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  1. Maybe they're getting an Intamin drop tower... "Feet: something you may or may not have at the end of this ride." ...too soon?
  2. Hi guys I figured I'd ask this here since we're in the CP thread I'm heading out to the Point for my yearly visit on Labour Day weekend and I have a couple of questions for the vets and those who've been recently or are "in the know": 1] I assume the crowds will be heavy - visiting Saturday September 4, holiday weekend - but for those who've experienced it in the past, am I going to show up to 4hr waits for everything, or should I hope to be pleasantly surprised? 2] Has there been anything not running much this year/experiencing a lot of downtime that I should probably not bank on
  3. Nikki and I saw a girl with her boobs flopping out of her top on High Speed Thrill Coaster, of all things. It was pretty disconcerting since she was fat trailer trash, but it was funny nonetheless.
  4. Screw you all, Adventure Express ending is my favourite of the bunch. It actually made me enjoy the ride. Still the best coaster at PKI! ...no, I haven't been on Diamondback. Does it give AE a run for it's money?
  5. As always, awesome work!!! Throwing people to the T-Rex = I would totally do that to Nikki if I wasn't sure she would kill me. The JonBenet comment was fantastic. Well played, good sir.
  6. I think that's a good question, but uh maybe that's because I have no clue on the answer and would be interested in knowing! Pretty sure it serves no purpose other than to be considered 'theming'. I think we probably laughed for the entire time we were checking out the manatee rescue. Those things are awesome. Yeah we were in serious need of some water but I think the Busch rapids ride may be a bit too much for us. The one at Animal Kingdom was awesome, though, especially the drop! When we went in 2005 it was running really well but the brake was slaughtering the back half, a
  7. Love the report. Impeccable theming at this park, it almost feels as though, through pictures, I've been transported to a wonderful land of concrete, gravel and weird carney rides. Magical. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.
  8. I thought MIA was pretty mediocre when we went - outside of Shivering Timbers, I didn't like any of the coasters, and the flat ride collection was bleh at best. Shivering Timbers was AWESOME, though!!! Crazy air! It was definitely the pre-cursor to Voyage in that it kicked the crap out of you a bit, it was really long, and had a boatload of hills. Is the park EVER crowded?
  9. Edit: instead of posting here I will simply PM TPDave in regards to the issue. Now, to the actual park: Wild Beast is still running horribly this year, if not even worse than last year. I went on it a few weeks after the park opened and it was jarringly bad. Minebuster was actually smoother for the most part but when it hits the bottom of those hills, oh man, it's like having organs re-arranged. Ghoster Coaster was never the smoothest coaster in the world but even it has gone way downhill in terms of not kicking the crap out of the rider. That could just be me having gained a bunch of weig
  10. Hershey has better coasters and atmosphere, but if you want to hit a waterpark then you've gotta go to Dorney.
  11. Damn, you're fast. I like that. I used to feel this way about our home park, Canada's Wonderland, but all we ever hear about it is that it sucks - so it's grown tiresome haha. Thanks for all the comments We'll have Busch up in the next couple of days
  12. Really good TR, Erik! Nikki and I visited SFKK just over three years ago, and we kinda thought the same thing as you. We did get luckier in that there were about 2,000 people in the entire park so everything was a walk-on. But it's a drab park with an odd layout, no sense of personality, no idea on theming, no identity - it's basically a state fair with a 'Six Flags' stuck onto the front of it. We thought the employees were generally disinterested and slow but didn't have any bad experiences with them. The coasters are a mediocre collection with the stand-out clearly being Chang -
  13. shesaidboom and 307 do Disney World, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Africa - part two of six ANIMAL KINGDOM And we're back! Before we keep going I reckon it's time to write a bit about each park! The first day was at Hollywood Studios. Rock N' Roller coaster was a great way for us to kick off the trip! We were expecting something pretty bleh and easily forgettable and instead were treated to a solid coaster! The rest of the park was a really nice introduction to the Disney experience, with everything looking top notch. It also was an introduction to the insane Disney crowds that we
  14. It most certainly does. I remember hearing something faint about the briar patch! Thanks for clearing it up!
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