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  1. ^ I don't know who "Tital Fairy" is...and considering that the word Title is spelled correctly TWICE in this thread's title (heh), I am deeply offended! Get my name right you stupid child!
  2. Stop posting in my thread. You are only making yourself look worse and worse. If you post in this thread again, I will call my brother, Ban Fairy.
  3. Stop posting in this thread unless you are requesting a custom title. This is not a thread for you to discuss other members' titles.
  4. What are you talking about? It's hilarious, JUST NOT FOR YOU!!! You've been quite an annoyance in this thread, so your custom title will stay for a long time.
  5. Children, there is no need to argue in MY thread!!! You've both been very bad little boys, your new custom titles shall be rotten!!!
  6. Hello dear children! It is I, the Title Fairy! I am here to possibly grant you a custom title (the line below your username). BUT, you must obey the Title Fairy's GOLDEN Rules! Golden Rule #1: To ask for a custom title, you must have 150 real posts on the forum. Real posts means not 3/4ths of your posts in games threads. If you are an active member of the site, this should be no problem! Golden Rule #2: If you already have a custom title, if you ask, you may or may not receive a new title. Custom Titles will be handed out to people without one first. Golden Rule #3: Title Fairy is VERY busy. Your title may not be changed immediately, or even weeks or months later! Golden Rule #4: Don't piss off Title Fairy by nagging and pestering her. This will only make her angry and get you STUCK with a very awful custom title. Golden Rule #5: If you ask for a custom title, Title Fairy reserves the right to change your custom title to whatever she wants. It could be changed to something relating to your avatar, your various posts, whatever! Asking for a specific custom title DOES NOT guarantee you will get it, so ask with caution (especially if you are possibly annoying!). If you don't follow any of Title Fairy's Golden Rules, Title Fairy will make sure you have an especially rotten title. That is all for now. Title Fairy reserves the rights to change and alter rules as she sees fit. *~~~TITLE FAIRY~~~* Legend of the Title Fairy as told by CreativeForce In the beginning there was nothing. At least, God wished there was nothing since he had the biggest hangover in history. (History not being around so long since, duh, there was nothing.) “I think I’m going to hurl!” cried God and then proceeded to upchuck the cosmos into existence. And he saw that it was good. “Man, that’s a lot of space” thought God, “I need someone to talk to.” And thus God created Jeff Johnson. And he saw that it was, well, just okay. “So Jeff, I have all this infinite space to fill, what should I create next?” “Why don’t you create dirt and make a big clump of it hang over there.” Said Jeff. And so God created the Earth. And he saw that it was good. “Now what?” asked God. “Jeez,” said Jeff, “I gotta do all the thinking around here? Fill it with stuff.” And so God created all manner of plants and animals; birds, fish, bears and of course tobacco. And Jeff saw that it was good so he rolled it up and started smoking it. “It’s not enough.” Said God. “Why not?” asked Jeff as he smoked the 5th cigarette since tobacco was invented 10 minutes earlier. “The monkeys with the red butts are pretty cool and the meerkats have television series written all over them.” “Yes, but I think we need people.” “Whoa, wait a minute,” said Jeff crushing out his 851st cigarette. “People? Think about this God. I mean, some of them will be really great, but then you got the ones who are total douches, not to mention all the ones that fall in between. How will you ever keep them all straight?” “You have a good point there Jeff” said God. “Of course, I do. Afterall, I am older than dirt.” “I’ve got it!” said God, “I will create the Title Fairy. The Fairy will be in charge of passing judgement and accessing a persons worthiness. They will have absolute power in granting a title to everyone who asks. Just don’t piss them off.” And so God created all the peoples of the earth, followed by the creation of the Title Fairy. And he saw that it was all good. So be good to others because the title fairy is always watching.
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