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  1. I never expected it to be a thrilling ride, so I'm kinda ok with it. Still better than... Theme Park University who posted the video has a word about that: "it certainly could be a perfect ride system for a Mario Kart attraction, right? Sadly – this isn’t Universal’s Mario Kart Ride System. Whomp whomp indeed. Don’t get me wrong, the new Mario Kart attraction will be cool. The ride system just won’t be *this* particular version used at Suzuka Circuit in Japan. What will it be? I can’t give that away just yet. I promise I’ll let the cat out of the bag as soon as I get the green light."
  2. New pictures of Fantawild "robocoaster": From this video: This channel has some other cool videos, such as this one: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] The Legend of Nuwa is a 10-minutes (!) long dark-ride, I found a POV on Youku and re-uploaded it on Youtube for convenience: Here's another video about the AR show Fantawild is doing. Interesting concept: Fantawild have their Facebook page, featuring a video of one of their weirdest dark-ride: Facebook video I fail to integrate
  3. Well, the last kind of coaster I envisioned is the Jump Car: a vehicle that bounces on airtime hills! More And of course, the one I wish to see being build one day, the Arm-Lift: More
  4. Frozen was first scheduled to go in Fantasyland actually, but I don't really know where exactly.
  5. I... I just don't know what that is supposed to mean. Is this a reference to you blue-skying?
  6. From what I'm reading online: Yes for the Swirling Aliens attraction coming to Toy Story Playland, yes for the night-time show on the lake, and probably yes for some new attractions in the Magic Kingdom as well!
  7. I, for one, won't say bad things about this ride. Was it a great coaster? Maybe not, but it was definitely a cool experience. Seeing the track disappear in front of you was pretty scary, and I didn't find the up-side down parts uncomfortable.
  8. Thanks for updating the topic. Note that the Zierer Impulse clone is most likely not going to make it for the first season (at least). No trace of it anywere.
  9. It's 3.8g at the bottom (assuming it's the same as Formula One), which is very forcefull indeed. I loved that inversion, it flows very well. -0.2g at the top, meaning hangtime!
  10. In the peculiar case of Wildfire, Vekoma built the steel structure for the lift. But otherwise, Wildfire is a RMC and Vekoma is only a dealer.
  11. Here is Jump Car, a concept I put together yesterday. This is a spring-loaded vehicle, that "jumps" when you get airtime. It makes you feel like you're going off-the-track, and provides a cartoonish latency in the physics.
  12. I asked someone who works at Mack, and he confirmed Mack does their precise 3D trackwork in-house, so CSM did not produce the track for Helix. For DVH I don't know. Maybe they only did the columns and "forgot" to mention it (like with Helix), maybe they also did the track.
  13. The website looks down, the sentence in bold translates to : "Access error! The website you are visiting does not exist or has been closed!". Remains their page on Empire Industries website: Dongguan Qiguang Dynamic Steel Structure
  14. ^ In the other hand, DLP's Big Thunder Mountain has a truly awesome ending. The rush through the tunnel is incredible, you go up to 65kph (while Space Mountain tops at 70...) and thanks to the wind you definitely feel like you're going faster than that. Then, the ultimate move is a hop from the tunnel, with a pop of air for the first rows... Amazing ending within an amazing ride.
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