did ride Volcano in the morning so I'm not sure if the line was longer in the afternoon.) Operations were pretty good. Nothing to complain about. Backlot was down. I tried to see if the train was still valleyed from the Eifel Tower, but no success. Windseeker - Let me just say, I was pretty scared to ride this ride. I know it isn't very fast but I'm afraid of heights unless I'm on a coaster for some reason. When we got to the top the winds really started to pick up, and one point the seats in front of me almost came back and hit my knees. You could tell the seats are designed to swing a little bit forward and back to prevent stress, but man did it scare the crap out of me! Overall, I think its a great ride. Dinosaurs Alive - I had zero expectations for this, considering it was an up-charge, and I figured it was just another scheme to get money. Boy was I wrong. The walk was a lot longer than I imagined as well and gave awesome new angles of Grizzly. Definitely would recommend this to anyone with children going through the Dinosaur phase. It was very clear that a lot of the kids walking through were having a blast. Here are LOTS of pictures of Dinosaurs Alive.
  17. I agree with this. While I enjoy both B&M "flatspins" and Vekoma/Arrow corkscrews, they both have their own plus's. The lateral jerk on Dominator's flatspins get me every time. Is the second half of that ride getting a little rough? Yes; but nothing compared to any old school looper. Then there's Arrow/Vekoma corkscrews, which have that awesome, slow hangtime which I love.
  18. http://markoffshauntedforest.com/ Probably one of the most popular in the DC area. It can be pricey and a line of 3+ hours on Fridays and Saturdays, but its a very good walk through. Two trails as well, that they change on each night. Plus plenty of fall festivities (giant bonfires, zip lines, pumpkin patch, ect) while waiting for your number to be called.
  19. Send Flight Deck to KD or KI first! Preferably KD as it's my home park We need a B&M invert. Either way Ill be satisfied as Iong as a B&M is being saved.
  20. Gemini, Lightning Racer, then American Eagle.
  21. I would totally be content with a Maverick-esque type Intamin. It Would go perfect in Hurlers spot
  22. From the SFA page. In regards to Iron W...errr Apocalypse "i'm sure thats going back where 2 face used to be..." "Happy to see a new coaster coming. Now I dont have to move to Nj" Uhhh you still should move to NJ, they have MUCH better coasters....lol
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